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Chapter 18: Charity Ball 1

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They spent the whole afternoon dolling themselves up.

Lu Manman picked a black dress with a tube design, revealing her flawless fair skin which dazzled even more radiantly under the light. The dress wrapped around her body perfectly, emphasizing the curves. Her slim and slender waist and arms really caught glances, and although her chest area wasnt especially huge, it was definitely the size that men liked.

Lu Manmans figure was practically perfect, and she had such beautiful facial features… Gu Xin found it such a huge waste on her. In Gu Xins eyes, Lu Manman was gifted with the best of the best in terms of appearance. But Lu Manman insisted on doing well in life with her skills instead! How horrid.

Of course, Lu Manman did like being complimented by Gu Xin this way, even if there was some disdain in her tone. She liked seeing all of Gu Xins distorted expressions. As such, Gu Xins expression was constantly that of disapproval when they were preparing for the ball.

Gu Xin wasnt bad-looking, either. Although she was not as stunning and glamorous as Lu Manman, she did have nice facial features, and was tall and slim. With appropriate makeup and suitable clothes, she was also a beauty. But because she was so used to being around Lu Manman, Gu Xin always felt more ordinary upon comparing herself to her.

They left the departmental store together.

A lot of heads were turned, and they were used to it.

Gu Xin would usually say, “Men who look at you are superficial, but men who look at me have more inner qualities. That also means that Wen Yun is superficial, and Di Yi has more inner qualities.”

Gu Xin was always generous with praises when it came to the people around her. But sometimes, she was also a little narcissistic.

She was such a narcissistic and cheerful woman, why had she chosen to kill herself back then…

Lu Manman felt her heart tense up, and she suddenly grabbed Gu Xin.

Gu Xin was stunned.

This woman has been acting so weirdly these few days.

“Gu Xin, dont think of getting into Di Yis bed before you get married,” Lu Manman said very seriously.

“Why Im already sure I will spend the rest of my life with Di Yi.” Gu Xin looked at her. Just a while ago, Lu Manman had just told her to “give up this thought”. Why was Manman so against Di Yi

Wasnt Manman also the person who said that she had to have saved the entire universe in her previous life to have found a man like Di Yi

“Listen to me, I wont hurt you,” Lu Manman said.


“I wont hurt you!” Lu Manman repeated.

“Who would hurt me” Gu Xin asked, a little paranoid.

“Gu Xin, listen to what I say. Dont make me disappointed in you.” Lu Manman couldnt say anymore.

She couldnt tell Gu Xin all about their previous lives. It wasnt just because she was afraid Gu Xin would not believe her, but also because she was afraid Gu Xin would be hurt by the truth!

The two of them left the building hand in hand.

Two black cars were parked at the entrance.

Two men were wearing black suits and standing upright by the car doors. They were handsome, charismatic, and extremely eye-catching.

Gu Xin had already let go of her friends hand, and was heading for one of the men, Di Yi.

The eldest young master of the Di Family.

There were four large and powerful families in Wen City, as well as one aristocratic family.

The four were: the Lu, Gu, Di, and Mo Family. The Lu Family was the leader of the business industry.

Then there was one aristocratic family: the Wen Family. Only the Wen Family had generations of officials.

Wen City was named Wen City precisely because of Mr. Wen, an ancestor who had toiled his whole life away to build this city for the previous nations ruler. In return, this city was named after him—Wen City.

Wen City had a long history, and was the most bustling city besides the capital. Although the capital had a hand in the governance of this city, the citys economy had become crucial for the nations development. Back in the early days, the Wen Family had pushed for economic development of Wen City. Now, the results were evident, and gained the praises of many!


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