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After rebirth, Shen Wen found that she could still use her consciousness power, but due to the limitations of this body, it was much weaker than in the past when she only had a soul.

She found that it was the vibration of her body that hindered the extension of her consciousness power.

Only through meditation and exhalation and controlling the body's vibration, could she strengthen her consciousness power.

She goes to bed early every night to meditate and practices after the maids have gone out.

She does not need a teacher, but only adjusts her breathing with reference to the strengthening or weakening of her consciousness power.

She can also look at her meridians internally and use her mind to guide her breath to travel through the four meridians and eight veins.

She hoped that one day when she fought someone, she would not need to use a weapon or fist, but only need to focus on her consciousness power and be able to twist the opponent's meridians like she used to do when she was a soul.

Moreover, her consciousness power cannot reach as far as before now, but can reach only three steps around her body.

Shen Wen believes that as she grows and practices, her consciousness power should be even stronger.

Shen Wen once thought of assassinating the Crown prince or even the Emperor when her consciousness power was strong enough, but this was not a safe path.

First of all, she does not know how long she will have to pass before her consciousness power is that strong enough and before that happens, the Crown prince may strike. 

Even if the assassination is successful, the majestic army of the BeiRong will still move south, and the Shen family's army will still be overwhelmed without backup.

The other people involved in that bloodbath are still around, and they are perfectly capable of embracing another master to reckon with the Shen family where Shen Wen did not foresee.

Shen Wen does not want to lose the future that she can foresee so that she can have the appropriate countermeasures when things happen.

She wants to eliminate the entire main force that wants to harm her family, and she can only cut them off one by one after they have revealed their full strength.

Shen Wen is reluctant to make the first move there are other considerations: she flowed in the two worlds for a thousand years, how many times to see that good has a reward for good and evil has a reward for evil.

After death, people have to face the mistakes or crimes they have committed, and set themselves up to experience the suffering they have brought to others without missing a single drop.

Although she has the heart of revenge, she is not willing to use her eternal home in exchange.

She hopes that she can join her family and go to the light instead of returning to the darkness.

Therefore, it is important for her to postpone the crime and let the other side deserve it, rather than laying hands on them first when they have not committed the crime, so that she can differentiate herself from those criminals who kill the innocent.

Shen Wen could only set a trap, and her first step was to make herself the weak point of the marquis.

In the previous life, those people put the Marquis Mansion in a place of disloyalty in her name because they had her in their grasp.

In this life, Shen Wen has to act even weaker and more foolish than in the previous life, so that the other side will come looking for her to use her.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so let's start with a little crybaby.

Childhood passes like a flash, and Shen Wen has just established the impression of a "little crybaby" when she is already six years old.

This year in the spring, fifteen-year-old elder brother Shen Yi’s marriage is been discussed.

The Marquis Mansion will hold a flower viewing party in April and invite all the girls in the right age from all families to come.

Whether in her previous life or now, this is the biggest social event of the Marquis Mansion in her lifetime.

In her previous life, Shen Wen began to loathe the Marquis Mansion after this flower party, and distanced herself from her family.

After knowing the date of the flower show, Shen Wen began to prepare the scented sachets the she would give to people at the flower party.

She prepared two kinds, one is made by the maids, embroidered with simple flowers filled with herbs small scented sachets, no big difference with other people's scented sachets.

Another one was made by her personally, a total of six sachets.

She did not care about the craft, the stitches were messy and the edges were twisted.

On the outside, there is not much embroidery.

Just embroidered with a single thread the year and month of the flower meeting, the font is naturally like a spider crawling the same.

Luckily, the herbs inside are very fragrant, and the outside is either sewn with a large bead or a small jade ring, all of which are the most valuable trinkets Shen Wen can find.

While she was alone practicing her calligraphy, she wrote six notes and sewed them into her personally made scented sachets while no one could see them.

These scented sachets were to be given to the people whose trust she would gain later.

In mid-April, the day before the flower party, the Marquis Mansion from the Main gate into the interior, along the road are placed in pots of flowers, not many pots are really cultivated, most of them are folded from the trees and inserted into the soil

Yang Shi's father was also a military general, just far below the rank of the Marquis of Zhenbei.

Yang Shi's father once saved the Old Marquis by running 300 miles at night to come to his aid when he was besieged by enemy forces.

The Old Marquis settled the marriage on the battlefield.

The old Madame was more or less upset when she learned about it.

She is also from a military background family, but her family and the Marquis of Zhenbei equivalent!

Although her maiden family later fell due to the death of all the men in the family, she still hoped that her only son, Shen Yong, would marry a well-known girl or something.

Later she learned that Yang Shi had grown up practicing with swords and sticks, but in addition to a loud voice, did not learn much martial arts.

So she was even more displeased.

Before the engagement, the old Furen also nagged a few times, the old Marquis was angry: people saved my life, what else are you unhappy about With such a loyal and righteous father, his daughter is certainly not wrong!

After the marriage, Although Yang Shi's appearance is not amazing, but her temperament is bright so she can get along with Shen Yong.

Moreover, before the Old Furen had time to put up some mother-in-law's frame to pinch her, she got pregnant and gave birth to a chubby baby boy.

The generation of Marquis family Shen Yong is a single line of succession, Old Furen’s other children are not saved, the old Marquis still does not have a concubine, now suddenly there is a grandson, she immediately put her dissatisfaction with Yang Shi's lack of noble birth to the back of her mind, every day happy to see her grandson.

The little grandson just ran around and Yang Shi gave birth to another one! The old Furen was so happy she didn't know to shut up: two fat babies, that's what she had been secretly thinking about.

But the joy wasn't over yet, the youngest wasn't even as high as the table, Yang Shi gave birth to a third son.

Old Furen secretly praised the old Marquis vision is really accurate, the Yang Shi flourished the home, Marquis Mansion from this generation is really prosperous!

When the old Marquis died, the old Furen was grief-stricken, but there were three little grandchildren crying with her, and Yang Shi was pregnant with another.

The Old Furen had hope in her heart that the latter days would not be so difficult.

Yang Shi had three sons and two daughters she has a lot of confidence.

Her husband has no intention of marrying a concubine, so she was in charge of the Marquis Mansion and over the years she developed a style of saying something.

Old Furen saw Yang Shi's high-mindedness every day, her heart was a little displeased.

Her husband is now gone, and her son is not around, she always feels that the days are not interesting and expects Yang Shi to give birth to few more.

But in recent years, the marquis of Zhenbei Shen Yong is always far away, so naturally Yang Shi has nothing to offer.

Although she knows that it is not Yang Shi's problem, yet Old Furen unreasonably blame Yang Shi.


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