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3 Scented sachet


On the day of the flower party, Shen Wen was waked up at dawn.

What is there to dress up a six-year-old daughter from a military General's family But Yang Shi told the maids to dress up the two Xiaojies this time.

The people who are coming may have sons of similar age in their families, so it will be easier to make a good impression now and talk about marriage later.

Shen Wen sat in front of the mirror, thinking of the upcoming series of interactions with people, appear a little sickly.

Xia Hong thought Shen Wen was still not awake, put the yellow gauze flower in the hand to the side of the bun, while smiling and said: "Look at the Little Miss, how beautiful.”

Shen Wen raised her eyes and looked at herself in the mirror, her facial features and her Second brother are followed the old Furen, with slender eyes.

But why are her cheeks so round The lips are thick like they are going to pucker up.

She saw through the vicissitudes and delusions of the world in her long solitude.

She doesn't like any jewelry or clothes, but she only cares about food, perhaps because she can sometimes smell the aroma of food in the void.

Since her rebirth, she has changed her very picky mouth in her previous life, as long as it is food, she likes to have a taste, and the result is twice as much baby fat than in her previous life.

She frowned, secretly resolved not to eat so much, what to do if you become a little fat in the future It is too inconsistent with the image of the Lin sister she wants to create.

People say that a generous heart is fat.

If she cries again, people are likely to think it is fake.

Thinking about this, more worried feelings, small eyebrows slightly wrinkled up.

*big-hearted and serene (idiom); contended and easy-going 

When Xia Hong saw it, she didn't dare to speak, afraid that this one would cry again.

In a moment, they still have to go to greet people.

If she cries, Furen would have another person to change again.

She will be able to marry in another year, at this time be careful, good start and finish, do not be relegated to a rough maid or something

When Shen Wen entered the main hall wearing light yellow with green gauze bordered clothes, she found that her brothers and sister had all arrived, but the Furen and the old Furen had not yet come out.

Today is the flower viewing party, I think Yang Shi called the children over for a last-minute instruction.

Shen Yi had a stern face, his sword like eyebrows were slightly furrowed and his lips were tightly pursed, still a fifteen-year-old boy, but trying to make himself appear twenty-five years old.

He wore a light blue robe with a white belt, which looked very transcendent in the middle of a group of children.

Shen Wen walked up to him and pulled his sleeve with a smile as a greeting.

Shen Yi smiled reluctantly and gently touched the top of Shen Wen's head.

Shen Wen understood that Shen Yi knew the purpose of this flower meeting and was probably a little nervous.

Next to Shen Yi, Shen Jian, a year and a half younger than him and always with a smile on his face, bent slightly and whispered to Shen Wen, "Don't mess with Eldest brother, he is shy.”

Shen Yi's face reddened at once and he looked at Shen Jian with anger.

Shen Jian raised one eyebrow and looked back at Shen Yi provocatively.

Shen Wen was busy trying to put up a smile, tilted her head to look at Shen Jian, and also tugged his sleeve.

She is not a young child at heart and sometimes tries to speak as little as possible.

Next to Shen Zhuo skimmed his mouth and said, "Younger meimei, don't beg to be hugged, you are so fat now, like a little pig, no one can hold it." Although military households are not so serious about male and female defense, but Shen Yi and Shen Jian are teenagers and do not hug Shen Wen much anymore, not because she is fat.

Shen Wen struggled to glare, making an angry look at Shen Zhuo.  Shen Zhuo twisted his nose and squeezed his eyes at her.

Shen Xiang next to Shen Zhuo pushed Shen Zhuo with her hand and rebuked, "Don't bully Younger meimei!" It seems she still remembered the fight with Shen Zhuo yesterday.

Shen Xiang has thick eyebrows and a wide forehead, and because of her martial arts training, her eyes have a look of god, somewhat like her big brother Shen Yi.

There is a kind of beauty with the heroic posture; she wore a peach riding suit today, narrow-sleeved short skirt, looking extra crisp.

The sound of footsteps came from the inner room.

It seemed that the old Furen and Yang shi's were coming out, several children stood up straighter.

Shen Zhuo moved his foot and stepped on the surface of Shen Xiang's foot, Shen Xiang screamed and then punched at Shen Zhuo.  Shen Zhuo just received the punch and sat on his buttocks on the ground, at this time the old Furen and Yang Shi were entering the outer room.

Yang Shi shouted first: "Bring a ruler! What day is it today Have I been talking for nothing for two days”

Shen Xiang also shouted in defiance: "He stepped on my foot!"

   Shen Zhuo's upside down eyebrows formed a figure of eight: "I didn't mean it!"

  Shen Xiang immediately retorted, "That's right! He also bullied Younger Meimei! He called my younger meimei a pig!"

  Shen Zhuo sat on the ground and didn't get up: "Aren't you screaming too Mother, she even pushed me!"

  Yang Shi already had a ruler in her hand and said to Shen Xiang, "Hold out your hand!

Shen Xiang's eyes were filled with tears, she was Yang Shi's first daughter after giving birth to three sons.

Yang shi grew up pampering her and very rarely taught her a lesson, so she developed a proud nature, and now she felt it was Shen Zhuo's fault, so she was even more aggrieved.

Shen Wen was most impatient with these two children beating and fighting every day in his previous life, but now he looks at them and feels lovely and interesting.

Seeing that Yang Shi really wanted to hit Shen Xiang, she rushed up and pulled Yang Shi's hand.

Without saying anything, she began to shed tears drop by drop.

She believed that if Yang Shi knew the fate of the two children in the future, he would be reluctant to fight.

Shen Jian said with a smile, "Mother, don't be angry, today's flower fair, if Eldest meimei's hand is swollen, how can we go to receive those young Xiaojie"

  Shen Yi also said solemnly, "Eldest meimei and Third brother are just joking."

 The old Furen also spoke up, "That's right, it looks like our Marquis Mansion has no rules, how can we beat hands on this day of meeting people" Look at Yang Shi unsatisfactorily, as if it's all her fault. 

Yang Shi couldn't get off the stage with a ruler.

He stared at Shen Xiang and said, "Just hit it!" 

Shen Xiang frowned and slowly stretched out her hand, Yang Shi snapped a ruler, Shen Xiang gritted her teeth and retracted her hand, looking at Shen Zhuo with crossed eyes.

Yang Shi also turned her face to look at Shen Zhuo.

Shen Zhuo got up, patted his clothes, went to Yang Shi and stretched out his palm as if he didn't care.

Yang Shi's pink face contains frost and hit hard, Shen Zhuo screamed, raised his hand to his mouth and blew hard, Shen Xiang laughed "puff", Shen Wen also laughed, tears remained on her face.

The old Furen pulled Shen Wen to her side, stroked Shen Wen's back and said, "Wen'er is just soft-hearted."

 Yang Shi sighed: "This child, crying every day, is really not the same as Xiang'er."

The old Furen was not happy again: "How can they have same temperament The dragon also gave birth to nine species."

 Yang Shi said to her children: "There are many people coming to the house today, so behave yourselves and don't make people laugh." She looked at Shen Yi and continued, "Keep an eye on the side, if I call you, come here immediately, don't delay."

Shen Yi nodded with downcast eyes, and Shen Jian said with a cheeky smile, "Definitely definitely, Mother don't worry."

Shen Zhuo pretended not to understand and asked, "Why do you need to come over right away Is it to meet someone"

Shen Yi looked sideways at Shen Zhuo: "Third brother, I haven't instructed you in martial arts for a long time, wait for me at the military training ground tomorrow morning."

 Shen Zhuo immediately accompanied with a smiling face, "Eldest brother is so kind to me, I am so grateful."

 Shen Xiang rubbed her fist, "Great, Eldest brother! I'll go too, teach him a good lesson!"

Shen Zhuo came to Shen Wen's side: "Younger meimei also want to come to watch the Third brother and Eldest brother practice martial arts, so that in the future to protect my meimei.

This is how an elder brother should act." He said this is to remind the Eldest brother to love and protect him and the youngest meimei loves to cry.

Once she saw he was getting beaten, she must cry.

Eldest brother cannot see the tears, naturally will not lay a cruel hand.”

Shen Xiang also came over and said: "younger meimei, he just called you a little pig!"

 Shen Zhuo said back, "I don't even call it anymore, you called it twice."

  Shen Wen bit her index finger and looked at Shen Zhuo, asking weakly, " Then what should you call me now"

Shen Zhuo froze and looked at Shen Wen's small swollen eyes still with tears, blinking twice incredulously.

If he now give in and call Shen Wen in a good name, then in front of Shen Xiang he is somewhat lowered.

It looks like he acts differently in fronts of the elders.

If not, mother and grandmother are right in front of you, probably can not please.

Looking at Shen Wen's tender yellow dress and chubby child's face, Shen Zhuo did not believe that Shen Wen was setting him up, his teenage heart prevailed and he said to Shen Wen seriously: "Naturally, it's a little yellow chicken, a fat little yellow chicken!”

Shen Wen closed her eyes hard, squeezed out a tear, pulled down two corners of her mouth, twisted her head to look at the old Furen.  Old Furen pointed at Shen Zhuo and said in anger: "You little heartless! Wen'er such a good sister also bullies.”

Yang Shi picked up a ruler and said to Shen Zhuo, "You! Come here! You don't have to receive female guests anyway!"......

Amid Shen Zhuo's exaggerated wails and Shen Xiang's giggles, Shen Wen also had a smile.

Shen Xiang to Shen Zhuo from admiration to fight until grown up and re-admiration, the two are actually the best feelings of a pair of siblings, her own past life is jealous of it, so it makes hard to look at them.

Yang Shi hit Shen Zhuo's palm, and then warned a few words.

Then let someone to serve breakfast, everyone quietly ate breakfast.

Yang Shi has to manage the matters of the Mansion, the children said their farewells and came out.



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