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Chapter 2 Return

Shen Wen coughed violently and coughed out a grain of something stuck in her throat, Beside her, the voice she was so familiar with but already felt strange sounded: "Aigoo, you scared me to death, you unconscious one, you want to have my life!" It was her mother! She used to think her mother was crude and vulgar.

Shen Wen's eyes flowed with tears and she let out a loud cry, and there was another fierce slap on her back.

Shen Wen felt that her internal organs were about to be slapped out, and she cried even more, unable to breathe.

"Come, come, grandmother take a look, hey, you just stop hitting, the child is so small so hitting is bad to her ......" This is my Grandmother Gu Shi.

In her teary eyes Shen Wen felt herself being picked up and put into an embrace.

In a vague way saw her Grandmother's sideburns were not yet all white, and Shen Wen cried furiously again.

She remembered that her mother used to say that when she was just over two years old she once ate a peanut because she swallowed it so hard that she passed out of breath and almost died.

Her mother had placed her body upside down and tapped the peanut out.

And her mother said she was kind of blessed by the disaster that time, she started to speak from then on, it's all silly before that.

Shen Wen thought her previous soul also entered this body at this time, and now that she has returned, she has sort of drawn a circle, but this time, her life will go out on a different path.

Amidst the cries, she heard her mother's scolding, " Sanlang, why did you feed your little sister peanuts, look, you almost choked her to death!" A child's voice replied, "Mother, I didn't give it to her, she got it herself from the table ......" A girl's voice said, "Yes, she reached it with her hands!”

It was Shen Zhuo and Shen Xiang! Madam Yang was only fifteen when she married the Marquis of Zhenbei, but at the age of sixteen she gave birth to her eldest son, named Shen Yi, to give him the perseverance to make decisions, a prime quality for a General.

A year and a half later, she gave birth to her second son, Shen Jian, who was named for his perseverance.

Two more years later, when she was less than twenty, she gave birth to a third son, named Shen Zhuo, in the hope that he would excel and surpass his elder brothers.

After three sons, Yang Shi was determined to have a daughter.

As a result, when she was twenty-three, she finally gave birth to a daughter.

The Marquis said that if it was a daughter, he would take the character of water and wanted her to be kind and gentle, so he named her Shen Xiang.

Two more years later, at the age of twenty-five, she gave birth to Shen Wen.

At this time, Shen Wen was two years old, her sister Shen Xiang was four, her third brother Shen Zhuo was only seven and her second brother Shen Jian was ten.

The future stern and steady eldest brother was just a child of eleven or twelve.

Shen Wen thought that when she died, Shen Xiang was not yet twenty years old, Shen Zhuo was twenty-two and had only been betrothed, the second brother was only twenty-four or twenty-five, and the elder brother, who had two sons, had just celebrated his twenty-sixth birthday.

In her previous life, she thought they were all very old.

But innumerable times in these thousand years of wandering, she had felt they were still so young when they died! Now they were so young, Shen Wen was so overcome with grief and joy that she cried her heart out and her voice went hoarse.

At Shen Wen's sorrowful cries, Yang Shi became angry: "How old is she How old are you Have you eaten all these years for nothing Can't you hold her back if she goes for peanuts”

The boy's voice: "But mother didn't say that little sister can't eat peanuts, and yesterday she said she was too thin and should feed her more."

    The girl echoed, "Yes, yes ......"

    Yang Shi called out, "How dare you talk back Bring me a ruler!”

The girl cried loudly, Shen Wen twisted hard, crying and shaking her head in Yang Shi's direction, and the old Madam Gu Shi smiled and said: "Little sister is begging for mercy, what a good girl, she can't even speak yet she knows to turn to her brother and sister.”

Yang Shi took Shen Wen from the Old Madame's hand and patted her while saying, "Silly girl! You only know how to eat!"

    At this time Yang Shi was twenty-seven.

Although she had given birth to five children and her waist was a little fat, she still had graceful facial features and only a few light lines at the corners of her eyes.

Her husband, the Marquis of Zhenbei, Shen Yong, is thirty-three this year.

Five years ago, the old Marquis of Zhenbei was killed in an ambush during a border patrol.

Since the Shen family’s army was in control of his only son Shen Yong.

The Emperor allowed him to inherit the title at equal rank and Shen Yong became Marquis of Zhenbei.

His mother Gu Shi was honored as old Madame, in fact she is now only fifty years old.

Shen Wen crouched on her mother's shoulder and continued to cry.

She did not know how she had so many tears, her soul could not shed tears.

Maybe she thought she had saved a lot over a thousand years.

    Yang Shi stroked Shen Wen's back while admonishing the two sons and daughters in front of her: "You can be careful from now on, don't give your little sister anything small, not only peanuts, but dates or anything else."

 The boy's voice: "We don't give them to her, but she always looks for something to eat, she even picked up stones the day before yesterday."

 The girl's voice: "Yes, yes, she puts them in her mouth and spits them out."

 Yang Shi said, "You are making me angry! Who's watching little sister Someone else!" There was a flurry of persuasion......

Shen Wen was so tired of crying that she sobbed herself to sleep.

   When she woke up, Shen Wen found herself in the arms of her nanny, He Shi, who was only in her twenties at this time and would later accompany her to the Zheng family.

When something happened to the Marquis, she repeatedly comforted Shen wen.

But she was only a woman and as helpless as Shen Wen.

Since Shen Wen was placed under house arrest, she has never seen He Shi again.

After her death, Shen Wen learned from the chatter of her subordinates that after she was placed under house arrest the her accompanying Maids(Peifang) her through marriage were all killed and that even their children did not survive.

Shen Wen was in tears again.

Peifang- maids that accompanied the bride to her husband's house

  He Shi spoke in a small nagging voice, saying that dinner had already been set.

Now that the Marquis was in the capital, everyone would be eating together tonight when the Marquis returned to the house, so the young lady could not sleep.

When they reached the hall, they saw that everyone was already seated.

Old Madame is smiling and looking at the young and wise Father sitting beside Yang Shi.

Elder brother and Second brother's young faces, Third brother with a mischievous look, Shen Xiang smiling at her brothers with admiration.

Shen Wen's tears flowed down.


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