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Chapter 7: Entering the House


Shen Yi touched her head and said, "Stop it, mother is still waiting at home."


Shen Wen closed her mouth, her eyes immediately clouded with tears, her fine brows furrowed, and she looked at her big brother with resentment.


Shen Yi sighed and said, "Then I'll let someone go and buy it for you ......"


Shen Wen immediately laughed and interrupted, "I want to go by myself! I want to pick it myself!"


Shen Yi hesitated.

When Shen Wen saw it, she stopped laughing immediately.

Tears poured out again, and a large one stopped beside her lower eyelashes and was about to fall.


Shen Zhuo saw this and said, "Big brother, we will just pass through there for a while."


Shen Xiang also said, "I also want to go and pick out a few snacks for Mother and Grandmother."


Shen Jian whispered to Shen Yi, "There are so many of us, just buying a snack, it should be fine."


 Shen Yi thought for a moment and finally nodded.

Shen Wen smiled immediately and pulled Shen Yi's sleeve and said: "Thank you big brother."


 Shen Jian coughed: "There is also the second brother ......"


    "What about the third brother ......"


    "What about my elder sister, me ......"


Zhang Yunming also smiled and said, "Probably should thank me too, otherwise how would you know where to go"


Shen Wen covered her face, twisting and fattening her body: "You guys are laughing at me, bad ......"


Zhang Yunjin came to pull Shen Wen's hand and said, "No it is not ah ......"


Everyone joked and laughed as they walked to the manor’s gate.

The children of the two families bowed to each other and said goodbye.

Shen Xiang and Shen Wen got into the carriage again.

This time, Shen Wen was clearly restless in the carriage, asking Shen Xiang again and again, "Are we there yet"


Shen Xiang laughed and pushed her, "Little glutton." The maids thought to themselves that Shen Wen still hadn't passed the test, she sat still when she came and showed her true face when she had snacks to eat.


Soon the carriage stopped, and outside it sounded like people were disembarking, and Shen Wen shouted excitedly and shrilly, "Are we there yet!"


Outside the carriage Shen Zhuo laughed: "Here we are, don't you shout like that, people still think there is a fire."


 Shen Wen pouted and said, "He said he doesn't bully me anymore." Shen Xiang laughed: "This is not called bullying, this should be called a reminder."


The maids put a small stool under the carriage and helped Shen Wen get off.Shen Wen said anxiously while getting down, "I'm going to pick it, pick it myself!"  Shen Zhuo and Shen Jian next to her said, "Let you pick, let you pick, don't be so anxious." Shen Xiang jumped out of the car at once, and Shen Wen turned around and pulled her, giggling and saying, "Sister, I'll go with you to pick some for mother and others."


Shen Zhuo and a few guards accompanied the chattering two girls into the store.

The shopkeepers inside looked at the guards wearing the attire of Zhenbei Hou Fu at the door, where he dared not entertain them properly.

He showed the girls all kinds of snacks and let them try all kinds of snacks.

So from inside often came Shen Wen's exclamation: "I want this! ......

and this! ......

ah! This is great!"


    Shen Yi and Shen Jian were guarding the outside, smiling bitterly at each other, and Shen Jian sighed, "This is the first time that our little sister has left the house, isn't it Look how happy she is."


After one tea time, Shen Wen came out with Shen Xiang fondly.

Shen Wen was smiling like a flower, and said loudly to Shen Yi: "Big brother, we also picked out some snacks for you!" The guards carried big boxes and small boxes of the snacks they picked.

Shen Zhuo said to Shen Yi, "Go quickly, or they will buy this store."


The maids surrounded Shen Wen and Shen Xiang as they were about to go to the carriage.

Shen Yi and the others were about to get on their horses when suddenly a scream came from the crowd of onlookers.

A cloaked girl flung herself at the guard's feet and cried out, "Help me! Save me!" A few people in the distance saw this and hurriedly came running.


    This girl is naturally Su Wanniang.

She was hiding at the hole of a nearby alley wall, her face was covered in the ash and had not attracted attention.

She had eaten the packet of snacks, but there was no water, but for fear of missing the hour, she simply did not dare to leave at all.

Seeing that the time was almost over, a team of imposing strong guards approached.

The crowds of people on the street hurriedly avoided them.

In the midst of all the noise, a familiar voice rang out, "Are we there yet"


 Su Wanniang's heart felt like it had been stabbed by an awl, here she is! Looking at the strong guards as well as the three young teenagers surrounded by them, who were gorgeously dressed and looked proud, Su Wanniang finally believed the girl's words: she would be able to save me!


    She quietly moved closer to the guards and asked the people watching in a soft voice, "Who are these people"


    One man said without turning around, "Heh, it's the Zhenbei Hou Fu, Grand Marshal General in our dynasty ......" 


"Is that the eldest son of Hou Fu"


    "The second son is also here ......"


    "Aigoo, what day is it today Such an uproar"


    "It seems that the youngest daughter wants to buy dim sum ......"


    "Eh, I've heard that the youngest daughter of Hou Fu is a little waste......"


    Su Wanniang gritted her teeth and turned her head to see that there were people from Wanhua House looking back and forth in the distance, and it seemed to be the people who had come to arrest her.

Outside the shop door, the crowd loosened, and where that familiar voice rang, she saw a round, smiling little girl.

Su Wanniang's heart stirred, that child had set everything up for her, this was her chance to survive, now it was up to her! She looked at the gap in the crowd and lunged out.


 Hearing the girl's cry, Shen Yi's hand went on the sword hilt at his waist.

Shen Jian and Shen Zhuo immediately stood next to Shen Wen and Shen Xiang, and Shen Xiang pulled Shen Wen behind her.

Shen Wen curiously poked her head in front and asked, "What happened What is it"


Su Wanniang cried out: "Save me, I don't want to fall into the Wanhua House! They bought me by force, my mother is sick, and my brother is only four years old! I don't want to be in the Wanhua House! Please help me!" She speaks clearly, and she can explain everything clearly in a few words.

She hadn't drunk water for such a long time, and her lips were chapped.

After these words, blood oozed out of her lips, and those who saw it were startled.


The onlookers began to talk, a few men rushed over and grabbed her by the shoulders, Su Wanniang struggled: "Save me! They're from the Wanhua House! They want to take me back! I don't want to go back! My mother is still sick..." she cried hoarsely.


 Shen Yi frowned and didn't say anything, Shen Wen asked curiously, "What is Wanhua House Is it also selling snacks" Her childish voice was extra clear in the gap of the girls crying.


Someone uttered a laugh: "Selling snacks Hey hey, it's selling meat ......"


There was a buzzing discussion in the crowd, a brothel house, this girl...

Everyone immediately felt the feeling that the people who looked at Wanhua House were pulling people like this in the street.

They were not selling dim sum, and they were so blatant...


    Shen Jian looked at Shen Yi, Shen Yi said, "Let's go back to the house." Just about to get on his horse, Shen Jian whispered, "This is to force good people into prostitution, we watch and do not care"


    Shen Wen heard this and asked again in a clear voice: "What do you mean by forcing a good person to become a prostitute"


    The people's murmur grew louder: "Isn't that what's going on" "And the government doesn't care" "They have a backer." " Even the Marquis of Zhenbei can't ......"


    Outside the guards, people from Wanhua House began to drag Su Wanniang away, and when some bystanders said something, the person who came said arrogantly, "This is the one who escaped from our Wanhua House! We have the deed of sales, we have the right to go to the yamen!"


    Su Wanniang cried out with all her might, "They robbed me! Help! You're going to ruin my family! My mother is seriously ill, if anything happens to her, what will happen to my brother"


Hearing this, Shen Wen burst into tears, and said in a choked voice: "She is so pitiful, if her mother goes, that little brother will not be able to live..." After speaking, she burst into tears.


    Shen Zhuo couldn't stand it and shouted: "Wait, you guys! Robbing people like that in broad daylight"


    Su Wanniang listened to this and struggled desperately this way, shouting, "Save me! I'd rather be a servant than a whore!"


    The people next to her were talking, something about "the Marquis of Zhenbei ......

didn't want to save her from death ......

and didn't want to cause trouble ......"


 Shen Yi sighed, gestured to the guards to move out of the way and walked forward.

When those people from Wanhua House saw him coming, they had to let go of Su Wanniang and bow to Shen Yi.

Su Wanniang sat on the ground and cried sadly, her face was covered with dirt and blotted with tears, unable to see her face.


   Shen Wen broke away from Shen Xiang's hand and followed Shen Yi over, Shen Jian Shen Zhuo and Shen Xiang quickly followed.

One of the Wanhua House people just said to Shen Yi, "Please forgive me, my lord, we are just chasing after the fugitive slave ......"


 Before Shen Yi could say anything, Shen Wen wiped her tears and went over to the girl and said, "Don't you cry, are you willing to be my maid"


    Su Wanniang immediately leaned down to Shen Wen and said, "I am willing to be a servant and a slave to Young lady, as a cow and a horse!"


    With tear marks on her face Shen Wen turned her head to Shen Yi and said, "Brother, see that she has agreed, let her be my maid."


Su Wanniang wept with a loud voice and bowed deeply to Shen Wen.


    In front of the public, Shen Yi only had to suppress his anger and coldly said to the people of Wanhua House, "My House has bought her." Turning his head to the two guards, he said, "Go with them to get the deed of sale, and then lead them to the Marquis Mansion to get the silver." And to the other two guards, he said, "Go home with her and bring her mother and brother to the Marquis' residence."


The man from the Wanhua House said, "The Wanhua House doesn't want to sell her! You are buying by force ......


Before the words ended, a guard raised his hand and slapped him to the ground, reprimanding: " Dare to scold the Eldest Gongzi of the Zhenbei Marquis, you slave is impatient to live."


    Another guard drew his sword, reflecting the daylight for a moment, and then slammed it back into its sheath with a clang.


The people are silent, the Marquis of Zhenbei is a military general who holds a heavy army in the court.

These guards are not ordinary household servants, they are people who have fought and killed on the battlefield.


    Shen Yi coldly said to Shen Wen, "Go back to the carriage."


    Shen Wen, with tears still on her face, looked at him carefully and said in a mosquito-like voice, "Many thanks, big brother."


    Shen Yi turned around and said in a deep voice, "Get on your horses and go back to the house!"


For a while people get on their horses, get on their cars, and a group of carriages and horses clatter away.

Several wolf-like guards accompanied the people of Wanhua House and Su Wanniang and left respectively.


    Shen Wen knew that the job was mostly done.


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