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Chapter 10: A Promise Is Worth a Thousand Words 1

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She was having a splitting headache.

Did she really have to feel so terrible each time she regained consciousness!

Lu Manman opened her eyes and furrowed her brows as she struggled to look around this foreign room.

The color theme was monochromatic, and the furnishings were sleek and modern, but gave off a cold and stiff vibe.

She turned around.

There was a huge balcony. Heavy silk gold curtains and gray sheer layers swayed in the morning breeze as sunlight poured in through the gaps in the crown of a huge tree outside. A man sat comfortably in a reclining chair on the balcony. He was in a fitting black singlet, and was having a leisure smoke, puffing out rings after rings of smoke…

“Mo Yuanxiu” Lu Manmans voice was a little hoarse when she spoke.

The moment she spoke, she felt the pain in her throat. Even swallowing her spit was painful.

Mo Yuanxiu turned around and saw Lu Manman leaning against his headboard, her clothes in a mess. Her long hair was also unkempt, and her face was extremely pale. She looked as if shed been ravaged.

Then again.

Something did happen last night. What mattered was who implicated the other!

Mo Yuanxiu smile was tipped at a devious angle. He got up and slowly walked into his room, stopping right before Lu Manman.

Lu Manman had been eyeing him cautiously. She subconsciously tightened her grasp on the blanket, giving away the calm demeanor shed been trying to maintain as false.

“How long were you planning to sleep on my bed Miss Lu.” Mo Yuanxiu seemed to be teasing her with his brow raised.

“What did we do last night!” Lu Manman clenched her teeth and glared at him.


“Mo Yuanxiu!” Lu Manman suppressed her anger.

Mo Yuanxiu seemed to like Lu Manmans current look. He stretched his back, and said, “You looked so desperate foritlast night, but thanks to my strong principles, were still clean.”

Lu Manman glared at him.

“What, its a pity” Mo Yuanxiu smirked.

The woman couldnt help but roll her eyes. Was he even clean at all!

She actually did not have much trust in Mo Yuanxius character.

Lu Manman could barely remember what happened the previous night. She knew that hallucinations filled her mind, and that she had lost touch with reality, but she had no memory from the moment she left the washroom in the bar.

“Your neck…” Lu Manman squinted as she saw the three distinct fingernail marks on Mo Yuanxius neck.

“The result of your mania from last night. Theres more on my back, want to see it” With that, he was ready to remove his top.

“No need, Im not interested,” Lu Manman declined.

Mo Yuanxiu smiled, but did not show much emotion.

Mo Yuanxiu asked, “Is Miss Lu planning to sleep in for a bit more, or get out of bed We can go downstairs and grab breakfast.”

“Mo Yuanxiu, I have something serious to discuss with you.”

“In bed”

“Can you be more serious.” Lu Manmans expression darkened.

“Seeing you in this state, I admit that its hard for me to be serious.” Mo Yuanxiu looked towards her chest area.

Lu Manman looked down in shock, and her pale face went red.

The loose-fitting white t-shirt on her was no longer covering her body. Her black bra had already been unbuckled, and the strap was hanging off her shoulder. Her chest area could vaguely be seen under the thin fabric, and even the pink area was revealed slightly…

Lu Manman hurriedly pulled the blanket to cover her body.


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