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Chapter 14: Pranking Lan Xiaojun 1

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“What are you doing, are you trying to scald me to death!” Lan Xiaojuns shriek reverberated through the living room.

Lu Manman was sneering deep inside her heart, but had a sorry expression on her face. It wasnt difficult to play a good girl.

She had simply chosen not to be scheming in her previous life.

Her gentle voice sounded through chokes. “Second Aunt, I was just handing you the tea, why didnt you take it And now you say I poured it on you! Did Manman offend you before Is that why you dont like Manman”

“Lu Manman, what are you trying to say You obviously poured it on me on purpose, but youre saying that I didnt take it from you Am I that silly Would I scald myself like that!” Lan Xiaojun was already hopping mad. She could not believe that she was being maligned by someone else this time—she had always been the one to malign others! Thereafter, she grumpily mumbled, “Oh, ow, it hurts…”

The back of Lan Xiaojuns hand was red.

Lu Manman glanced at her hand and appeared pitiful. “Manman will take it that she did it since Second Aunt says so. Manman apologizes to Second Aunt now. Im sorry, Second Aunt. Manman is too clumsy, thats why you got hurt. You are the elder, you would forgive me, right”

Upon saying the last sentence, her eyes gleaned with radiance.

Lan Xiaojun went red with anger, but she could not find a way to rebut Lu Manman. After all, Lu Manman already said that she was the elder. If she continued making things difficult for Lu Manman, it would appear as if she was a shrew who didnt know how to be magnanimous. That would make her a laughingstock instead. But if she forgave her so easily, she would be at a disadvantage. Lu Manman had already made things sound ugly when she said “since Second Aunt says so”. It was evident that Lu Manman was trying to embarrass her!

The more she thought about it, the angrier she got.

Lan Xiaojun was about to say something.

That was when Lu Manman suddenly turned to face Lu Zichuan with a smile, completely denying Lan Xiaojun the chance to speak. Lu Manman said, “I heard from my dad that Second Uncle really wants Xuanran to be an intern at the Lu Firm when hes in the fourth year, right”

Lu Zichuan was a bit shaken upon hearing that.

That was exactly what he was here for today.

Actually, the Lu Firm family business was supposed to belong to Lu Zichuan. But who wouldve known that his grandfather would state in his will that the Lu Family business would land in Lu Zishans hands. Even their father, Lu Qinzheng, was shocked.

Lu Qinzheng had three children—two sons and a daughter.

Between the two sons, only Lu Zichuan had a son. Based on their tradition of handing down the business only to heirs and not heiresses, the Lu Firm shouldve been passed on to Lu Zichuan because he had a son, Lu Xuanran. But when Lu Zichuan was 25 and Lu Zishan was 28, their grandfathers lawyer announced that his will clearly stated that 50% of the Lu Firm shares would be transferred to Lu Zishan once he turned 28. As such, it simply meant that the Lu Family business would be in Lu Zishans hands as well.

Hence, when he turned 28, Lu Zishan became the president of the Lu Family business, and Lu Qinzheng became a subordinate to him. With that, Lu Zishans relationship with his father, Lu Qinzheng, was badly strained overnight. Lu Zishans family of three moved out of the Lu Family household, while Lu Zichuan continued living with Lu Qinzheng. Lu Zichuans family saw Lu Zishans family as enemies.

They were practically finding trouble for Lu Zishan whenever possible.

“Manman.” Lu Zichuan wanted to grab this opportunity. “Your brother isnt young anymore, hes already in the third year now, and will be taking his examinations soon. Itll be his internship next year. I thought hard about where he should do his internship, and felt that it would be good if he just did it in our company. After all, were all family, its easier to learn things this way.”

“Second Uncle makes a lot of sense. I heard Xuanran studies accounting”


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