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Su Wanniang's heart was in turmoil and asked, "How can Miss know these things"


    Shen Wen used a proper excuse: "I had a dream." Can't tell you that I am a ghost returened to life, right You won't believe it anymore.


Su Wanniang did not know whether to believe or doubt, and then asked, "If you already know who is going to harm your family, even if you think others don't believe you, shouldn't you tell your parents and brothers as they should believe you"


  Shen Wen whispered, "If your four-year-old little brother had told your father before he was killed that he had a dream and knew someone was going to kill your father, would your father have believed him"


Su Wanniang was speechless and Shen Wen asked again, "If at this moment your four year old little brother told you that he knew who your father's murderer was, who had never been out of the house and had never seen anyone else, would you believe him"


Shen Wen said again, "If you only have one chance to save your family, if any word gets out and the other side strikes in a different way, you will lose that chance and your family will be ruined.

Can you take the risk of telling your family what happened


Su Wanniang thought for a while and asked in a small voice, "Then why doesn't Miss show her scheming To win the admiration of the family and also to intimidate the other side so that they won't dare to make a move easily"


Shen Wen patiently explained: "In terms of bravery, my father is in charge of a heavy army.

In terms of composure, my elder brother is a sophisticated young man.

My second brother is meticulous, and my third brother will show his talent in the future.

My eldest sister is an outstanding talented woman ......My Shen family is a family of elites.

But the other side will still strike, only the means will be more vicious, targeting my various family members and making sure to kill them all to eliminate future problems.

So, I don't need to be strong, I need to show my weakness.

It's good to give the other side a weakness in the Hou Fu so that they can start with me later."


Su Wanniang thought that Shen Wen was only a seven year old girl, she couldn't help but be frightened from the bottom of her heart, but then she thought that maybe it was all just Shen Wen's imagination ......


 At that moment, Shen Wen sighed, "Look, now that I've told you this, you're still the one I brought out myself yesterday, claiming that you believe me.

But you can't help but have doubts in your heart - doubts that everything I say is just a lie woven by a seven-year-old child After all, children love to imagine things."


Su Wanniang was shocked.

If Shen Wen is so nervous, it might be madness, but she is the one who rescued her, even if she was ill, she would just coax her.

Perhaps the poor little child, because several older siblings are very good, she feels depressed and wants to find someone to admire her ......Then again, I thought of the rusty iron lock that inexplicably broke off yesterday in front of that back door ......


 Su Wanniang murmured again, "I really ......

believe you."


Shen Wen yawned once again and whispered, "These are not words that can be just spoken.

It is alright, there will be time later for us to slowly build up trust.

For now, you're going to manage the yard, you're the master here, and I'm an incompetent young miss."


    Su Wanniang nodded sincerely and said, "I understand, don't worry."


Shen Wen said with a sleepy feeling, "It can't be watertight, as long as it's within your grasp.

You can't let people think you're too powerful and have to be removed." Su Wanniang winced.


 Shen Wen then said, "In order to protect yourself, you need to have a weakness."


    Su Wanniang asked, "What weakness"


    Shen Wen said, "Your mother and brother are your weakness, you have to support them, naturally you need money, that's your shortcoming."


Su Wanniang quickly said, "Miss, I won't ......"


 Shen Wen pulled her hand down and said, "I know you, you won't.

Just on the surface, there is nothing wrong with showing weakness.

Someone sends you money, just take it, otherwise, we don't even know who it is ......"


 Su Wanniang said in a daze, "Yes, in this way, we will know."


 Shen Wen said "hmm" and quickly fell asleep.

Although Su Wanniang was very tired, she could not sleep.

Closing her eyes, for a while the thought of her father being murdered brought tears to her eyes, and for a while she was surprised that she had jumped out of the fire in one night to be with this girl who had masterd the wisdom pearl.After a while of thinking about Shen Wen's admonition, she understood that the marquis's residence was not a place of comfort ......

She slept lightly for only two hours and got up at dawn.


Su Wanniang gently went out the door and headed for the maid's house.

When the Pozi on the night guard outside saw this, she snorted and whispered, "What a thing ......

It's really a person in the brothel..."


Su Wanniang stopped, looked at the old Pozi coldly, and whispered, "If I win the favour of the young lady, the first thing I will do is to kick you out!"


That Pozi was originally a distant relative of Xia Hong's.

She saw Xia Hong come out last night with an unhappy face, and then heard her complaining to the maids about that new arrival, Su Wanniang, who was like a vixen and had bewitched Miss and had actually slept in the same bed with her, so she really didn't know what she was, and she must complain to Madam tomorrow.


Now that she has seen Su Wanniang, in the morning light, she can see that she is beautiful and has the rudiment of a stunning beauty.

She thought that even if the Young Miss liked her, she was only a new maid, a second-class maid at best.

Pozi gave a ‘pooh’ and said: “Who doesn't know how to talk big I'm waiting for you! If I don't go out, I'll smack you in the face!”


Su Wanniang stopped paying attention to her and went back to her house to wash up, combing herself in a double bun, leaving long bangs on her forehead, blocking half of her face.

When she came out again, she heard Shen Wen say she was up, so she took the initiative to ask where the toiletries and other things were, and wanted to send them to Shen Wen.

The maids ignored her and sent the things in on their own.


 Su Wanniang was about to go inside but a maid blocked her and said, "Hey, don't go blindly, this is not a brothel, it's a place with rules ......" Before the words were out of her mouth, Shen Wen inside called out, "Where is sister Wanniang Where is sister Xia Wan Sister Wanniang!"


Su Wanniang responded and went in, Shen Wen just wiped her face and handed the towel to Xia Hong.

When she saw Su Wanniang she grinned and turned her face to look at Xia Hong and said, "Quickly open the box, give Wanniang sister ten taels of silver, her mother is sick and her brother is still small ......"


   Su Wanniang was just about to open her mouth to refuse, but then remembered Shen Wen's words last night and stopped alive, stammering: "Miss ......

need not ......"


    Xia Hong stood still and said: "Miss, yesterday Madam had already hired the doctor."


 Shen Wen stomped her foot and said, "I want it, I want it!" Tears were falling down her face.

He Shi, the wet nurse who had just come in, said, "Don't let Miss cry so early in the morning."


    With tears in her eyes, Shen Wen said, "Give it to her quickly, I want to take her to Mother and Grandmother to pay my respects."


Everyone frowned, those who went with them to pay their respects were usually their personal maids.

This Su Wanniang had only entered the house yesterday, how could she have charmed the young lady like this


    Xia Hong dropped her face and opened the box to take the silver from it.

Shen Wen reached out her hand and said, "Hand me the box."


Xia Hong thought Shen Wen wanted to find the silver herself, so she handed it over.


Shen Wen took the heavy silver box with the key still inserted in it and beckoned to Su Wanniang, who came forward.

Shen Wen strained to send the box in front of Su Wanniang and said with a smile, "Take it, if your mother needs money in the future, just take it and use it."


Everyone in the room exclaimed in shock.

"Miss!" Su Wanniang's eyes were full of tears, and Xia Hong cried in anger, saying, "What have I done to make Miss treat me like this I have served you for seven years!"


 Shen Wen looked at Xia Hong with some surprise and said, "What did I do to you I don't think you're bad, do I I didn't ask you to reconcile your accounts or anything.

I heard them say you couldn't wait to get married, I was just helping you out, did I do something wrong I'm just helping you out.

Did I do something wrong" ......" she also cried.


Xia Hong could not speak, she did tell people many times that she wanted to leave quickly.

She didn't want to guard such a crying young lady around and was always afraid of Madam's rebuke.

It seemed that someone had said something bad about her.


Su Wanniang wiped her tears and said to Shen Wen, "I will definitely live up to Miss's trust, so don't cry, Miss, you still have to go see Madam." How dare she call herself "I" How unruly! Everyone glared at Su Wanniang.


 But Shen Wen simply answered, and when Su Wanniang closed the box, Shen Wen called out, "Sister Wanniang, you haven't taken the silver yet!"


Su Wanniang hesitated, opened the box, took out five taels of silver from it and put it in her sleeve, then closed the box, drew out the key and hung it around her neck.


Everyone in the room looked contemptuous.

If Su Wanniang refused to take the silver at this time, it would certainly give everyone the impression that she did not love money.

The young Miss valued her so much that she gave her the box without even checking the accounts, but how much could she not take in private You can't wait! She is really from a small family, she can't stand up to the world!


 Su Wanniang said to the door, "Serve Miss something to drink."


This time, someone outside the door immediately brought in a tea tray.

Su Wanniang picked up the tea, dripped it on her wrist, tested the temperature before handing it to Shen Wen, and said to the person who brought it in: "Miss has only just woken up, drinking tea hurts her stomach, you guys prepare some red date soup tomorrow morning."


The maid carrying the tea tray wanted to disagree, but Shen Wen smiled and said to Su Wanniang, "Sister Wanniang is so kind, thank you." Only then did the maid carrying the tea hastily respond.


Su Wanniang helped Shen Wen get dressed and briefly combed her hair before Shen Wen rushed out.

Su Wanniang followed her and Xia Hong was behind her.

Xia Hong was in a bitter mood as she watched the two people walking ahead of her and listened to Shen Wen introduce the paths in the Marquis Mansion and the directions of the master to Su Wanniang.


She hadn't liked this young lady and found her crybaby annoying.

But this young lady had never given anyone a hard time, let alone hit them.

Now that she was leaving, she suddenly realised that this soft-hearted young lady was actually a very nice person to be around.

She does not have to get up every night to take care of herself, the young lady is never picky about what she eats, she says yes to everything, she is not fussy about her clothes, she does not force people to do needlework, and now people see that she has just handed over the money box to Su Wanniang, in fact, she has trusted herself so much over the years.

In money as they make their own decisions, never ask questions.

She never asked questions about her own money.

She is in control of the distribution of the maids' salary and New Year's red packets, and gets everyone's flattery, so she has a very prosperous life.

Now, comparing Su Wanniang's attitude towards the young lady, it instantly shows that she took the monthly allowance of the senior maid but actually didn't take care of her with care ......


Because of the fuss of crying and exchanging boxes in the yard, they were late when they reached the main hall to pay their respects.

Shen Wen dragged Su Wanniang in at a trot and bowed to Yang Shi and the old Furen.


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