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Chapter 9 part 2: suspicion 


Shen Wen smiled and said, "That's great! I've asked Sister Wanniang to take charge of this courtyard, so it's just as well you're here to help her." In one fell swoop, she fixed a place for the visitor.


    Qian Mama was not annoyed and said to Su Wanniang with a smile, "Then I will help the girl."


    Su Wanniang also bowed and said with a smile, "What help or no help, I just want to take care of the courtyard for the young lady, so that the courtyard is full of people who are good to the young lady."


As soon as she said this, people around her shot angry rays of light in their eyes, hating to pierce her through.

Could it be that those in the courtyard were now treating the young lady badly


Su Wanniang completely ignored it and continued, "I think half the people in this courtyard could be let out, just like that old woman with that ugly face -" She pointed to the old woman who had spoken ill of her yesterday and was now looking at them with a scowl: "It doesn't look like she's happy to be on duty here.

How can the house be allowed to support her with silver when she dares to throw such a foul face at the young lady"


That Pozi was just about to say that she wasn't throwing scorn at Young lady but at Su Wanniang, but Shen Wen pressed her hand to her chest as if she had just seen her and said, "Yes, I just noticed, she looks like she wants to eat me, but where did I offend her" Then tears naturally appeared, a typical sad expression.


At this point, this granny can no longer tell the difference and it looks like she is making excuses, Qian Ma Ma nodded and said, " Young lady can make a list of the people to be replaced, so that Madam can take a look."


    Shen Wen immediately looked timid, took Su Wanniang's hand and said, "So troublesome, you have to write a list Sister Wanniang, you can look after it, just write it and I will go and give it to my mother."


    Although they had never seen an emperor before, they thought that the "faint rulers" who were scorned in history were probably people like Shen Wen.

At the same time, many people's gaze at Su Wanniang immediately changed, from contempt and hatred to ingratiation and flattery.


    Su Wanniang said, "Okay, I'll write a list." She turned her face to Qian Ma Ma and said, "Ma Ma also help me look at it, if it is really a relative of someone who has done credit to the Marquis, it is not good to let people go.

The rest ......

depends on what Miss wants."


 Shen Wen was busy shaking her head and waving her hands, "I don't understand, I don't understand, some of the people I haven't known over the years.

You see what you can do."


    The crowd was outraged: what a big mouth! What kind of person is Su Wanniang Has she really become the master! Everyone looked expectantly at Qian Ma Ma, waiting for her to say something to stop it.


    But before Qian Mama could open her mouth, Su Wanniang smiled and said, "Miss trusts me, it's my blessing, I will pick those who are truly good to Miss." All of a sudden, no one said anything: is it wrong to pick people who are genuinely good to the young lady


Not many people in this courtyard had a good feeling about Shen Wen, Who didn't think this young lady was a weak and incompetent crybaby Who hadn't said bad things about her They all felt a little guilty after hearing Su Wanniang's words.


Shen Wen also did not delay more, said to the Qian Mama, " Excuse me, Mama first help to watch the courtyard, we pay our respects and come back." Said to drive people away, the courtyard can not be without someone to watch.


    Qian Ma Ma nodded and said yes, and watched Shen Wen take Su Wanniang and Xia Hong away.

Turning to the Pozi who was watching the door, she said, "You heard me, pack up your things, when they come back you can follow me to the steward."


    That Pozi cried out, "Where did that little bitch come from Brothel House! What kind of a person she is! How dare she deceive a young lady like that! ......"


    Qian Mama remembered what Yang Shi had said to her before she came, "Wen'er likes that Su Wanniang and holds the intention to make her the first maid.

Once a new emperor, always new ministers.

She will certainly not get along well with the people in the courtyard now, so let's just let her drive a group of people away, otherwise nothing will be done well instead of dragging Wen'er down with her.

You stay there for a while and watch carefully; if that girl is good to Wen Er, it doesn't matter how much she tosses it around.

If it's not good, tell me right away."


    Qian Mama looked at this pozi making such a fuss, but it is confirmed that Su Wanniang did the right thing, can not help but sigh: "Don't talk like that, either; if you were sincere about young lady, you wouldn't have scolded the person she picked so much.

Young lady took pity on her, shed tears in the street, and went to such great lengths to bring her into the courtyard, and for you to squeeze her like that, isn't it obvious that you look down on the young lady and don't give her face"


A remark that made everyone's face emmbrassed, no Shen Wen had picked one girl from a brothel on the street to be her maid, and she was immediately promoted to be the first maid.

How can such a young lady be respected by them


By the time Su Wanniang and Shen Wen returned from their greetings and Qian Mama had left with that Pozi, the courtyard full of people had a different attitude towards Su Wanniang.


Shen Wen wanted to study on her own, and Su Wanniang stood guard by the door, and occasionally a maid came over and said with a smile, "Sister Wanniang, this is a lotus purse I embroidered, so if Sister Wanniang doesn't mind, she can use it first." "Sister Wanniang, what do you think of this lasso I have made Does it look good on Miss" "Sister Wanniang, you are so pretty, this hairpin was given by Miss in the past, only Sister Wanniang is worthy of it ......"


Shen Wen, who was hiding inside and flipping through the ‘The book of Changes’, was glad that Su Wanniang had managed to establish her authority in such a short time and that she had found the first person she could work alongside.

It was pleasing to see that the two worked well together, seamlessly.

From then on, Shen Wen no longer had to worry about someone barging in while she was reading or writing.

No longer had to worry about the maid coming in on a whim to see how she was sleeping after she went out at night, only to find a pile of pillows under the bed covers and screaming ......


 When Su Wanniang came in to hand Shen Wen tea, Shen Wen took Su Wanniang's hand and said, "Thank you, sister."


Su Wanniang whispered, "Tell me if you have someone to keep."


 Shen Wen listened to the surroundings and also whispered, "Apart from the nursemaid He Shi, the people who send you money should leave one or two behind." It was common for maids to send some small things and stuff among themselves.

But if one were to send real money to Su Wanniang now, unless one genuinely liked her, one could see that her heart was not in the right place.


Su Wanniang nodded heavily, her face darkening.


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