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It is said that the merchant's daughter, Li Shi was extremely jealous and because her maternal family was the richest in Jiangnan, she did not allow the Marquis of Pingyuan to take a concubine.

Marquis Pingyuan had a son named Zhang Yunming, and then two daughters and finally a son when his eldest son was ten years old.

The eldest daughter is always sick and the younger daughter is the one who is going around.

Shen Wen knew that this Zhang Yunming would always go with the literati in the future to write poetry and folklore, and was seen as a person of elegance.

In a previous life, after the death of Zhenbei Marquis and his eldest son, and the destruction of the Shen family army, Pingyuan Marquis who has always been a wise man eventually stepped forward to lead the marshal banner again.

His wife Li Shi gave out all her family's wealth to prepare food and provisions for him, the reinforcements were able to organize in a short time and his eldest son was invited to be the vanguard.

Only then did people know that this ordinary literati dress, but also went to the provincial examination of a Xiucai Zhang Gongzi, is a martial artist who does not compromise on martial arts.

Shen Wen looked sweetly at Zhang Yunming and said, "Since Gongzi is acquainted with my brothers, it would be good for me to be acquainted with your sisters as well, may I ask which sister is here today"

    Zhang Yunming replied, "Those who are here today are my cousin, Second Miss Zhang, and my younger meimei, Sixth Miss." The Marquis of Pingyuan had two brothers and did not split the family, so it appeared that these were the daughter of the Marquis Pingyuan's brother along with Zhang family's own youngest daughter.

    Shen Wen pretended to be puzzled and asked, "What about your eldest meimei Why didn't she come There are so many flowers in our mansion, it's fun." Then she blinked her eyes, lest she wasn't cute.

 Zhang Yunming really smiled and said, “Eldest meimei is sick and can't leave the house." He said it very skillfully, so he could see how many times he had said this to people

Shen Wen was waiting for these words, quickly frowned and sincerely said in childish voice, "How can that be good"

 Zhang Yunming was busy comforting her, "She has always been in poor health, so she just needs to recuperate more."

Shen Wen pretended to be sad and untied a scented sachet from her waist and handed it to Zhang Yunming, saying, "Please help me give this scented sachet to Elder jiejie."

Zhang Yunming had some difficulties and looked at Shen Yi, who smiled: "It's a sachet specially made by Younger Meimei for this flower party, look, there is still today's date on it.

Zhang Yunming had to take it.

Shen Wen said seriously: "You must give it to Elder Jiejie.

She is sick and cannot come, her heart must not feel good.

Look, I have sewn a jade pendant on this scented sachet which had auspicious clouds engraved on it, it will give her good luck, and maybe she will get well."

Shen Jian smiled and said to Zhang Yunming, "Take it and give it to your Eldest Meimei,  my Younger meimei is very attached to her scented sachet.”

Zhang Yunming had to take it.

Shen Wen again made an extremely cute look begging, "You have to give it to her! Some other day I'll go see her and tell her what we did at our flower party today." Ask if you gave it.

Zhang Yunming was busy nodding, "Definitely, I will definitely give it to her.

I would like to thank you in advance on behalf of my Eldest Meimei."

 Shen Wen was secretly relieved that she had finished a chess move.

In the previous life, before the Emperor moved the capital, the two families of the Marquis of Zhenbei and the Marquis of Pingyuan were slaughtered. 

The wife of the Marquis of Pingyuan, Li Shi was killed while protecting her young son.

Due to her still lingering illness, the eldest daughter of the Marquis family who had not yet married was taken as a slave along with other women of the Li family.

But that night, this eldest daughter broke out of the official camp with more than 20 people in her hands and then took advantage of the chaos in the city to move the capital.

She gathered the old members of the Marquis of Pingyuan to assassinate the Crown Prince and rushed out of the capital after the failed attempt.

Only then did people know that the sick eldest daughter, who was usually kept in a deep boudoir house without revealing her name, was not a woman, but a man! The name is Zhang Yunzheng.

In her newly dead and confused wanderings, Shen Wen did not pay much attention to this matter, only later she became more and more concerned about what people say about this history, she learned about the life story of this Zhang Yun Zheng

It turns out that the Marquis of Ping Yuan had saved a Taoist priest during the war.

The Taoist priest told him that his second son should be raised as a girl until he was twenty-two.

After that, it was not too late to take off the identity of a female and to get marry and have children.

If not, he may not live past the age of twenty-two, and if he gets married, his whole family will suffer.

The Marquis of Pingyuan did not want to do this, but his wife, Li Shi was very superstitious and insisted on it.

This second son was raised as a woman from childhood, also known as Zhang Yunming's "Eldest Meimei" who was always sick.

In the previous life, when the incident occurred in the Pingyuan Marquis Mansion, the second son's twenty-second birthday was only ten days away.

After Zhang Yunzheng killed his way out of the capital, he went around contacting old members of the Shen and Zhang families to expose the Crown Prince's plot to trap the loyalists.

At that time, the BeiRong had already swept through the north and the imperial court fled south.

He was unable to resist the BeiRong, so he also went to the south.

After that, he led people to murder the then crown prince, later the emperor again and again after several failed assassinations, and then assassinated people under the crown prince everywhere.

Sometimes he succeeded, sometimes he missed and only escaped with his life, but it never ended.

He killed two concubines of the crown prince, several staff members, eunuchs around the emperor after he ascended to the throne, bureaucrats reappointed by the emperor, and finally a young imperial prince, so there were many more people who were wounded by him.

He did not stop for the next twenty years or more, and he came out from time to time to create bloodshed, simply what later generations would call a terrorist.

The Imperial court wanted to kill him for many years.

After the crown prince ascended to the throne, he hated him to the bone and used him as an example to warn his men that "the grass must be rooted out or else there will be endless trouble".

When Zhang Yunzheng was in his forties, he was surrounded on a mountain and all his men died.

He was captured after seven days and seven nights of starving and struggling with the soldiers.

The emperor ordered him to be executed by capital punishment, and after being tortured to death, he was cut alive.

When he was dying, someone asked him if he had any remorse, and he said that he was seeking mercy and would not repent.

Shen Wen knows that he also suffered after his death, and must experience the fear and pain of the innocent people he killed.

But she somehow understood and appreciated what he had done.

It was the pain and despair of being a survivor: if he did nothing, he would not be able to face his family who died tragically.

She herself could not let go of this life in that long loneliness, Isn't because she had not done her best for her family while she was alive and her guilt was so heavy that she could not follow them away.

In this life, the person Shen Wen wants to befriend most is this person, but unfortunately now he is still just an eleven-year-old child.

Shen Wen is not sure if this person will still have that stubborn fighting spirit if he does not go through the big change of family destruction.

But no matter what, this person is strong-minded and tough, today's gift of incense sachets, is to lay the groundwork for future meetings.


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