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Chapter 15: Pranking Lan Xiaojun 2

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“He has good grades, and has many accounting certifications,” Lu Zichuan hurriedly added.

Lu Manman couldnt help but laugh.

Many accounting certifications… but he might not have been the one sitting for the tests.

She appeared extremely calm, and even played along. “Dont worry, Second Uncle. When my dads back later, Ill surely highly recommend for Xuanran to do his internship in the company.”

“Manman is all grown up. Youre getting more and more sensible now.” Lu Zichuans compliments sounded so hypocritical.

But Lu Manman accepted them anyway.

“Were all family. Second Uncle, youre too polite,” Lu Manman said gently. Then, she suddenly turned to look at Lan Xiaojun in shock, as if shed just remembered something.

The back of Lan Xiaojuns hand was in a worse state than before.

However, she had refrained from yelling as she did not want to interrupt while they talked about her sons future.

“Oh, right, Second Aunt, hows your hand It looks so red, let me take you to the hospital. Its all Manmans fault, Manman is too careless…”

“Ay, its alright, its alright. Its just a mild scald, nothing serious,” Lu Zichuan quickly said.

Lan Xiaojuns expression darkened, but she dared not scream unreasonably in front of Lu Zichuan.

“Are you really alright Second Aunt” Lu Manman asked her with those innocent eyes.

Lan Xiaojun knew that Lu Zichuan was trying to butter Lu Manman up. Getting into the good books of Lu Manman was equivalent to getting into the good books of half of the Lu Firm. At this point, she could only suppress her anger, and say through gritted teeth, “Its nothing much, Ill just apply some cream on it when Im home.”

Lu Manman deliberately sighed in relief. “Thats good to hear. I was worried that you were injured by the hot tea. I heard that the skin will start sagging and aging when people reach a certain age. Manman was afraid that Second Aunt wouldnt recover well.”

Her tone was that of concern, but it was evident that she was implying that Lan Xiaojun had bad complexion.

Lan Xiaojuns complexion wasnt good at all, to be fair. She was the same age as Lu Manmans mother, but appeared much older.

Hence, Lan Xiaojuns expression turned even more awful at that point.

Lu Manman pretended not to notice it, and instead smiled at Lu Zichuan. “Second Uncle, stay for lunch. Ill get the housemaid to prepare more food.”

“No need for that, were just here for a short visit. We have another appointment in the afternoon. We should get going. Xuanran, thank your Sister,” Lu Zichuan said.

Lu Xuanran very reluctantly said, “Thank you, Sister.”

Lu Manman couldnt help but laugh.

Lu Xuanran was an ingrate who had caused her much trouble in her previous life!

Their family of three left.

He Xiuwen heaved a sigh of relief as she watched them leave. She pulled Manman to the couch and got her to sit. “Im really terrified of your Second Uncle. Each time he comes, I have no idea how to deal with him. He finds trouble with everything I say. Thankfully, you came back in time.”

“Mom, in the future, I wont let you suffer any of such grievances anymore,” Lu Manman said to her.

In fact, she would make them suffer!

He Xiuwen looked at her daughter who seemed to have changed. She smiled, and said, “We should forgive others when we can. After all, theyre family…”

“Youll only be taken advantage of with your kindness. Giving in will only make them more arrogant, thats backfiring!” Lu Manman said with her hand still in He Xiuwens. She then mellowed her tone, and said, “In any case, I will help Mom out in the future.”

“You child…” He Xiuwen put a finger to Lu Manmans forehead affectionately. “You deliberately scalded your Second Aunt”

“Mom, you could tell”

“How could I not!” He Xiuwen smiled.

Her mother was just like her previous self—fully aware of the situation, but choosing to close one eye and let it go.

“I want Lan Xiaojun to suffer a little so she knows not to bully you in the future.” Lu Manman pouted.

“Alright. Dont do it again in the future, were all family,” He Xiuwen said magnanimously. Then, as if she thought about something all of a sudden, she said, “Manman, your dad doesnt intend to let Xuanran join the company as an intern. Now that youve given your Second Uncle your word, Im afraid hell hold it against you in the future.”

“I really will help to persuade dad to allow Lu Xuanran to join the company. Mom, dont get anxious. People like Lu Xuanran wouldnt be able to cause a stir in the company anyway. Whats important is that I need him to lure someone else out…” Lu Manman squinted.

She wanted to go with the flow!

And then lure the devil out!


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