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When they arrived at the courtyard, the spring morning breeze was gentle, and Shen Wen said in a sweet and sticky tone: "Brothers and sisters, today is the first flower party I've seen, and I made scented sachets for brothers and sisters as a reminder." After that, she gestured to Xia Hong, who brought a plate with four identical scented sachets inside.

 Shen Wen picked one and gave it to her Eldest brother Shen Yi with both hands.

When Shen Zhuo saw the sachet, he laughed out loud.

 Shen Wen glared at him angrily, then turned her face to smile at her Eldest brother and said: "Eldest brother doesn't need to wear it, just hang it somewhere and don't throw it away.”

Shen Yi looked down only to his waist height fat Shen Wen, and looked at the ugly sachet, smiled and said, "younger meimei made how can i not wear" Said picked up the sachet hung on the belt.

The roughly made scented sachet look particularly inappropriate under Shen Yi's beautifully embroidered belt.

 Shen Wen dumbfounded, some stammering: "But, I do not look good ......”

Shen Yi nodded: "Since it has today's date on it, wear it for a day.

And then I will definitely keep it."

Shen Wen smiled and picked up another one and gave it to Shen Jian, who took it with a smile and also hung it on his waist, not waiting for Shen Wen to say, "Don't worry, meimei, I'm sure I won't lose it, and this piece of jade on it is rare."

Shen Zhuo picked one with his left hand and said with a bitter face, "Ugly, I cannot help but bring them, otherwise people will think I am not your brother.

What is this thing adorned on it, looking like a small stone.

Little fat bird, you can make me suffer."

Shen Xiang pushed him away and took the last one, hanging it on her waist while saying, "You're so silly, That is agate.

Little meimei' don't listen to him, you sew better than me, and there's still something so good on it."

Shen Wen smiled, and signaled Xia Hong, Xia Hong handed over two fragrant sachets that looked the same color as the others, Shen Wen hung on her own body, Shen Jian asked, "Little meimei also made herself, how do you want to wear two"

  Shen Wen said seriously: "If I meet someone whom I want to give a gift, I will send out." Seeing her serious little adult look, several people laughed.

    Shen Yi patted the top of Shen Wen's head again and said, "Okay, little meimei is thoughtful, maybe this way you can find good friends."

Shen Zhuo scowled: "It will probably be a fat one like her."

    Shen Wen showed a crying look, Shen Jian was busy smiling, "Little meimei ignore Sanlang, I will teach him some martial arts with Eldest brother tomorrow."

    Shen Xiang stared at Shen Wen: "You're not going to forget about me because you have a best friend, right"

   Shen Wen shook her head vigorously at Shen Xiang, "No, no, you are my Elder Sister, no one can replace you."

Shen Xiang smiled in satisfaction.

Shen Zhuo saw this and said: "Are you still a Elder sister Where is there like a woman, but as a brother.”

Shen Xiang raised her eyebrows, raised her hand and shot towards Shen Zhuo's swollen right hand.

Shen Zhuo turned around and ran, while running, "Fourth brother! You do not chase, and then chasing can not change back ......" Shen Xiang chased and ran through.

Shen Yi watched the two siblings walk away, and said to Shen Jian: "There is probably still some time before people can start to come, let's go to the library.”

Shen Wen immediately said, "I'll go too, I'll go too." The Library Pavilion was Shen Wen's favorite place to go, so Shen Yi naturally agreed and informed Yang Shi's maid where the three of them were going, and the three of them went to the Library Pavilion of the Marquis Mansion not far away.

In fact, the so-called library only has one layer, and from the number of books, it is far less than the amount of civil servants.

There is a study in the military general's house, which is already very elegant.

Most of the books in the collection cabinet are military books or historical books.

When Shen Yi's brother and sister entered the cabinet, Shen Yi found a book and sat down and read it.

Shen Wen knew that the Elder brother was not deliberately indifferent, but was not fond of talking.

Shen Jian accompanied Shen Wen to walk slowly in the middle of the bookshelf. 

At that time, the books were placed flat, stacked one by one, one by one.

Shen Wen is short and can only see the two-storey shelf below.

Shen Jian usually stays with his elder brother Shen Yi, and has no time to play with Shen Wen.

Today, he is free to accompany Shen Wen.

He feels that this meimei is round, weak and lovely.

He turns over a book on the shelf which Shen Wen cannot reach and tells Shen Wen that if she wants to see it, he will take it down and hand it to Shen Wen.

Sun is a little higher, sunlight shines into the house, there is a faint floating dust in the sunlight between the bookshelves, birds chirping outside the window, and the air has the fragrance of spring.

Shen Wen's eyes skimmed over the books, glanced at the side of Shen Yi who was concentrating on reading, and listened to the voice of Shen Jian beside her speaking with the tone of coaxing a child, and the sound of Shen Xiang's laughter vaguely in the distance, only to feel that this world could be so warm and beautiful, she had lived a sparse life in her previous life and had never cherished such a day.

Someone outside the window reported that the Marquess of Pingyuan had brought her eldest son, Zhang Yunming, and two young ladies to visit.

They had already met the old Furen and Furen.

The two young ladies of the Zhang family stayed over there, and Zhang Yunming came over to meet the sons.

Shen Wen raised her head, at this time, although men and women are different, but she is only six years old, it is reasonable that there should not be too many scruples.

Sure enough, after a slight hesitation, Shen Yi stood up and said invite.

A moment later, the book boy led a twelve or thirteen-year-old boy into the room.

Shen Wen had never seen this eldest son of the Marquis of Pingyuan who died with Shen Zhuo and the Third Prince in her previous life, and could not help but look at him with attention.

Zhang Yunming should only be thirteen years old at this time, proper appearance is not yet open, but the behavior is clearly imitating the style of the literati, slow gait, upright chest and jaw, one hand still holds a fan, elbow slightly curved at the side.

Shen Wen knows that he grew up practicing martial arts, and can't help but smile at his this kind of style.

Over there, after Zhang Yunming met with Shen Yi and Shen Jian, he turned his eyes to see Shen Wen, and Shen Yi said, "This is my younger meimei." Shen Wen was young and should have bowed first, so she was busy giving a formal greeting.

She was short and slightly fat, and looked a bit awkward.

Zhang Yunming smiled and said in return, "Little lady, there is no need to be polite, I am very familiar with your brothers."

Zhang Yunming’s words are not for courtesy.

The two families are family friends.

The previous generation had fought together on the battlefield, and the Marquis of Zhenbei and the Marquis of Pingyuan were close friends who grew up together.

It's just that after more than a decade of battling and killing on the border along with the Marquis of my own family, the Marquis of Ping Yuan handed over his military power on the grounds that he was injured.

Unlike the Marquis Zhenbei who has a heavy military in his hands and is stationed at the border.

Ping Yuan Marquis is actually an empty-title lord now.

He also married Li Shi, the daughter of a merchant, and lived a luxurious life in the capital without being involved in politics.

TN: Merchants are despised by among nobles.


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