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Reborn AristocratOppressing Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: A Promise Is Worth a Thousand Words 2

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Mo Yuanxiu chuckled and turned away, saying, “Put on your clothes properly and get downstairs. Im usually not in the mood to discuss serious matters on an empty stomach.”

Lu Manman glared at Mo Yuanxius back.

This man.

He was vile!

She shoved the blanket aside in annoyance, and buckled her bra again. She then adjusted her t-shirt. The slim-fit jeans on her were still alright, and her crystal stilettos were lying messily on the floor. She put on her shoes, and then checked them left and right before entering the bathroom.

In the bathroom, she saw herself in the huge full-length mirror—pale face, dark eye circles, and all. She had no idea what she had done last night, but besides her evident lack of energy, she had no injuries whatsoever.

But Mo Yuanxius body…

Her eyes flickered. There was no need for her to think so hard about things that didnt really matter.

After a quick wash and rinse, Lu Manman left the bedroom for the living room downstairs.

On the left of the living room was a dining room and an indoor garden with glass panels all around. Mo Yuanxiu was sitting at a black vintage style dining table, and having breakfast while sipping some floral tea. Dining beside him was a middle-aged man, who appeared to be a butler.

This man really knew how to enjoy life.

Lu Manman walked over, and the butler politely bowed. “This is Miss Lus breakfast. If it isnt to your liking, Ill get the kitchen to prepare another set for you.”

“Thank you, Im not picky.”

“Please enjoy.” The butler smiled with much respect.

“You may go,” Mo Yuanxiu ordered the butler.


The butler left.

Lu Manman sat down and looked at the luxurious spread of breakfast. She had no appetite at the moment, and did not even pick up her silverware. She directly said, “I dont mind talking while you eat.”


“I dont want to waste my time.” Lu Manman looked at him. “Mo Yuanxiu, lets collaborate.”

Mo Yuanxiu elegantly wiped his lips and looked up. “Go on.”

“You want to have a proper career, I can help you with that. Given the Mo Mandates influence in Wen City, its practically impossible for you to outdo Wen Yun. But with the help of our Lu Family, you might just have a chance.” Lu Manman looked at Mo Yuanxiu very seriously.

Mo Yuanxiu looked at this woman, as if he was thinking deeply about something. His eyes narrowed. “How could you tell that I wanted to have a proper career”

“I understand you more than you think,” Lu Manman said.

“Am I at a disadvantage then” Mo Yuanxiu sneered.

“You should feel lucky that Im choosing to work with you.”

“Name your terms.” Mo Yuanxiu looked back at her.

“Simple. I want to drag Wen Yun and the entire Wen Family down from the political arena, leaving them with nothing. And I need your help!”

“You think so highly of me”

“Ive said it before. I understand you more than you think.” Lu Manman looked closely at him.

What a joke, shed lived an extra seven years previously. It wasnt all for nothing!

In her previous life, she had given her all to support Wen Yun in his career, and Mo Yuanxiu had been the one nemesis he had. Moreover, Mo Yuanxiu was surprisingly resilient!

“Alright,” Mo Yuanxiu suddenly agreed.

Lu Manman looked at the curl of his beautiful lips. She wasnt the sort of woman who liked to reveal too much of her emotions. Even at her highest and lowest, she maintained her composure. This was a way of protecting herself when she handled matters, and also a demonstration of her good upbringing.

At this point, she kept her pride and charisma as she said, “Mo Yuanxiu, from today onwards, I will help you in your career, and you will help me kill the devil!”

“A promise, worth a thousand words.”


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