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Reborn AristocratOppressing Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Charity Ball 2

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“Manman.” Wen Yun walked over and stood before Lu Manman.

Wen Yun was half a head taller than Lu Manman, and was looking down at her. At this 45-degree angle, this man looked extremely handsome. His hair was short and neat, his brows sleek, his eyes beautiful in shape, and his nose bridge high. His lips were slightly thicker than the average mans, but it fitted well on his face with such distinct edges and corners. Those lips made him seem even more steady and reliable as a person.

This outstanding appearance and charisma could win over any woman.

Lu Manman chuckled. “Apologies, we took a while.”

“Silly girl.” Wen Yun intimately wrapped his arm around her waist. “Waiting for you is the most blissful thing I could do in my lifetime.”

Lu Manman froze.

She was disgusted.

A womans body was strange. Once their heart rejected something, it was hard for their body to accept it.

But at this point, she tolerated it.

She got into Wen Yuns car.

He was still such a gentleman. He would open the door and buckle the seatbelt for her before going over to the drivers seat.

Wen Yuns performance was practically perfect.

Lu Manman kept her gaze outside the window, fixed on the passing scenery.

It was still not dark yet, but she could already sense the festivities of the night.

“Did I forget to say that youre really beautiful today” Wen Yun initiated the conversation in the car.

“Compatible with you.” Lu Manman smiled.

Lu Manman was very good with her words. In the past, she had really watched her every move and every word for Wen Yun. She was hoping that Wen Yun could further himself in the political circle, and that by the time he got to the highest post, she would be good enough for him and everyone else under him.

What a pity.

She did not live to see that day.

She had missed out on it in her last life. But in this life, it would be Wen Yun who would miss out on it!

“Manman, were definitely the most compatible people on Earth. Nobody is above us,” Wen Yun said.

Lu Manman pursed her lips. “Thats a dream.”

The car arrived at the destination safely.

Wen Yun got off, opened the door for Lu Manman, and offered her a hand to hold. The two of them were extremely good-looking and elegant, and they walked hand-in-hand towards the most luxurious 6-star hotel in Wen City.

This dazzling hotel was one of the establishments under the Mo Mandate.

The hotel business was the Mo Mandates main development focus, and they had countless hotel chains all over the country. Such a huge business was going to land solely in the hands of the oldest grandson Mo Yuanxiu. Many found it such a pity.

In the grand lobby of the hotel were guests in elegant and fancy attires, and with their “perfect selves” masks. It was all so pretentious, but of course this was only to be expected.

Lu Manman had her arm around Wen Yuns this whole time, and was politely greeting the people around. She had a few sips of alcohol and made some small talk. This was just like any other upper-class social event—it was boring.

Both of them suddenly stopped in their tracks.

Before them stood a man in a neat and tidy light gray suit. It was matched with a white shirt beneath and a silver tie. The color scheme and design stood out from all the rest, and this man took others breaths away.

His facial features were even more deep-set than Wen Yuns. His eyes were deep and his nose bridge was high, and his lips, while slightly thin, were extremely well-shaped.

It was said that men with thin lips had a loyalty than ran thin too.

Lu Manman looked at Mo Yuanxiu calmly.

“Its been a while, Mo Yuanxiu.” Wen Yun put his hand out.


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