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Marquis Mansion has not held any flower party for many years, this time the flower party in the eyes of the old Furen, the management of Yang Shi is far worse than what she did when she was young.

She does not want to manage the house, but from time to time pick a mistake or something can still do.

Old Furen took Shen Wen by the hand and followed Yang Shi to walk around the courtyard of the house to do a final inspection.

A large group of maids and pozis followed around, Yang Shi occasionally stopped, one hand on the waist, one hand gestures for people to adjust the position of the flower pots, and shouted a couple of times when in a hurry.

Old Madame is not idle, sometimes contradicting Yang Shi's words, so that the subordinates are at a loss

Yang Shi frowned, "Don't put this potted flower on, it's already wilted."

    The Old Madam pointed out, "I told you to use potted flowers, if you put them in like this, they won't last an hour."

  Yang Shi was impatient: "Mother, what's the use of talking about this now You should change the pot quickly."

The Old Madam continued to chant, "You must not speak so loudly tomorrow, those madams are so noble now, if they think you are a wicked mother-in-law, no one will want their daughter to marry here.”

Yang Shi waved her hand: " Everyone understands how I am, there is no point in pretending.

This flower party is just a group of children coming to have fun and see who looks good to each other, not to pick any flowers.

They don't look at me, I don't look at them.

The Old Madam was a bit angry: "Why don't you listen to advice Look at other families, where there is a daughter-in-law who doesn't listen to her mother-in-law"

  Yang Shi was a bit anxious: "Mother, why didn't I listen to you It's really too late to change the potted plants, we couldn't buy that many at first so we used the flower arrangements ......"

  The Old Madam was also anxious: "It's just that it's late, can you keep your voice down tomorrow"

 Yang Shi frowned: "I'll try my best, then tomorrow you can talk to the ladies more and I'll show up less

The Old Madam pointed at Yang Shi: "You still don't listen!"

Over there Shen Xiang ran over and shouted: "Mother! I knocked Third Brother down today!"

Behind her, Shen Zhuo followed in a furious stride: "Mother! I didn't! I sat down on purpose to make way for her!"

 Shen Xiang turned her head and said: " Not at all! I knocked you down!"

 Shen Zhuo said back, "No!"

 Shen Xiang stopped, " You were knocked down!"

 Shen Zhuo would never admit it in front of his mother and grandmother and a large group of servants: "I didn't! You're talking nonsense!"

 Shen Xiang was furious and pounced on Shen Zhuo: "You're denying it”

The two wrestled with each other, mixed with some fisticuffs and kicks.

Shen Xiang was eight years old and tall and strong, while Shen Zhuo was eleven, although he was a boy and also practised martial arts.

But he was thin, like a small bean sprout.

In front of the crowd After all, he couldn't let his hands go, so he was on the defensive, and the two of them clashed for a while.

Yang Shi shouted, "Sanlang! Do you even have the decency of being a brother How can you fight with your sister"

Shen Zhuo said: "She wants to practice martial arts, so she naturally has to fight ......" and placed a trip, twisting Shen Xiang to the ground.

Shen Xiang finally won a hand in the martial arts training ground by dexterity, but now she lost in front of so many people, her face turned red for a moment.

As result she jumped up with a shout, and continued to fight with Shen Zhuo, without paying attention to any moves.

Just like a normal child, they punched randomly

Yang Shi shouted a few more times, but when she saw that they did not listen, she sighed loudly, led the crowd around them and continued her inspection.

The Old Madam also shook her head and pulled Shen Wen to follow, whispering, " Nannan(baby) is the best behaved, you can't fight like this in the future."

Yang Shi turned back and said, "Mother, they fight so much, they will be good at fighting in the future."

The Old Madam grunted: "You only know how to be obstinate with me, they have learned from you, that's why they are so disobedient ......"

As the two were fighting and walking, Shen Wen twisted around to look at Shen Xiang and Shen Zhuo in the distance, where the two were still pushing and shoving.

Thinking back to her past life it was because of these petty fights that broke out from time to time in the Marquis Mansion.

Tomorrow, when she saw the civil officials' Madams being helped in by their maids, with their slow and elegant gait, she felt a strong sense of inferiority and felt that the Marquis Mansion was inferior to others.

In this era, the imperial court placed more importance on Civil affairs than on the Military.

The Civil Officials usually decided on National affairs, while the Military officials has no say in the matter.

Even after a Military officer had fought hard on the battlefield, the final rewards and punishments were decided by the Civil officials.

In general, there was a clear difference between the styles of Civil and Military officials.

In terms of demeanour, in the civil official camp, not only were the ladies supported by a maid who walked beside them, but the hems of their skirts were not allowed to rise and fall.

Even the civil officials has to be supported by two beautiful maids when walking outside slowly in order to look elegant.

The Military officials walked on their own without any elegance.

Not to mention the fact that even the ladies in their families walked as fast as they could, causing the families of the civil officials to look down on them.

Most of the Civil officials were appointed through the Imperial Examinations and their families naturally favoured poetry, songs, music, chess, calligraphy and painting.

While the Military officials focused on fighting in the battlefield in the years to come, and what they wanted was to practice martial arts from childhood.

Even if they were somewhat literate but also for the purpose of familiarizing themselves with Military books.

When the two sides met in court, it was clear that who's conversation was superior, and the mannerisms and words of the Military officials seemed crude and rude.

It is a pity that the Civil officials do not go to battle, so how can the Military officials find a way to get back, they can only curse in private.

The flower Party held by Military officials family are only third-rate in the capital and usually the families of Civil officials do not attend them.

However, as the Marquis of Zhenbei now holds a heavy military force and is the most powerful Military General in the imperial court.

The flower party at the Marquis's residence will naturally attract some madams and young ladies of the Civil officials family.

As tomorrow is the flower party, Yang Shi instructs Shen Wen's maids to send her to bed early, but Shen Wen reconfirms the six scented sachets she has prepared for the following day.

Nanny Hu Shi looked at Shen Wen who was carefully checking whether the edges of the jewellery and the sachet were sewn tightly.

With thread in her hand, she made several more stitches in some places, making the already messy embroidery stand out even more, but they were really firm and sturdy.

She couldn't help but smile bitterly and say: "Why don't let the maids do it all, young Miss Why do you need to do it yourself" Wasn't this a waste of things Such a precious gems matched on the outside of such an ugly sachet The maids' craftsmanship must be much better than Shen Wen's.

When the time came, they wouldn't be unable to give it to someone.

Shen Wen said earnestly: "Mother said, 'only when you make it yourself does it mean something.' I made these for my brothers, sister and friends."

Hu Shi sighed: "You're still young and your eyes are weak, it's not too late to do it again in two years.

Wait until you are more skilled in the craft.”

Shen Wen smiled: "I know I'm not good at embroidery, that's why I put such good jewellery outside, so they won't just throw it away.

Besides, I made it like this so that they will remember later that it was given to them when I was six years old ah. Mama watch it for me, don't let anyone take it away."

Hu Shi nodded, "Yes, there are six in total, I've asked Xia Hong to put them away, go to bed now."

Shen Wen answered and Xia Hong was busy coming over to serve.

Shen Wen pointed to the four light green scented sachets and said, "These are the ones I will give to my brother and sister tomorrow, don't mix them up with these two green ones." Xia Hong nodded and packed away the incense sachet.

Xia Hong was already thirteen years old and not someone who would later join Shen Wen in marriage.

Shen Wen's memories of her were very vague, except that she spoke very little and was silent most of the time.

Shen Wen sighed in her heart: she had no one now.

This maid will not stay long, in addition to She being a soft person.

The other maids saw that she loved to cry and were not too close to her in normal times.

Since she had to pretend to be soft, she could not put up a fight to take in the others.

Besides, the Marquis of Zhenbei is at the border and his mother and wife are in the capital, who would believe that they are not hostages The residence is full of the emperor's spies, and she does not dare to choose her confidant at random.

Many of the people she knows will live and die with the Marquis Mansion are still too young or have not appeared, so she can only wait.


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