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Chapter 7 part 2 Entering the Manor

Su Waniang's temperament is extremely strong-willed and she follows her father's instructions to preserve her innocence.

In her previous life, if the Crown Prince did not go that night, she would endure and become a generation of famous courtesans, waiting for an opportunity to seduce the Crown prince, find a time to spend alone with the Crown prince and then assassinate.

But the last night of her losing innocence, the Crown Prince went to her ball, she had a chance to preserve her innocence and assassinate the Crown Prince.

She knew she would die in one blow, but she still stepped forward, not seeking to stab her opponent to death, but only to spread her name to the world and tarnish the reputation of the Crown Prince, which shows her determination.


Such a person as long as she enters the Marquis Residence, facing this glimmer of hope of getting out of the Wanhua House, she will certainly go all out to stay.

They only need to pay attention to her not to use too strong means ......

Shen Wen appeared distracted in the car, almost crumbling her handkerchief with both hands.

Shen Xiang was not used to seeing her worrying like this, and said enthusiastically: "Don't be so timid, you just bought a maid, right Your personal maid, Xia Hong, is also old.

The other day, my mother said it was time to bring in a servant.

What's wrong with buying it at this time That girl is willing of her own accord."


Shen Wen didn't say anything, but kept crying, which made Shen Xiang depressed.

Shen Xiang also understands that in such a place as the Marquis Residence, how can just let someone come as a maid In addition to the children born in the servant household, if you buy someone from the outside, every time there is a Yapo woman to ensure that the other party's background is clear before you buy.

So bought from the street, even big brother is angry, let alone the mother.

But seeing Shen Wen so miserable, secretly decided to certainly go to intercede for Shen Wen later.


Outside the carriage, Shen Yi whispered to Shen Jian, "You take someone to check that girl's family background."

Shen Jian nodded, but also whispered, " Just a girl, she looks similar to the eldest younger sister."

   Shen Yi sighed: "We always have to be more careful when our father is away."

After returning to the Manor, the group immediately went to see Yang Shi.

Early on, someone had already reported on horseback that they had returned and told them what they had encountered on the way.

As soon as the five children entered the hall, they saw Yang Shi sitting in the middle with a serious face and the old Furen sitting on the other side with a slight frown.

 As soon as Shen Wen saw it, she immediately cried "wailing" and trembled.


   Yang Shi didn't say anything, but the old Furen softened up first and asked: "Why is Wen Er crying"


Shen Wen twitched, a few words a hiccup said: "I ......

see her ......

pity her......

her mother...

...is sick ......

brother ......

will die ......

I wanted her ......

to be my maid ......

ooo ......

should have come and ask the mother before ......

It is my fault ......

next time I won’t ......

when returning ......

for mother and grandmother ......

bought snacks ......

very delicious ......

ooo ......"


Shen Yi said: "It happened suddenly, the younger sister is just soft-hearted, I had someone buy the maid and let the guards go to bring her mother and brother to the Manor to see if she told the truth.

I will check her origins tomorrow."


Yang Shi frowned: "Taking someone from a Brothel House, don't you know that this will get you into trouble What about our Manor’s reputation if word gets out that we've taken a fancy to someone from Wanhua House What about your reputation when you're about to propose a marriage, since you're the one who made the appearance again"

   Shen Wen cried even louder, "Not Right ......

up ......

is what I ......


...big brother ......

what to do with this ......

wow! Wow!"


    Shen Yi bowed his head and said, "Little sister look on ......

is the person my house looks on, how can not take it"

    Shen Zhuo said, "Right, is our Marquis Manor still inferior to a Wanhua House!"

    Shen Xiang also spoke up and said, "Mother, doesn't my sister just want a maid It's not like the moon is in the sky of a gold mountain, so why not Besides, it was the girl who admitted that she wanted to be my sister's maid."

Shen Jian said slowly: "Little sister has always been sensible and reasonable.

This is a beautiful thing to help the weak and the poor..."

Yang Shi reprimanded, "What do you know When your father was leaving, he repeatedly told you not to cause trouble, have you forgotten that"

Shen Yi said stubbornly, "Mother, don't be angry.

At that time, people were watching, so if we didn't save the girl, it would also damage the reputation of my Manor."

The old Furen originally felt that Yang Shi's attitude was too big.

She was shouting so much in her presence, without considering her.

At this moment, she beckoned to Shen Wen and said: "Wen Er, come to grandmother.

What is there to make Wen Er cry so much! Isn't it just a maid Does it need Wen Er's tears to buy it The Zhenbei Marquis Mansion is never afraid of anything, Wen Er doesn't need to cry, just say something.”

    She took out a handkerchief and wiped Shen Wen's tears: "When the girl's family came, let's see if she lied, if she lied, she would be disposed of instead of returning the person to Wanhua House.

If it's not a lie, our Houfu did a good job and saved her, what's there to worry about!" After saying that, she let out a long puff of air and glanced at Yang Shi disdainfully from the corner of her eyes.

Yang Shi was furious.

For whom is she so worried and frightened If she was only thinking about herself, what would she not dare to do But when her husband was leaving, he entrusted both the children and his mother to her.She only hoped it would be better to avoid unnecessary problems and to be safe.

She had already vaguely heard that some people said that Wen Er was not good.

Now if there were rumours that the eldest son of the Marquis of Zhenbei had robbed a girl from a brothel.

How can he convince the public to lead the army if his reputation is tarnished in the future How can she face her husband

While they were talking, someone outside said that the girl and her family had been brought in.

Yang Shi raised her chin, indicating that the children should stand aside, and said, "Bring them in!" Her tone was so stern that Shen Wen shivered a little.

    The old Furen gave Yang Shi a disgruntled look and reached out and stroked Shen Wen's back, whispering, "Grandmother will do it for you, don't be afraid."

    As the house was being talked about, a few pozies came in with Su Wanniang, and behind them two men carried a stretcher with a woman lying on it.

A little boy took the woman's hand and walked in with her.

    When Su Wanniang entered, she immediately knelt down and bowed, "Thank you, Madam, for saving my life."

    The woman on the stretcher struggled to sit up, saying, "Slave ......

Pan ......" but could not get up, and only pulled the boy's hand and said in a hoarse voice.

"Go ......

thanks ......"

    Shen Wen saw that Pan Shi had been so thin that she had lost her shape, but her face still had traces of beauty.

    The little boy, who was extremely handsome, came up and bowed in a disciplined manner, saying in a childish voice: "I thank ......

on behalf of my mother" He stopped and blinked at Su Wanniang, who whispered, "Madam." The little boy nodded and continued, "Thank you, madam, for saving my sister."

    The old Furen sighed loudly and turned her face away from Yang Shi.

    Yang Shi's face softened and she said softly: "What is your name Are there your father and big brother at home"

    Su Wanniang bowed her head and said, "My surname is Su Wanniang and I have no elder brother.

My father, Su Changting, was an official of the Ministry of Treasury Affairs, but he was imprisoned and died.

I was forcibly bought into the Wanhua House, and if it hadn't been for the HouFu's help, my mother and my brother would have been in grave danger."

    Yang Shi's face clouded over once more, and this time the old Furen did not speak, as Shen Yi frowned slightly.

    Shen Wen didn't seem to notice and shook the old Furen's hand with round eyes and asked, "Her mother is indeed sick and her brother is very young, she's not lying, she can become my maid, right"

    The room was quiet, even Yang Shi did not speak.

Finally, the old Furen sighed slightly and whispered, "If it were an ordinary family, it would be fine, but she is the daughter of a criminal official ......"

    Shen Wen asked, "What is the daughter of criminal official"

    Su Wanniang looked up and said with tears in her eyes, "Although my father died in prison, he was not convicted of any crime.

When my family was raided, it was only said that they were searching for evidence, but so far, there has been no explanation.

My father taught me from a young age to be innocent and to keep my word, so I don't believe he committed a crime."

Yang Shi also sighed: "That's what they say ......

but the public opinion is powerful, the Marquis Mansion can't ......"


public opinion is powerful enough to melt metal (idiom)fig.

public clamour can obscure the actual truth; mass spreading of rumours can confuse right and wrong

    Shen Wen cried again, "But I thought ......

she was already my maid ......" with a look of disappointed anguish.

    Yang Shi said seriously, "She can't stay here, we'll just give her the deed of sale and let her go home."

    Shen Wen cried and said, "Then ......

won't those ......

people from the Wanhua House go after her again"

Yang Shi said, " That is not the concern of my Manor."

    Shen Zhuo whispered, "Then will others say that our Manor is afraid of Wanhua House....."

    Shen Xiang said unconvincingly, "Yes! People still think we are in the wrong ......

    Yang Shi said with a raised eyebrow, "What will people say if we take the daughter of a criminal official as our family slave If someone were to find trouble with the Marquis Residence......"

 Su Wanniang knelt and bowed again: "Madam! Su Wanniang thanked Madam, the Gongzis and the young ladies for their help! I hope Madam will secretly help my mother and my brother in the future, don't let them ......" Before she finished, she got up violently and went to hit the pillar in the hall!

Everyone in the room exclaimed, Shen Wen had been preventing her from doing this for a long time, closed her eyes quickly, and tapped Su Wanniang's Huantiao acupoint with her consciousness.

Su Wanniang's legs softened and her strength was greatly reduced.

At this time, Shen Xiang was flying and hugging Su Wanniang in the air.

The two of them rolled to the ground together, and they rolled a few times.

Shen Wen opened her eyes and immediately cried loudly, ran over and called out, "Sister!"

    The little boy ran over and also called out, "Sister! Sister!"

The two children collided and fell to the ground, both of them crawling towards the place where Shen Xiang and Su Wanniang had landed.

    Pan Shi, who was lying on a stretcher near the door, rolled to the ground and then passed out without moving.

 Shen Yi shouted, "Go get the doctor!" Shen Jian and Shen Zhuo reached Shen Xiang's side and said in succession, "How is your elder younger sister"

"Did you hurt anywhere" 

 " Do you feel dizzy"

Shen Xiang let out an "Ouch", sat up, shook her shoulders and said:  "Fortunately, I'm not hurt."

    When Su Wanniang was about to sit up with her body on one hand, the boy jumped into her arms and cried, "Sister! What are you doing!" Su Wanniang also cried while hugging her brother...

     Shen Wen cried and went to Shen Xiang's side, took her hand, and then  went to pull Su Wanniang again, sobbing and said, "Okay...it's fine...otherwise I...wouldn't live..." These words are really heavy.

The maids and Pozis in the room were in chaos, the old Furen slapped the table, and the voices of the people became quieter, except for the cry of a few children.

    The old Furen spoke: "When the old Marquis was young, he personally led more than a thousand men behind the enemy and attacked the army of the BeiRong commander.

In that battle, more than a thousand soldiers were killed, but less than a hundred were returned, and the old marquis survived with three stab wounds and two arrows." She choked up a little.

Everyone in the room was silent, not understanding why the old Furen was talking about this at this juncture.

"My Shen family sons, for the country, do not spare the body, for the people, do not begrudge death.

They will not fear the enemy and will not surrender to death.

Even if they die on the battlefield, they are heroes." The old Furen did not look at anyone, continued to say: "The Marquis of Zhenbei has a great reputation and is unmatched among military Generals.

But even before my Shen family was awarded the title, there was never a precedent for a girl to commit suicide to protect the reputation of the Shen family and avoid wrongdoing!”    

When the old Furen finished, she slowly got up and sighed, "Look what Wen Er has been forced into ......" and left on her own.

Yang Shi's face was red, it was obvious that the old Furen also cared about the criminal officer's daughter.

how come in the end it was all her fault With tears in her eyes, she suppressed for a while before saying: "Wen Er, that's your maid, you watch the arrangements." Having also stood up, Shen Wen immediately ran over, cried and hugged Yang Shi, saying, "Mother, don't be angry, it's me who caused trouble for Mother."

Yang Shi shook her head and touched Shen Wen's head and said: "It's my mother who is confused, you quickly take that child to clean up, also find someone to treat her mother.

Our house will pay for her ......" She could not hold back her tears and pushed Shen Wen away and walked away in a hurry.

Looking at Yang Shi's leaving, Shen Wen turned back, found Shen Yi who was standing to the side and said, "Big brother ......

did I really not cause any trouble"

    Shen Yi smiled a little and stroked Shen Wen's head, "How could little sister cause trouble Little sister is a good child."

 At this point, the big event has been completed.

Shen Wen sincerely showed comfort and broke into tears and smiled.



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