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Chapter 9: suspicion


Su Wanniang, who had already been 'nailed' by the First Prince, arrived at the martial arts training ground before dawn the next day and began to learn from the crouching horse stance.

What surprised Shen Xiang was that this slender girl, who looked so delicate, had been crouching there for an hour, covered in sweat, without asking for a break in between.


When it was dawn, Su Wanniang felt that it was time for Shen Wen to get up, so she stood up, her legs trembling, and said to Shen Xiang, "I have to go back to serve the young lady."


    Shen Xiang patted Su Wanniang on the shoulder and said, "All right, see you in the morning!" With a loud "poof", Su Wanniang sat down on the floor.


Shen Jian who was walking by said with a smile, "You guys shouldn't be too eager, how can you eat in one day and become a fat person"


    Shen Xiang helped Su Wanniang up, and Su Wanniang said in a trembling voice, "Eldest Miss, see you in the morning."


Shen Xiang helped her walk a few steps to ease her strength and said with her mouth, "You are much better than my sister, she squatted the longest horse stance for only a quarter of an hour before she shed tears."


    Su Wanniang said, "Miss is a refined and noble person, how can I be compared to her." She meant what she said, but everyone else thought she understood her place.

Seeing that her legs were almost up, Su Wanniang said goodbye to Shen Xiang and headed for Shen Wen's courtyard in small steps.


    As Shen Jian and Shen Xiang watched her walk away, Shen Jian asked Shen Xiang, "What do you think of her"


 Shen Xiang said, "She is quite right for my character, stubborn and willing to suffer."


Seeing Shen Xiang's irrelevant answer, Shen Jian sighed: " Anyone who is willing to practice martial arts with you is all temperamental to you."


Shen Xiang took the opportunity to say to Shen Jian, "Second brother hasn't sparred with me for a long time, come and try it or it won't be right for my temper."


    When Su Wanniang reached the courtyard, Shen Wen's house was still silent.

When Su Wanniang washed up and went outside Shen Wen's house, Xia Hong waited outside the door and said with an impatient face, "Where have you been You have to be here in the morning to keep watch, understand"


    Su Wanniang didn't say much and just stood quietly by the door.


    Xia Hong was reluctant and spoke again, "You are so unruly ......"


    Su Wanniang interrupted her and said, "You know that Young lady has already chosen me and you are about to leave.

If you make the Young lady happy, she will still remember her old feelings and may give you more things.

If you don't go along with her wishes, it would be bad to split up so unhappily between master and servant."


    Xia Hong grunted and said, "I've been with Young lady for seven years, I still don't know her She is soft-hearted, how could she not treat me well"


Su Wanniang laughed coldly: " You are taking advantage of her kindness! I should tell you, I am not soft-hearted.

Now that I hold the money box, it depends on my mood whether I can give you more or not."


    Xia Hong gritted her teeth, "You've only been here for one day and you're already so rampant!"


    Su Wanniang looked into Xia Hong's eyes, "Yes! I'm that crazy! Miss likes me, you'd better put it into words!"


    Xia Hong was so angry that her face turned red, and inside Shen Wen yawned loudly, Xia Hong entered the room angrily and said to Shen Wen who had just sat up from the bed, "Miss! Didn't you hear what Su Wanniang said ......"


Su Wanniang took a step up and picked up a coat from the side of the bed and put it on Shen Wen, while saying, "It's late autumn, Miss should get up more slowly, wait for me to come in and put on your outer clothes, don't freeze."


 Xia Hong froze as Shen Wen followed Su Wanniang's hand and put on her clothes, smiling sweetly at Su Wanniang and saying, "Sister Wanniang is so good to me! I have to go and tell mother so she knows I didn't pick the wrong person."


    Su Wanniang smiled back, "I've already had someone cook red date soup for you."


    Shen Wen clapped her hands, "That's great!"


 Su Wanniang lifted the blanket and without waiting for her help, Shen Wen jumped out of bed on her own.

Su Wanniang called out to her again and told her to put on her socks before putting on her embroidery shoes.


Shen Wen went to wash up, came back and when she saw the soup on the table, she picked it up and drank it, saying, "It's really good, and it would be better if it was more sour."


Su Wanniang smiled dotingly and said, "Good, I'll have them put a plum in tomorrow."


Shen Wen sat at the dressing table while Su Wanniang combed her hair.

Shen Wen asked Xia Hong as if she suddenly remembered something: "Oh, Xia Hong, what were you going to say when you came in just now"


Xia Hong had not intervened at the side, watching this pair of master and servant were laughing soothingly, she only felt suffocated, she forced a smile and said, "It's nothing, It's just that Xia Wan still needs to learn more about the rules in this courtyard."


Shen Wen couldn't nod as she was being held by the hair for combing, so she smiled and said, "Yes, sister Wanniang, you have to take charge of this courtyard and get familiar with the rules quickly." Xia Hong's mouth dropped open in shock.


As if not noticing Xia Hong's look, Su Wanniang smiled and said, "Sister Xia Hong is an old person in this courtyard, where is my turn."


Xia Hong closed her mouth and gritted her teeth: what do you mean by "old person" How old am I


Shen Wen said, "Sister Xia Hong is about to get married.

My mother said that getting married is a happy event, and Xia Hong can't wait.

You should help her prepare some things, she has served me for so many years, which is very hard!"


 Su Wanniang nodded her head and said, "I understand, don't worry Miss, I will help Sister Xia Hong prepare for her marriage properly."


These two were talking in unison and Xia Hong could not intervene at all.

Hearing this, she was actually letting Su Wanniang take charge of the money she wanted to pay herself Xia Hong became even more depressed.


    Shen Wen finished her make-up and went to pay her respects, but before she could go out, she met Qian Mama who came from YangShi's side.

Qian Mama was Yang's chambermaid and had always been Yang's trusted confidant.

Shen Wen smiled and called out, "Good day, Qian Mama, I was just going to pay my respects to my mother."


Qian Ma Ma smiled and bowed to Shen Wen, "Miss please go ahead, Madam just asked me to come over and see if there was anything I needed to help with."


Xia Hong's face showed joy.

Is this the person that Madam has sent because she is not sure about Su Wanniang


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