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Three years later.

An elegant and beautiful lady stood in the jewelry shop on the sixth floor of the shopping mall, choosing a set of jewelry for a beautiful and cute girl with thick eyebrows and big eyes.

“Look, this pink diamond is pretty good.

What do you think” It turned out that this lady was none other than Shen Xiaoxiao, who was already 38 years old.

It was just that these years had not left any traces on her face.

Moreover, at most, she looked more and more mature.

Nothing else had changed.

However, the girl beside her, Da Bao, looked a little absent-minded.

She did not even look at the set of diamond jewelry in Shen Xiaoxiaos hands.

“Its alright.

Mommy, is Little Treasure coming back today”

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at this little girl and could not help but laugh.

Previously, Little Treasure had to go abroad to do some business.

This girl just happened to have a fever, so she did not go.

Later, she recovered from her illness and was in time for school to start.

So, she was delayed again.

She wanted to go on a trip, but she was also delayed.

Tomorrow night was her and Little Treasures 18th birthday party, so Little Treasure naturally had to come back to attend.

Moreover, Little Treasure had said that in order to make up for her not going, he had specially brought a gift for her, so he had been waiting since the morning.

This year, Da Bao was becoming more and more sensible and smart.

The previous 10 years of absence had been slowly mended over the past few years.

The only flaw was that this child was a little naïve.

Of course, this was in front of Shen Xiaoxiao.

In the eyes of Little Treasure and Yan Kuan, they did not think that this little girl was naïve.

She was very cunning.

Shen Xiaoxiao was the only one who did not know.

One had to know that Little Treasure was such an evildoer, not to mention the sister of the dragon and phoenix twins

However, no matter what kind of person Da Bao was, in everyones eyes, she was their most precious little princess.

Because Ye Xie went missing later and his whereabouts were unknown, Shen Xiaoxiao and Yan Kuan could not expose Da Baos identity to the public.

Up until now, only a few people had actually seen Da Bao.

Even if they knew that Da Bao existed, they had never associated her with Yan Anan, who was a freshman at Beijing University.

One had to know that this name was too common.

Although Da Bao was very beautiful and cute, she didnt know what she and Little Treasure were thinking.

She wore a pair of large-framed eyes and dressed herself up very normally.

In addition, Da Bao had been proficient in disguises since she was young, so how could anyone know that this ordinary girl was the daughter of the richest person in the world She hadnt even studied abroad, and she had chosen to study archaeology at Beijing University.

Thus, no one knew about Da Baos disguise.

“Well be able to have lunch with Little Treasure when we get back.

Youre always so impatient.”

Shen Xiaoxiao pointed at Da Bao as she gestured with the jewelry.

The diamond was specially found by Yan Kuan.

It was a pink diamond, a rare gem in the world.

She had just ordered it, so she brought her along to try it out.

She was about to become an adult, so she naturally needed more jewelry.

Although this girl liked ancient jewelry, it was impossible for her to wear ancient clothes.

“Mommy, lets hurry up and choose.

Then well go back.”

“Silly girl, theres no rush.

I still have to choose a watch for your brother.

Mom will go to the bathroom.

You can look at the other things here first.

Theres nothing wrong with this pink diamond.

You guys can wrap it first.”

“Yes, Madam Yan.”

Shen Xiaoxiao was slowly led by the salesperson to the bathroom at the side.

Da Bao picked out a watch for Little Treasure at the side.

It was the same type of diamond inlay.

There were many types, and Da Bao was a little dazzled by it.

Da Bao moved to another counter.

Just then, two women walked in from the door.

One of them was Hong Kongs popular movie, TV, and song star, Ou Qi.

The other was her cousin.

She was also one of Hong Kongs top ten tycoons, Shui Liuli.

She was also a star back then, but she had married into a rich family.

This cousin was now preparing to follow her path.

She was also in the entertainment industry, and she seemed to be doing quite well.

In addition, everyone knew that tomorrow night was the worlds richest man, Yan Kuans son and daughter coming-of-age ceremony.

All the top people from all walks of life had to attend.

It was rare for her sister to get an invitation, so she naturally had to dress up well.

She also had to pick out jewelry, so they naturally had to take a good look around.

Not only them, many rich people were starting small-scale gatherings today, and there was also a banquet tonight, so they naturally had to prepare well.

“Wow, what a beautiful diamond necklace.

Cousin, you wear that, that suits you very well.”

Ou Qis mouth was extremely sweet, and she knew how to read peoples eyes.

She was even willing to flatter.

She did indeed think that this jewelry was a masterpiece, but it was not that she was ignorant.

She knew that this diamond jewelry would definitely be expensive, so she could afford it.

However, she had only been popular for two to three years.

If she really spent nearly all of her savings to buy this, it would definitely not work, and she could not bear to part with it.

However, her cousin was different.

She had a good life.

When she was married with a child, she took away her ex who had nothing to give.

When she entered the house, she gave birth to the first son of her husbands family.

This was the rise of a mistress.

That was also the person that they admired endlessly in the entire entertainment industry.

She could not afford this jewelry, but she knew that this Shui Liuli definitely could afford it.

Moreover, tonight, she had to rely on this Shui Liuli to help introduce high-quality men.

Naturally, she had to make this cousin happy.

Most importantly, even if she did not say it, she believed that as long as a woman saw such top-grade jewelry… There would be no one who would not be tempted.

“Its really not bad.

Lets go and take a look.”

The two of them quickly walked to the counter.

“Let me take a look at this jewelry.”

Shui Liuli spoke the language of Xiangjiang.

She was born and raised in Xiangjiang.

She knew that as long as she spoke Xiangjiang dialect in the mainland, people would think highly of her.

And no matter what, she was a big star.

Even if she married into a wealthy family, she would occasionally see it in newspapers and magazines, so she never thought that no one knew her.

Sure enough, as soon as she opened her mouth and took off her sunglasses, the assistant immediately asked, “Are you Shui Liuli Are you Ou Qi”

“Yes, I am.

Take out this jewelry and take a look.

You want a photo and an autograph Wait a moment.”

The salesperson was originally quite excited, but when she heard that the two of them wanted to look at the jewelry, she immediately sped up the packing and said to the two of them, “Im sorry, Miss Liuli and Miss Ou Qi.

This jewelry was ordered by that Miss, so I cant show it to you.”


“Yes, our company is only responsible for design and processing.

This diamond is their own.”

Shui Liulis face was a little ugly, but this necklace was indeed very beautiful, and it was also the kind that was priceless in the market.

Shui Liuli really liked it.

The manager frowned, but before he could say anything, Ou Qi said to the salesgirl,”If its ordered, cant we take a look Is that little girl an adult She doesnt look like a rich person.

Are you kidding us Which familys daughter is she from”

Actually, Ou Qi really wanted to ask this last sentence.

Which familys daughter could actually take out such a beautiful diamond necklace Of course, if the Shen family was not as good as her cousins husbands family… It wouldnt be difficult to buy this jewelry.

When Shui Liuli heard her cousins words, she also raised her head and looked at the salesperson curiously.

Yes, although this was the mainland, it couldnt be said that she didnt know anyone.

As long as it was a young lady from a wealthy family, she had also come into contact with her.

This girl was dressed in extremely ordinary clothes and wore a pair of black-framed glasses.

Such an ordinary and unpredictable person, could she be a young lady from a wealthy family

Impossible, right

The salesperson was in a difficult position.

The manager had personally greeted the lady and her mother just now, and he did not say who the lady and young miss were.

Moreover, that respectful attitude meant that even without asking them, they knew that she was definitely an extraordinary person.

There was one more thing.

The most important thing was that the lady looked very familiar.

It was not just because she was very beautiful, but because she had always felt that she had seen her appearance in some foreign magazine.

Also, this jewelry was someone elses from the beginning to the end.

It was already a great gift for the shop to help make it.

How could they dare to make a decision for the owner

“This —— Im really sorry, which lady and her mother owns this jewelry.

I really cant make the decision at this moment.

Moreover, I dont know which lady she is from, but she came here with her mother.

Her mother looks a little familiar.”

The salesgirl was telling the truth, but her explanation was too stiff and pale.

Even though she looked very wronged and didnt know what to do, Shui Liuli and Ou Qi didnt buy it at all.

She was used to being carefree in Xiangjiang.

When she came to the mainland, she couldnt control her temper most of the time.

Fang Lanxin was like this back then, and this Shui Liuli was even more arrogant.

“You cant even look at her Does mother look familiar Wheres your manager Call the manager out.”

“The manager accompanied that lady to the washroom.”

Let a manager accompany a lady to the washroom Which lady was so powerful

“Such a big background I say, you–”

When Shui Liuli heard that, she immediately began to think in her mind.

She had been in a wealthy family for many years.

She did not know anything else, but she had learned to endure it well.

At this time, before she knew the other partys identity, she definitely could not offend the other party.

Since this person was obviously someone with a great background, then she had to properly clarify this matter before making a decision.

Furthermore, at this time, Ai Wei happened to be here to pick up Shen Xiaoxiao and Da Bao.

Yan Kuan and Huang Yueyan were organizing an extremely important meeting, so he was the one to pick them up.

His two children, Tianling and Tianjue, went straight to the villa and had dinner together.

This was a regular gathering between the two families.

In the afternoon, Lou Yin would also bring her husband and two children over.

Tonight was a big gathering.

“Da Bao, have you chosen Why are you so listless”

There was no one in China who did not know Ai Weis identity, let alone the two celebrities who had worked hard in the entertainment industry

They stared blankly as Ai Wei walked toward Da Bao.

His eyes were so gentle that tears were about to drip from them.

Ai Wei had transformed into an extremely outstanding businessman.

Such a man was indeed a man that all women wanted to marry.

However, this Ai Wei was married to a global female tycoon, Huang Yueyan.

They heard that he was very strict and no one had ever seen him fooling around.

However, it was really strange to see him here at this time.

What was even stranger was that after the girl called out to him, everyone, including the salesperson from earlier, looked over with an extremely strange expression on their faces.

This was because Da Bao called out:



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