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Reborn AristocratOppressing Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: I Urge You To Give Up

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In the huge living room of the Lu Family villa.

The decor in the living room was not especially luxurious. Although the Lu Family had been in the finance industry for generations, Lu Manmans parents were not tacky people. There was a saying that businesspeople stank of money, but as businesses got passed down, the later generations would slowly phase out of the tacky personas, and work towards elegance and class.

Lu Manmans parents were cultured people and the model couple in Wen City. Apparently, Lu Zishan had gone against his entire family when he insisted on marrying acommoner, He Xiuwen. He broke the tradition of marriage contracts between rich and powerful households, causing a stir in Wen City back then. Then, their love story became that of a prince and Cinderella, and everyone regarded it as a story with a happy ending.

Lu Manman really admired her fathers courage, and envied her parents love, which was as sweet as ever. When she had been younger, she had always hoped that she would find a “prince” like her father. Hence, when a suave, polite, thoughtful, and cultured Wen Yun appeared before her, she gave him her all. She thought that by giving him all that she could, she would be able to have a love life like her parents. But who knew…

“Oh right, Manman, were you at Gu Xins house last night” He Xiuwen interrupted her train of thought.

Lu Manman had to adjust her emotions slightly.

She was getting angry so much recently.

Each time she thought about the scenes from the past, she felt hatred surge inside her.

“Mm-hm, I was at Gu Xins house.”

“The two of you arent young children anymore, and youre still sticking together all the time. Wen Yun was looking for you everywhere in Wen City last night,” He Xiuwen said, and then sighed. “Manman, what exactly happened that you have to call off your marriage contract with Wen Yun That kid is so nice to you. Your Dad and I were just talking last night about how if you were to give Wen Yun up, you might never find another man as compatible with you as he is.”


These words had buzzed by her ear for years.

She used to think they were “a match made in heaven” as well.

“Dont worry, Mom. My decision wasnt made on impulse.” Lu Manman looked at He Xiuwen, and firmly said, “Wen Yun… is not worthy of me!”


“Im not being arrogant, this is just the fact,” Lu Manman said clearly.

He Xiuwen furrowed her brows as she looked at her daughter.

She somehow felt that her daughter had changed overnight. Her daughter now appeared a little strongheaded and domineering, and seemed to have lost a bit of her gentleness and tact of the past.

He Xiuwen was about to say something.

Just then, Lu Manmans cell phone rang.

Lu Manman looked at the caller ID, and something flickered in her eyes.

She inhaled deeply, and then said to He Xiuwen, “Mom, Ill go upstairs to take this call.”

He Xiuwen nodded.

Lu Manman took her cell phone upstairs.

The ringing had ceased from her cell phone by then. Lu Manman called back.

Wen Yun always picked up her call within three rings.

Once, while she had been in his arms, shed asked, “Why are you always able to pick up my call so quickly”

He had said, “Thats because Im unwilling to make you wait. It makes my heart ache.”

He always had such beautiful and assuring words for her. But in the end, he had still managed to ruin her life so brutally!

Completely merciless.

“Manman.” The mans voice sounded so tender.

“Mm-hm, Yun.”

“What are you doing”

“I just got back from Gu Xins house. Im lying on the bed now, ready to go to sleep. My head hurts.”

“You get hangovers easily. Dont drink too much next time.”

“Mm-hm, I know.” Lu Manman sounded compliant.

“When I knock off from work later in the afternoon, Ill take you out to eat.”


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