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Chapter 13: You Were Rather Flirtatious Last Night 2

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“Mm-hm, thank you.” This was indeed her best friend. As wild and crazy as she looked all the time, she did a good job whenever she was needed.

“Dont thank me, I cant bear it.” Gu Xin was evidently unhappy. “Youd better reflect on yourself and think about how youre going to make it up to Wen Yun.”

“I dont have to make it up to him, because theres no need.”

“Lu Manman, is your heart made of stone! Wen Yun was suffering out there looking for you until 2am. If it hadnt been because I insisted otherwise, he wouldve come to take care of you. I heard he has a very important district meeting this morning, dont you have some conscience!” Gu Xin was practically going mad.

“My conscience has been swallowed by Wen Yun,” Lu Manman said, and then hung up.

She looked out the window and couldnt help but recall what hed said to her in that menacing tone, “Youre useless now…”

Useless, so he could silence her without a trace.

Her heart had hardened with hatred. She was forced to retaliate.

Lu Manman clenched her fist and her jaw!

Wen Yun, I will make sure you lose everything. I will make your life a living hell!

The cab arrived at the Lu Familys villa soon enough.

She had just entered the living room when she heard quarrels from inside.

Lu Manmans eyes narrowed as she looked at her Second Uncle, Lu Zichuan, who was sitting on the couch. He had one leg propped up smugly, and seated beside him were his wife Lan Xiaojun and son Lu Xuanran.

At this point, only Lu Manmans mother was around as her father was at work.

Her gentle and meek mother was no match for this family of locusts.

Lu Manman picked up speed as she approached them. She smiled radiantly, and greeted, “Second Uncle, Second Aunt, Brother, youre all here”

“Mm-hm, weve come to visit. But your Mom wont even pour us a cup of tea.” Lu Zichuan scoffed. “Shes even despising our family for not having power and status in society.”

“Second Brother, what are you saying. I just havent reacted in time, Ill get you the tea now,” He Xiuwen hurriedly said as she got up, ready to get the teapot.

“Mom. Take a seat, Ill do it. After all, Im the younger generation, I should be the one serving tea.” Lu Manman was being very nice.

“Big Brothers precious daughter is indeed sensible. She really knows how to handle matters,” Lan Xiaojun said, deliberately embarrassing Lu Manmans mother.

Lan Xiaojun had been making things difficult for Lu Manmans mother since their younger days. Back then, in a bid to inherit all of the Lu Familys assets, Lan Xiaojun had done terrible things, and accused her mother of being with some other men. She almost caused Lu Manmans parents to get a divorce.

For all these years, Lu Manmans parents tried to close one eye on the account that they were family anyway. Her parents even tried their best to meet their requests. Under her parents influence, Lu Manman also tolerated her Second Uncles family.

But Lu Zichuans family kept pushing their limits.

On second thought now, she remembered how Wen Yun was so nice as to help her mediate her relationship with Lu Zichuans family. He had suggested so strongly for Lu Zichuans family to join the Lu Family business and take on heavy responsibilities. In hindsight, he had been obviously plotting something.

For all she knew, Lu Zichuans family might have had a huge part to play in her familys overnight bankruptcy. Or perhaps Wen Yun and Lu Zichuan had colluded, and they had just been looking for the time to act against Lu Manmans family.

The two of them were probably mocking her family for being idiots.

With that thought in mind, Lu Manman sneered discreetly, and received the teapot from the housemaid. She poured three cups of tea.

The first cup was served to Lu Zichuan, and the second to Lan Xiaojun.

When Lan Xiaojun was receiving her cup of tea, Lu Manmans hand suddenly trembled, and the piping hot tea spilled all over Lan Xiaojun. Lan Xiaojun jumped to her feet, and shrieked, “What are you doing, are you trying to scald me to death!”


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