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Chapter 7 part 3 : Enter the House


Just as Shen Wen had guessed beforehand, as long as Su Wanniang entered the gate of the Houfu.

She will definitely try her best to fight.

If she can't be saved, she would die, but also let Hou Fu take care of her mother and brother out of guilt.

This kind of toughness, the soft-hearted old Furen and the superficially spirited Yang Shi simply can't match, and will certainly let Su Wanniang get what she wants.

You just need to make sure that Su Wanniang doesn't really die.


  Now that the dust has settled, Shen Wen has some guilt in her heart for taking advantage of her loved ones' emotions, and is thinking of how to make up for it by acting cute.

Shen Xiang has already stood up, patting the soil on her body, and said to Su Wanniang: "You are so confused, just talk to my mother more often.

When I have something to do, I can't do it once, but it will definitely work three or four times.

How can you run yourself to death"


     Su Wanniang thought to herself, that is you, you are the daughter of the madam, of course you can say it three or four times.

If she didn't seek death so much herself, she would have been sent back.

Of course she couldn't say it, she could only whisper and cry without saying anything.


     When Shen Wen looked at Shen Xiang who was now urging Su Wanniang not to seek death, but she had killed herself in the previous life, her heart sank for a moment, and the little apology that had welled up in her heart just then dissipated.


She was in a relaxed mood, and seeing Su Wanniang still holding her brother and sobbing, she went to the pile of snacks stacked on the side table and opened the box, took a piece of snack, walked to them and squatted down, handed the snack to the little boy, and said.: "Come on, eat some, it’s sort of ......" she pretended to frown at the thought, Shen Zhuo came over and also squatted down: " Suppress the shock." Shen Wen was quickly nodding.


The little boy took the snack, looked at Su Wannian and handed it to her.

Su Wanniang sobbed and shook her head, pointing to the little boy's mouth.

The little boy turned his head to look for his mother, and saw Pan Shi had fallen on the ground, and called out to Mother.

Su Wanniang also looked up and saw, also shouted, two people rushed to Pan Shi's side, again crying ......


The doctor visited, examined Pan Shi's illness and prescribed medicine.

Yang Shi's housekeeper Pozi arranged the house and took Su Wanniang's mother, Pan Shi, and her younger brother over to rest.

The maid from Shen Wen's courtyard took Su Wanniang to where Shen Wen lived.



All children here discussed and brought snacks to meet Yang Shi and the old Furen respectively.

Shen Wen made every effort to act cute and pampered, she almost rolled all over the floor, finally coaxing both of them to come out and have dinner.


Old Furen also felt that her words were too heavy today, so she didn't say anything at dinner.

Yang Shi listened silently to Shen Zhuo and Shen Xiang's report on the trivial matters in Pingyuan Hou, occasionally smiling and responding to a few sentences.

After the meal everyone said good night, Shen Wen went back to the courtyard to freshen up, it was already dark.


    Sitting on the edge of her bed, Shen Wen felt exhausted.

She had barely slept last night.This morning she had gone to the Ping Yuan Hou Fu, then to take away Su Wanniang in the afternoon, and then to persuade others.

Tossed for an entire day, she really wanted to fall back to sleep immediately.

But she knew that some things had to be arranged as soon as possible, so she said to Xia Hong, "Where is the maid I bought today I want to see her."


Although Xia Hong was not so devoted to Shen Wen, she could not help but feel a bit upset at this time.

She has been serving Shen Wen for seven years, but Shen Wen has always been not so affectionate to her.

But now she is making such a fuss over a strange girl, so she said, "It's late, Miss go to sleep first."


    Shen Wen suppressed her impatience and said petulantly, "I want to see her, let her come quickly!"


    Xia Hong had no choice but to go out and say, "Let the new one come to see Miss." There was a displeasure in her tone.


Su Wanniang was taken to the courtyard to bathe and change her clothes.

There was a Pozi from the courtyard who treated her as a rough maid and instructed her a series of rules.

Su Wanniang also had maids at home, so she naturally understood the procedure inside.

She may have felt some emotion in her heart, but she had suffered more cruel torture than this in the Wanhua House, at this time she does not feel depressed.

That child had saved her from the Wanhua House and made it possible for her mother to see a doctor, so what was wrong with a rough maid Just quietly agreed, a look of rebelliousness.


    In the little time she had been here, she had occasionally heard the maids' comments about the Youngest Missy Shen Wen of the HouFu, mostly with some contempt.

Something like "just know how to cry and cry ......" " cause trouble without even knowing ......" "Far inferior to the Eldest Young Missy....."


She now more or less understood the reason why Shen Wen asked her to come as a maid.

It seems that there is no one among this courtyard who cares about Shen Wen.

But why did this child took so much effort to find her, instead of buying a few people from the street or from the Yapo to buy a few people to train from childhood.

She was a little puzzled.


It seems that the Furen and the old Furen in the mansion are not tricky people.

They treat the child well, and her elder brother and sister are obviously very protective of her.

Why can't she ask for it openly Why did she hide her temperament and act so stupid and crying Su Wanniang also had a lot of questions.


Hearing that Shen Wen wanted to see her so soon, Su Wanniang was delighted, and hurriedly followed Pozi to Shen Wen's main room.

Along the way there were grunts and murmurs from the maids.

Su Wanniang washed her face, everyone could see that she looked beautiful and immediately disliked her.


 Xia Hong also froze when she saw Su Wanniang enter, and Shen Wen immediately exclaimed, "Aiya! You're so good-looking!" She jumped off the bed, slipped on her shoes, took Su Wanniang's hand and sat on the edge of the bed together, looking at her with fascination and said, "Why are you so good-looking"


Su Wanniang pretended to be embarrassed and lowered her head, whispering, "Miss has complimented me."


    Xia Hong bit her lower lip and said with a forced smile, "Since Miss likes her, let's give her a name."


    The maids in Shen Xiang's and Shen Wen's courtyards names were begin with Chun (spring) and Xia(summer), while those in Shen Jian and Shen Zhuo's courtyards names were begin with Qiu(autumn) and Dong(winter), and only the ones in Shen Yi's courtyard was named with the character "Qing", which was a reference to the green-coloured military uniform of the Shen family.

Naming the newly bought maid, some people think it is a gift, but for those who have a family history, it is a disgrace to abandon the ancestors.

This girl was the daughter of a criminal officer and turns out that she had come from an official family, so she should be somewhat arrogant.


    Shen Wen looked at Su Wanniang with wide eyes and said with a smile, "I like your name, let's call you Wanniang!"


 Xia Hong was stunned, and only after a moment did she smile and say, "Miss, this is not in accordance with the rules."


    Shen Wen blinked hard, looked at Xia Hong and said, "But mother said ......

let me watch the arrangements ah ......" a look of incomprehension.


    Su Wanniang could not see Xia Hong pressuring Shen Wen so much, so she said, "Miss, it is better not to break the rules."


    Shen Wen looked at Su Wanniang again and smiled in a childish manner, "Then what name do you want to take"


Xia Hong frowned, actually letting this Su Wanniang choose her own name Su Wanniang's heart warmed.

It was the same as when a man picked up his own words when he became an adult.

There was no sense of humiliation at all.

She lowered her head slightly and said, "Miss, this is the beginning of the word Xia, how about you call me Xia Wan"


    Xia Hong snapped: "Rear words should be followed by a colour."


But Shen Wen waved her hand impatiently and said, "It's Xia Wan, I like this name! You are so beautiful, you should be different from others!" The child's words were uninhibited*, pulling a lot of hate for Su Wanniang.


Children's words carry no harm [idiom.]


Xia Hong's face is not good, holding back his anger and said, "It's late, Miss better go to sleep, otherwise tomorrow the Madam will see and blame again."

The implication is not only that the lady will blame Shen Wen, but more likely to blame the subordinates, so that they will also suffer along.


Su Wanniang's face sank, she didn't expect the servant to speak so rudely to Shen Wen, and the young lady to be bullied like this.

But Shen Wen smiled unknowingly and said, "Sister Wanniang, oh, sister Xia Wan sleeps with me! I sometimes forget, how about calling you sister Wanniang"


Su Wanniang said, "Just listen to the Miss." The tone was smooth.


Xia Hong scowled and said to Su Wanniang, "Then you take care of Miss!" After saying that, she turned around and left, looking like she had given up.

She is about to get married anyway, who wants to worry about this stupid and foolish young lady!


    Shen Wen smiled and said, "Let's go to bed, I'm getting sleepy." She said and rolled onto the bed.


    Su Wanniang nodded in agreement, "I'll clean up a bit and come." She got up and went to wash up again, then came back to check the door and windows.

When she saw Shen Wen in the bed with her eyes closed, she thought the child had fallen asleep, so she gently lowered the tent and carefully lay down on the outside of the bed.


    Just as she was lying down, she noticed that Shen Wen had taken her hand and pulled her inside.

Su Wanniang said softly: "I sleep outside.”


  Shen Wen said tiredly, "Come on come on, I want to talk to you."


    Su Wanniang turned around and held Shen Wen's hand tightly, whispering, "Thank you ......"


    Shen Wen squeezed her hand, Su Wanniang stopped.

Shen Wen didn't speak for a long time, and the surroundings were quiet.

Su Wanniang once again thought that Shen Wen was going to sleep.

She was also very tired and stopped talking.

Just as she was about to close her eyes, she heard Shen Wen whisper in her ear: "Sister Wanniang, from now on, you are my assistant, my right arm.

We will advance and retreat together, we cannot abandon each other!"


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