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Chapter 12: You Were Rather Flirtatious Last Night 1

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The dining environment was nice and comfortable.

Mo Yuanxiu sliced his bread slowly, appearing casual as usual. “But… Miss Lu, if I remember correctly, you and Wen Yun are very loving and have the same goals and interests. Now youre telling me you want to work with me and bring the Wen Family down. Im kinda shocked.”

“A womans heart is fickle, dont you know” Lu Manman said very seriously.

Mo Yuanxiu picked up a small piece of bread with his fork and looked at Lu Manman. “Now I know. So, what do you plan to do next”

“Break the marriage contract,” Lu Manman said.

“You need me to do something”

“Of course.” Lu Manman looked at him. “I heard you have a friend by the name of Ye Heng, who does nothing but have fun. The good thing is that he has a powerful family who has a hand in both the legal side of things and also the underground.”

“You need to improve your way of complimenting others.”

“I need him to help me investigate Wen Yuns every move, including what he eats and when he uses the toilet…”

“So youre referring to all that he eats, drinks, sh*ts, and sleeps”

“The most important one is sleep. Whom is he sleeping with!” Lu Manmans eyes narrowed.

“Alright, got it.” Mo Yuanxiu placed another piece of bread in his mouth, and chewed on it elegantly.

Lu Manman checked her watch for the time, and was getting ready to leave.

“Your cell phone is on the coffee table in the living room,” Mo Yuanxiu said. “Your fiance called you many times last night.”

“You picked up” Lu Manman squinted.

“No, I only picked up a call by someone named Gu Xin.”

Lu Manman sighed in relief.

“I told her you were spending the night at my place.”

“What did she say” Lu Manman asked him.

“She said shes going to kill you.”

Lu Manman went quiet for a while, as if she was dealing with a blow. “Ill get going. Call me if theres anything.”

“Drink more plain water when you get home, itll free you from your foolish actions last night,” Mo Yuanxiu reminded her.

Lu Manmans expression darkened as she got up.

“Right, the drug you drank last night is a hallucinogen, commonly known as Q powder. Its something like Ecstasy, youll have all sorts of weird hallucinations after consuming it, and it makes you high! The difference is that Ecstasy makes you bob your head, but Q powder makes you move your body, so… you were rather flirtatious last night.”

Mo Yuanxius calm voice came from behind her.

Lu Manman picked up her white cell phone from the coffee table, and hurried out of this two-story villa.

Mo Yuanxius private residence was extremely costly.

What a wastrel!

Mo Yuanxiu watched Lu Manman leave as if she was fleeing from something, and his eyes glinted.

Even while she was out of touch with reality last night, Lu Manman still managed to say this upon hearing her cell phone ring: Dont pick up Wen Yuns call, only pick up Gu Xins. Tell Gu Xin to let Wen Yun know that Im at her place…”

Most people would have completely lost control after they reached that state.

Of course, that was what happened the next moment.

That was how he got wounded.


There was something that Lu Manman had screamed with such agony last night. She had said, “Wen Yun, you let me down and killed me, leaving me to die with grievances. I will repay you many times over…”

Die with grievances, what did that mean!


Lu Manman only managed to hail a cab quite a distance away from Mo Yuanxius house. She was still panting when she got into the cab, and her cell phone rang.

She looked at the incoming call and took a deep breath. “Gu Xin…”

“Lu Manman, you jerk, where did you go last night! Do you know that Wen Yun was looking for you in the middle of the night I simply couldnt watch him go on like that, and ended up telling him you were drunk because I kept downing you with alcohol, and that you stayed over at my place because you didnt want to get scolded at home. I f*cking lied for you! Im going to hell and I dont even wish to die yet!” Gu Xin was shrieking on the other end of the call.


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