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Reborn AristocratOppressing Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Lifes Dead End

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In January, Wen City entered the thick of winter.

During winter, the air in the city was still moist. Temperature remained at about 3 to 5 degrees Celsius, and although there was no snow, it was extremely chilly. The trees along the streets were bald and scrawny, and it all looked a little depressing.

Lu Manman was in a black luxury car as it cruised down the wide lanes in Wen City. She had just left the hospital.

It was a bustling city that kept its liveliness despite the gloomy weather.

New Years Day had just passed, and there was still some air of festivities in the streets. The decorations were still up, and crowds were squeezing through one another.

Lu Manman was smiling as she rested her hand on her abdomen. She looked out the car window, but did not quite register the bustling scenes outside. She was holding a test report in one hand, and it wasnt hard to see how important it was to her.

The journey in the luxury car was exceptionally steady today. A 20-minute trip took twice that amount of time on this trip.

The car stopped at the entrance of a three-story villa.

The chauffeur respectfully opened the door for Lu Manman, and she got off the car.

The winds in Wen City were cold, and as they blew towards her, she intuitively pulled her coat more closely towards her. She wrapped her scarf more tightly, and all that was left exposed was her beautiful, soulful eyes.

She proceeded through the entrance and walked past a garden, heading into the living room.

There was enough warmth in the living room to warm her body up instantly. She took off her scarf and headed one floor up.

Wen Yun wasnt home at this time.

She would give him the surprise tonight then.

She smiled so blissfully as she opened the bedroom door.

Her gaze landed on the spacious bed before her. A pair of figures were intertwined, and she couldnt help but widen her eyes.

Widen them…

The people on the bed seemed to sense that the door had been opened. The intense movements stopped the next second.

That prim and proper man, that loving husband in the eyes of everyone else, turned to look at her with a lovestruck expression.

But he wasnt lovestruck because of her.

Lying under him was a petite figure. After they stopped their “exercise”, she even eyed him like a spoiled child deliberately, appearing smug.


Shed entered the wrong room.

Lu Manman was standing at the door, her face pale.

But she did not cry or make a scene. Her education and upbringing as well as the respect they had had towards each other as a couple kept her composed. She wouldnt lose her image out of agitation.

Seven years of marriage.

Was this what they said about the seven-year curse!

“So, Ive entered the wrong room” she asked him in the quiet room.

She spoke to her wonderful husband, the “good man” whom tens of thousands of people in Wen City respected. The man who once held her hand and walked down the red carpet with her as he declared to everyone, “In this lifetime, I, Wen Yun, will love only Lu Manman.”

That scene seemed like such a travesty at this point.

The man named Wen Yun got off the bed.

His body was completely bare, and he seemed to think it was all justified.

He walked towards Lu Manman and stopped right before her. There was some sarcasm in his low voice as he said, “Lu Manman, our superficial marriage… ends here.”


“Im pregnant, you know that” She tightened the grasp on the test report, and it began to crumple.

“Ive been adding contraceptives to your food consistently, can you even get pregnant” Wen Yun scoffed. “Are you sure the doctor gave you a proper check-up”


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