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Chapter 10 part 3 National Go player

"Sister, what are you thinking about" Her younger brother shook Su Wanniang's arm, Su Wanniang smiled, "Nothing, random thoughts." She now somewhat understood why Shen Wen wanted to find herself, there were words that needed to be talked to someone, otherwise it was too tiring to just catch them in her mind.

    At night, Su Wanniang told the incident and told Shen Wen about her doubts.

Shen Wen thought of Su Wanniang's mother who died in her previous life.

Su Wanniang, as a woman in a brothel house, must have had limited clues, but in the end she still found out about the Crown Prince, and it is likely that her father or mother left a clue.Shen Wen whispered, " You have to pay attention, your mother may know something, but you and your brother are still young and she probably doesn't want to tell you yet."


Su Wanniang's heart tightened and she subconsciously clenched her fist.

Shen Wen put her hand on Su Wanniang's and said, "Don't worry, within a year, Ji Wenzhao should be able to find out about what had happened, ask your mother then, and your mother should tell you."


    Su Wanniang asked, "Are you sure Ji Wenzhao will find out"


 Shen Wen nodded, "Of course." Su Wanniang didn't say anything and Shen Wen smiled, "You are at least better than last time, when I first said to let him come and see me, you didn't even believe me."


    Su Wanniang was embarrassed, "Miss ......"


 Shen Wen smiled and said, "It's more useful to call your sister ......" After the two laughed playfully, Shen Wen meditated and Su Wanniang went to sleep.


    On the morning of the eighth day of the first month, Shen Yi took his younger brothers outside the front gate to welcome Zhang Yunming, the eldest son of Marquis Pingyuan, and had the carriage enter the front yard while Shen Xiang and Shen Wen greeted Zhang Yunjin.

Zhang Yunjin got off the carriage and the group went together to meet Yang Shi and go through the etiquette.


    When they left the main hall, the girls walked ahead of them and Shen Wen asked Zhang Yunjin, "Your elder sister was too ill to come, but how was her New Year Did you have New Year's Eve dinner and firecrackers"


    Zhang Yunjin shook her head and said, "She was too sick to come to the courtyard, and my parents went to see her." It seemed that even Zhang Yunjin had not gone to see the "Eldest Young lady".


    Shen Xiang sighed and said, "She's really pathetic."


    Shen Wen said, "Our family has prepared many snacks for you, so you should bring some for her when you leave."


    Shen Zhuo came up from behind and said, "Didn't you hear She's too sick to leave the house, how can she just eat snacks What if she eats something bad"


Shen Wen thought to herself, ‘How can it be bad’ But on the surface, she said despondently, "What a pity."


"My sister has been saving up snacks to give you since the end of the year, but don't worry, My grandmother said that my little sister has been saving those for too long, and the ones for you today are freshly made."


    Zhang Yunjin half-lowered her head and smiled, "Thank you very much."


Shen Zhuo immediately said, "Nothing, we went to your mansion and ate a lot, oh, when we left your house that day, we went to Gui Xiang Yuan and bought a lot of snacks, of which ......"


Seeing this, Zhang Yunming, who was walking behind, said loudly, " Today it is so rare to see you, I have to play a few games of chess with you.

Third brother, come over here, I don't want to leave you behind."


 Shen Zhuo turned around and said, "I don't want to play chess, let big brother and second brother accompany you."


Zhang Yunming came forward and took Shen Zhuo by the hand and said, " Third brother, don't be so modest.

Last time I can see that you have a good spirit of  Go chess.

Let's play a few more games this time.

You know that wargaming is a necessary skill for a soldier to know."


With a bitter face, Shen Zhuo watched as Zhang Yunjin talked to Shen Xiang and Shen Wen and walked away.


     When the girls arrived at Shen Xiang's courtyard, the maids served snacks and refreshments, and Zhang Yunjin asked her own maid to bring up a food box, but when she opened it, it was a grid of candied fruit.

Shen Wen gave a cheerful shout.

Shen Xiang was hurriedly calling the maids to serve hot water.

After everyone washed their hands, Zhang Yunjin and Shen Xiang started talking about what they had done in the past few months, occasionally taking a bite with a small spoon.But Shen Wen didn't say anything at all, just tasted the candied fruit brought by Zhang Yunjin one by one.

When she spoke, she only handed the candied fruit to Su Wanniang behind her, asking her to taste it and help her remember the taste so that she could buy it on the street later.


    Zhang Yunjin smiled and asked Shen Xiang, "Your sister likes these snacks so much"


Shen Xiang glanced at Shen Wen and said, "She doesn't just eat snacks, she eats everything with appetite! Didn't you see my grandmother, if she didn't have my sister around during meals, she said she had no appetite and preferred to watch her eat with pleasure before she did."


    Zhang Yunjin covered her mouth and laughed: "That's good for nourishment."


Shen Xiang also smiled: "My mother is very happy.

She always said that my sister is the one who doesn't bother her the most among these children, she loves to eat and sleep, and she has such a soft temper, which is a blessing she has cultivated in several lifetimes.

Unlike me, I always make her angry ......"


Shen Wen bowed her head and put a candied fruit in her mouth.

Yang Shi had never said this to her, Yang Shi was a brusque woman who spoke loudly and loved to cross her arms and wave her hands ......


    Zhang Yunjin said, "I can also see that you siblings all like her."


    Shen Xiang grunted, "She is the youngest and always cries, don't we all have to protect her a bit"


    Shen Wen tried her best to hold back her tears.

In her previous life, she had closed herself off from communicating with her loved ones and always looked at everyone with displeasure.

It was only after the loss that she realised the weight of these people in her own heart.

Now she was in the middle of them, and sometimes it didn't feel close enough.

She would do everything she could to make them happy and never let anyone hurt them.


After chatting for a long time, They also found Shen Xiang's collection of trinkets, various miniature clay soldiers and chariots and horses that could be assembled in a line, and the three of them evaluated and played with them.


More than an hour later, someone outside the door said that Young Master Zhang wanted the young lady to come over, saying that it was time to go back to the manor.

They went out and joined the boys at the front.

Shen Wen saw Shen Zhuo in a depressed mood and asked innocently, "Did the third brother play chess well"


    When Shen Zhuo turned his face away and ignored Shen Wen, Shen Xiang smiled and said, "It looks like you have lost."


    Shen Zhuo frowned and said, "I've only just learnt!"


    Shen Jian smiled and said, "Indeed, third brother, I will play with you a few more times when I have time."


    Zhang Yunming also smiled elegantly and said, "Yes, the Third Gongzi has talent, and his talent is immeasurable, when we meet in the future, we will have to spar properly."


    Shen Zhuo blushed with embarrassment and ignored Zhang Yunming.

He smiled at Zhang Yunjin and asked, "Did you have a good time, Sixth Sister"


    Zhang Yunjin smiled and nodded her head.


    Shen Zhuo's eyes immediately glowed and he smiled at Zhang Yunjin, "Last time we talked about the Book of War, I found ......"


 Zhang Yunming coughed lightly and said to Shen Yi, "It's getting late, thanks for the invitation, we'll take our leave now."


    Shen Yi politely exchanged a few words with him, and Zhang Yunming watched Zhang Yunjin get into the carriage and said goodbye and went away.


Shen Zhuo didn't find a chance to talk to Zhang Yunjin and was a bit sullen, saying to Shen Yi and Shen Jian, "I'll go to the library." After saying that, he went away by himself.


    Shen Yi looked at Shen Jian, who smiled and said, "He must have gone to look for books about Go game-playing." The two people smiled at each other, then said goodbye to Shen Xiang and Shen Wen and left.


    Then, Shen Xiang went to practice, and Shen Wen went back to her courtyard.

On the way, Su Wanniang whispered, "Miss must have found an excuse."


  Shen Wen smiled and nodded.

In the previous life, she only knew that Shen Zhuo suddenly fell in love with Go when he was a teenager, and he always pulled his eldest brother and second brother to play together, and they played better and better.

Now she understands the reason : Zhang Yunming must have defeated Shen Zhuo in Go and provoked Shen Zhuo's competitive spirit.

Since this is something that everyone knows, it is good to talk about it later.


   She said to Su Wanniang, "When we went to see the Lantern, you got a reminder from me to say this ......"


    Su Wanniang nodded her head and made a secret note of it.


    Now we are waiting for the day of the Lantern Festival.


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