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Chapter 2[2] Return


 Yang Shi instructed her nanny to pass Shen Wen over to her, while saying, "Why are you still crying" Holding her in his arms and patting her.

Shen Yong, the Marquis of Zhenbei, was always a bit partial to his youngest daughter.

So he took her from Yang Shi's hand and placed her on his lap while asking, "What's wrong" Shen Wen twisted her head and blinked hard to see her father's face, although she knew she was not supposed to cry, she couldn't help but cry out.

   Yang Shi swept a glance at Shen Zhuo and Shen Xiang.

Shen Xiang is looking at the ground, some fearful look.

   Shen Zhuo whispered, "Little crybaby!"

   The Marquis of Zhenbei looked at Shen Zhuo sternly: "What have you done"

    Shen Wen desperately, stammering: "Father ......

father ......"

    Shen Yong froze and laughed, "Good girl called daddy" He hugged Shen Wen to his face and gave her a kiss.

Yang Shi also stunned: "After so long time finally speaked! It's more than two years old, Dalang called out when he was ten months old." She took Shen Wen from the hands of the Zhengbei Marquis, wiped her nose and eyes with a handkerchief, and complained, "You called your father, what about your mother Who patted you for breath today”

Shen Wen made persistent efforts, using his disobedient tongue to pronounce: "Wolf..." Yang laughed out loud and said loudly: "What a good girl! 



Shen Wen cried again, and this time Shen Xiang whispered in the same tone as Shen Zhuo, "Little crybaby!"

Yang Shi smiled and reprimanded: "Don't talk about your sister like that, she is still young…”

    Shen Wen sobbed and stared back and forth at the people around the table with wide, swollen bubbly eyes.

These were her relatives, her thousand year old remorse and the guilt she couldn't let go of.

She was back, and she would change the future.

Hundred rivers return to the sea, Different paths to the same end.

Humans will one day evolve into the afterlife, sooner or later fly into space and pollute the earth to the point of destroying themselves; none of these is her responsibility.

She only wants to do her best in this life to protect these people, so that the loyalty will not regret, so that the conspiracy will not be successful.

She could not resign from her own death, so that her conscience could be at ease after her death, freeing herself from the heavy chains that have bound her for a thousand years and allowing her to go with them to the other side of the light.

  For the next two years, the nickname "Little Crybaby" replaced Shen Wen's name on informal occasions.

 Shen Wen was carried by her nursemaid to watch the ceremony when Shen Xiang began her martial arts training at the age of five.

 In her previous life, Shen Wen thought Shen Xiang was tall and strong, and now thinks that Shen Xiang is a woman after all, how many pounds of muscle can she have How can she fight with those strong soldiers of the Bei Rong A woman of less than 20 years old, not yet married and have no children, trapped in the enemy's camp, will she feel lonely when she dies Thinking about this, Shen Wen began to cry.

   When she saw Shen Xiang kneeling to a middle-aged woman, she cried and shook her head, opening her hand for Shen Xiang to hold.

She did not want Shen Xiang to practice martial arts, but naturally the tears of a three-year-old child were of little use.

Everyone said that the little crybaby missed her sister.

Only after Shen Xiang finished the ceremony, she came over with her head held high and hugged Shen Wen, feeling that she was not on the same level as this little crybaby.

Shen Yi was thirteen years old when he hunted a deer and was praised by the Emperor.

The Emperor bestowed venison and set up a venison banquet in the Mansion.

When Shen Wen saw the meat, she cried again, saying that in her previous life, her family was no different from this deer, they were all slaughtered.

The people saw the little lady weeping at the table, guessing that she could not bear the blood, and said that the Second young Miss is kind-hearted child and several children naturally called the "little crying bag" more than a dozen times.

   When Shen Zhuo was ten years old, he wrote a poem and Shen Wen wept.

    Shen Wen sobbed when Shen Jian won the first prize in horse-riding.

   When the peach blossoms bloomed in the backyard of the Marquis Residence, Shen Wen cried.

In autumn, when the sweet scented osmanthus blossoms in the Marquis' backyard were in full bloom, Shen Wen wept again.....

Anyway, Shen Wen has been crying and crying until the age of six.

Now the entire Marquis residence knows that the young Miss is as soft as cotton, see the wind and fall into tears, for the moon cries.

Such a weak tender woman is rarely seen in the Military commander's family.

Marquis’s sons and daughters are learning martial arts, only the Second young Miss does not touch the weapons, do not learn martial arts, only slightly learned some light skills.

In regard to the study of literacy, the Mansion also invited an enlightened teacher, the young lady is gifted, and the words recognized and equal to the Third Gongzi.

But unlike the Third Gongzi who always quote the poems and talk about the military, the young Miss often holds a book and sighs long and short, even read a hundred surnames can weep, so the teacher bitterly laugh.

No one saw in the darkness of the tent, the young child Shen Wen sat for a long time in the night, her eyes tightly closed, her expression more solemn than adults, she was planning how to avoid future tragedies.



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