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Chapter 8: Setting the Alliance


Su Wanniang suddenly woke up, thinking about this little girl's arrangement and the contempt of the maids outside the yard, thinking she just wanted someone loyal to her, and she whispered: "Don't worry, you saved me and my family ,I will take good care of you and not let you be bullied."


    Shen Wen whispered: "I didn't want you to take care of me, but to help me and help my family."


  Su Wanniang finally asked in disbelief: "What does Miss want me to do

The Marquis Mansion has a heavy army at its disposal, who would be against your family Moreover, I see that your brothers are always looking out for you, aren't they more capable than me...The Miss herself has martial arts skills, excellent qinggong, astonishing internal strength, and extraordinary mentality.

Why do you avoid people like this It's not that I don't want to help Miss, it's just that I'm afraid that Miss will disappoint me..."


Shen Wen was quiet again for a moment before she whispered: "I avoid people so much because the Hou Mansion has powerful enemies.

I just have qinggong and internal strength, but I can't defend myself against hundreds of thousands of troops, nor can I defend myself against the cold arrows behind me.

Ten years later, the person who killed your father will cause the death of the Hou family's entire family, along with the Shen family army of more than 200,000 soldiers up and down and thousands of reinforcements of soldiers and civilians.

Not to mention the many common people who are endangered by the war ......”


Su Wanniang's whole body trembled and sat up, but Shen Wen pulled her back and collapsed on the bed.

Su Wanniang said tremblingly: "Are you saying that my father was really murdered He was wrongly accused I knew it ......” Although the voice was suppressed, it was already crying.

She began to trust Shen Wen in her heart, and since she had doubts about her father's case, she believed it as soon as Shen Wen said it.


    Shen Wen covered her mouth with her hand, and said in her ear: "Don't cry!" Su Wanniang tried her best to suppress, but she still sobbed in a low voice.

Shen Wen continued: "You can't cry out! When I squeeze your hand later, you must say that you don't know anything about your father at all.

Now that you have entered the Hou Mansion and have a life to depend on, you no longer want to think about those troublesome things and only want to earn some money to support your mother and brother, understand” She has excellent hearing and has heard the sound of footsteps slowly approaching here.


    Su Wanniang swallowed her cry and gave a hum.

Shen Wen waited for a while, squeezed Su Wanniang's hand, and said in a childish tone: "My personal maid, Xia Hong, has been with me for a long time, but she is about to get married...

What is marriage I asked my sister, and she laughed at me...

My mother said she wanted to choose a maid for me, so you can be my personal maid!"


    Su Wanniang said with a choked voice, "Miss...you are...so kind to me..." She knew this.

Someone was outside, and she could even hear the very slight noise outside the window.

She was crying, and others would think she was just flattered.

After all, the maids from below step by step do things to go up, where they immediately become a personal maid.

However, the personal maids of Hou Fu’s Young Miss are simply half masters, she is really lucky, it is understandable to cry a nose.

Miss Hou's personal maid is almost half the master, she is really lucky, it is understandable to cry.


    Shen Wen asked childishly: "Oh, in the front hall, what did my mother say...

the daughter of an offender, what does this mean What is an offender Is it your father Is his surname an offender"


 In the darkness, Su Wanniang took a deep breath and said with a trembling voice: "He is not surnamed offender, offender, that is ......

hey, I do not know what is going on, I have not heard anything.

My father was sent to prison.

My mother asked me to sell things and bribe.

But I am a girl, I have never left the house several times, where do I know how to contact and bribe.

Then we heard that my father had died and someone came and kicked us out of the house, and we were not allowed to take anything.

My mother and I only had the jewellery we were wearing on our heads.

My mother was sick and my brother was still so young…......

Fortunately the young lady bought me, I will later rely on the young lady wholeheartedly, earn a little money, to support my mother and brother ......" she was choking, and couldn't continue to speak.


    So smart! I really picked the right person! Shen Wen sighed: "It's so pitiful, I like your brother, he is younger than me, you often bring him to play, I can give him a snack.

My older sister will also like him, oh, maybe my big brothers can also teach him martial arts ......

my big brother is particularly strict, or does not learn from them......" After a few more words, Shen Wen stopped talking.

After a while, Shen Wen whispered : "Let's go."


Su Wanniang whimpered and asked, "Miss, do you know the name of the person who killed my father"


Shen Wen whispered, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."


Su Wanniang said firmly, "You say, I believe."


Shen Wen sneered: "If one day, someone comes to you and says that the person who killed your father is related to the Hou Fu, and asks you to collaborate from the inside to avenge your father.

Will you believe what I tell you today, or will you believe that person"


   Su Wanniang was stunned, her whole body was cold.

Could it be that this child set up this game just to avoid her revenge Could it be that the Hou Mansion harmed her father But the Furen doesn't seem to be aware that Marquis was out of town all the time...


Shen Wen sighed, "You see how hard it is for people to believe me."


Su Wanniang thought of last night she was still in Wanhua House and remembered what Shen Wen had said to her, and made up her mind: "I believe in you! My father was not harmed by the Hou Mansion! Please tell me the inside story, Miss, I must avenge my father! "


Shen Wen shook her head and said: "You are ten years old now, your younger brother is only four years old, your mother is seriously ill.

And the people over there are becoming more powerful.

You just want to take revenge, and it is definitely not now, do you understand"


Su Wanniang nodded and said, "I understand, but I still want to know the inside story, so that when my brother and I grow up later, we can seek justice for our father."


Shen Wen replied: "Since you have entered the Hou Fu, your father's matter must be investigated to find out the truth, otherwise anyone can use it to divert you.

But it is not by us to investigate, because we can not appear, and not by the Hou Fu to investigate, otherwise you will always have doubts ......"


    Su Wanniang said hurriedly : "No..."


Shen Wen held Su Wanniang's hand and said: "I understand what you mean.

Although you say you believe, there will always be times when you don't believe in your heart.

It doesn't matter, I will ask Ji Wenzhao, a disciple of Yan Jing, the great Confucian of Huainan, who is known as ‘Present era Yi Qiu', to investigate this case for you, so that you can understand the whole story and know how that person did it."


 Su Wanniang asked in surprise: "’Present era Yi Qiu' Ji Wenzhao ! That is a well-known talented person, do you know"


    Yi Qiu was a famous Go master in the Spring and Autumn Period mentioned by Mencius.

The person who was called Yiqiu in the current world is naturally a genius of the Go game.

According to legend, Ji Wenzhao was born in a scholarly family.

When he was four years old, he saw people playing Go.

He watched for a while and then reached out to put down a piece and decided the winner on the spot.

From then on, he began to play with others, and he was so sharp that he always won every battle, and never had any opponent, so he became famous all over the country, and was respected as a national player at the age of twelve.


His parents did not like him to indulge in Go chess.

When he was eight years old, they asked him to study.

The result is that a genius is a genius.

Ji Wenzhao has to have a highly retentive memory and never forget anything, and he could write a masterpiece.

But he was unwilling to enter the imperial examinations, saying something like that he would fall out of stature.

He felt himself superior and simply disdained to take any examinations for merit like ordinary people.

His parents had no choice but to send him to the famous Confucian scholar Yan Jing.


Yan Jing passed his sixtieth year.

At the age of 20, he passed the imperial exam with first rank(Zhuangyuan) and entered the Hanlin(Imperial secretariat) as an official.

After more than twenty years in politics, he retired from his post and returned to his hometown to work on literary writing and teaching.

After twenty years of his retirement, Yan Jing's books were well known.

He had experience in politics which his disciples were all over the country from imperial court to ordinary people, so he was highly admired by the Qingliu county. 


Ji Wenzhao's parents have been thinking hard, if Ji Wenzhao wants to do anything in the future, he will have no disadvantages being under Yan Jing's tutelage.


Shen Wen said, "I don't know, but I will let him come to see me."


Su Wanniang asked curiously, "Why did he come to see you"


Shen Wen said, "He is famous for playing Go, so let him come to me and ask about Go."


Did he even ask you Su Wanniang was startled, Shen Wen knew she didn't believe it, so she didn't say much, yawned, Su Wanniang hurriedly said, "Go to sleep now, don't hurt your body.”


Shen Wen lay back and whispered, "I know you are good to me, but in the future, in front of people, you have to make people think you are strong and I am weak.

This house is full of spies, you can't let me be exposed, understand"


Su Wanniang's heart was in turmoil and asked, "How can Miss know these things"


    Shen Wen used a proper excuse: "I had a dream." Can't you tell you that I am a ghost returning to life, right You won't believe it anymore.


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