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“It was clearly that person who changed the cards.

My younger brother saw it was clearly a 5.

Why did it turn it into an A when he played Hmph, so its his fault, not ours.”

“Thats right.

I saw it with my own eyes.

That person changed the 5 to an A.

Why didnt you want me to say it Even if I said it, you still thought it was our fault.

Thats why you cheated.”

“Big Brother and Big Sister are right.”

The lackey was furious.

Alright, so what if what you said was right You guys were cheating as a group.

Moreover, you didnt keep a low profile even when you cheated.

Everyone knew that the other party was rich and powerful.

Of course, they would pinch the soft persimmon.

“Stop making such a fuss.

Anyway, wheres the phone Call your parents.

If theres no one with 2 million, then its 10 million for five people.

If you pay, then let them go.”

“F*ck, youre bullying me for being uneducated, arent you 10 million You really dare to ask for it Even a small casino like yours dares to ask for so much money Arent you afraid of losing your life to spend it”

Huang Yuanyans eldest son, Ai Tianling, had the same temper as Huang Yuanyan.

He was very hot-tempered.

Moreover, under Huang Yuanyans devilish education, these children were all smart and precocious.

In addition, his godfather and godmother ran a casino.

No matter how one looked at it, they were more familiar with the ways of gambling.

It would not be so easy to deceive him.

Moreover, it was not that he did not know how much money was worth.

It would not be a problem for an ordinary family to live peacefully for ten years with this 2 million.

How much money did they gamble today And they dared to let them use 2 million to redeem people What kind of dream was that

“Yo, Young Master, kid, let me tell you.

Lets not talk about 2 million.

When we get here, its up to me.

I say that it is 2 million and not a penny less.

If you keep nagging, itll be 4 million.

Let me take a look at what unlucky parent raised this wretched child.”


Before the lackey could refute Ai Lingtian, another man walked in from the door.

He looked to be in his 30s.

He was the boss of this casino and also a member of society.

This small casino was opened by him and a few other brothers.

Initially, when he heard that a group of kids was causing trouble, he felt that it was quite interesting.

He thought that they might be able to pull off a big score.

He did not expect to hear such bold words the moment he arrived.

“Who are you”

“You dont even know who I am How dare you come to my casino Kid, are you courting death”

Mouse looked at the few children in the room and could not help but burst out in anger.

There were too many casinos in A City, and the competition was fierce.

If it was not to attract customers, they would not have tolerated these few children coming to the casino to play.

One had to know that at that time, these few children had directly exchanged 500,000 worth of chips.

Even normal adults would not have such a large amount of money.

Now, they had become a few children.

They were fools to let such a god of wealth run away.

However, they did not expect these children to be so noisy.

Was there such a way to gamble One person going on stage with four people as helpers This cheat was too cowardly.

“You dare to bully my brother.

I will make sure you do not see the sun tomorrow.”

Mouse was a little fierce.

In addition, there was an extremely long scar on his face, so ordinary people would be afraid to see it.

Ai Lingtian was a ten-year-old child after all.

When Mouse came up to him with a knife, he subconsciously took a step back in fear.

When Mouse heard the sound, he raised his head and looked at the tallest girl among the children.

Before, he didnt think that it was so, but now that he looked at her, it was simply amazing.

At such a young age, she was actually so beautiful and cute.

It was simply too amazing.

“Yo, such a beautiful chick is really rare to see.”

“Boss, I also think that this chick is really beautiful.

Just now, that Fatty Fang said –”

The lackey from before whispered in Mouses ear.

The more Mouse listened, the more he looked at Da Bao.

“20 million Hahaha, little girl, I didnt expect you to be so valuable.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ai Tianling, Ai Tianjue, and even Lou Yins son Fu Man and daughter Fu Bao could tell that something was wrong.

“If you dare to bully my Big Sister, we wont let you off.”

“Right, if you dare to bully my Big Sister, we will make you pay for it.”

Da Bao was a little stunned.

She hadnt reacted yet, but when she heard her younger siblings words, she knew that these people had designs on her.

She immediately walked forward and stretched out her hands.

She blocked all of her brothers and sister behind her and said to Mouse:

“If you dare to attack my brothers and sister, Ill cut open your bellies and make you lose your lives to see the sun tomorrow.”

Da Bao was speaking the truth, but she looked sweet and delicate.

No one took her words seriously.

So at this moment, Mouse saw Da Bao like this and took the lead to laugh at Da Bao:

“Hahaha, this is the biggest joke Ive heard this year.

However, Im touched by the deep affection between you siblings.

How about this, little girl I wont make things difficult for you.

If you stay, Ill let your siblings go.”


“In your dreams!”

Da Bao had yet to speak when little Fu Bao and Ai Lingtian spoke again.

Da Bao cooperated and said, “We came together.

We will go together.”

When Mouse heard this, he could only shrug his shoulders.

He said to Da bao, “Then dont blame me.

If you refuse a toast, do it the hard way.

The few of you, take this little girl away and hand her over to Old Fang.

This is a gold mine.

20 million ha ha ha.

This is money that is delivered to our door.”

Mouse pointed at the lackeys behind him and ordered.

Sure enough, as soon as he finished speaking, the two lackeys immediately went forward to catch Da Bao.

Da Bao said to her four younger siblings behind her, “Hide under the table.”


None of the four kids mumbled, and none of them said that they wanted to help.

All of them went under the table.

If there were more people, they would still have to help.

But these few were definitely no match for their big sister… Moreover, their big sister would cut their stomachs, and it was very bloody.

They were children, so it was better to hide and watch.

The four children had the same thoughts.

Not to mention Fu Man and Fu Bao, who were used to seeing those fights, what they saw was people and people, and even more bloody fights between people and animals.

Even Ai Tianling and Ai Tianjue had seen such scenes.

It couldnt be helped.

Who asked them to be sent to Black Tornados forest to further their studies every summer vacation

For Big Sister and Big Brother who were able to venture into Black Tornados forest alone, the younger ones definitely regarded them as their idols.

“Slogan, lets give Big Sister a slogan.”

“Yes, lets call it, Big Sister is mighty, Big Sister is majestic!”

“Big Sister is mighty, Big Sister is majestic!”

The four children made such sounds under the table at the same time.

Even Mouse didnt expect these devilish brats to be so big-hearted.

Were they not afraid at all

When Da Bao heard this, she laughed until her teeth cracked open.

She immediately shouted, “You also have to add that I am very brave.

I am fighting one-on-one.”

“Oh, right, Big Sister is mighty, Big Sister is majestic, Big Sister is brave!”


Lackey: O__O…

Mouse: O__O…


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