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Chapter 6 Wanning 


It was a clear autumn day.

The sky is blue and the clouds are clear, and the wild geese are flying south.

Shen Xiang and Shen Wen were in one carriage, and the three boys were riding horses.

The Marquis of Zhenbei's family is a martial arts family, so the boys should be familiar with archery and horsemanship from childhood.

Shen Xiang very much wanted to go out to ride a horse, but Yang Shi said she is nine years old already and should have some girl's behaviour, so she rode in the carriage.


This is the first time since she was reborn that Shen Wen has left the house.

In the past, Yang Shi refused to let her go out of the house because she was too young, and she was not even allowed to go to lantern fairs or whatever.

Shen Wen's mind was already not a child.

Naturally, she has never made a fuss.


She thinks Shen Xiang has only been out of the house a few times.

In the carriage, Shen Xiang slightly lifted the curtain of the carriage window to look out again and again.

The maids in the same carriage saw that Shen Wen did not even glance out, and they all thought that the youngest Xiaojie had learned the rules really well.


Shen Wen knew that after the New Year, Shen Xiang's martial arts became outstanding and she started to use the long spear.

She would often fight with Shen Zhuo and the others in the martial arts field, so naturally she didn't want to go out in a car anymore.

Yang Shi has never been submissive to Shen Xiang, and has told her several times that Shen Xiang does not listen, so she lets Shen Xiang go.  To be honest, there are not many opportunities for her and Shen Xiang to be in the same car in the future.

In the previous life too, they gradually grew up, gradually separated ......


    Shen Xiang looked out the window and said: "Xiao mei look, there are people selling tricks over there ......" She didn't hear Shen Wen reply, turned her head and frowned: "Why are you crying again We are going to visit as a guest.

How can I cry with crying red eyes"


    The opposite side of Xia Hong did not make a sound, because really used to see Shen Wen crying.

Shen Xiang gave Xia Hong an unpleasant look: how could this maid not coax her little sister Shen Xiang's maid, Chun Lu, understood Shen Xiang's meaning and asked with a smile, "Does Second Miss want something to eat" Shen Wen's laziness was already known throughout the house.


    Shen Wen sobbed and looked at Shen Xiang, "I am afraid ......"


    Shen Xiang asked, "What are you afraid of I am here, Elder brothers and the others are right outside, and there are more than forty guards from my house accompanying me."


    Shen Wen choked back a sob, "I am afraid that one day you will all leave me, ignore me and not want me anymore ......"


    Shen Xiang laughed harshly, "How could that be We'll always be together." Thinking that this sister is somewhat stupid and naturally weak, she will have to take more care of herself in the future and not let her feel so disliked.

Shen Xiang took Shen Wen's chubby hand and, without looking outside, asked, "We can't easily come out for once, we must be happy, otherwise mother won't let us out."


Shen Wen nodded vigorously, wiped her tears and said, "Good, must be happy ......"


    Shen Xiang looked at her little sister's round face with tears on it and, motherly, said boldly, "You don't have to be afraid of anything! If you can't practise kung fu well, I'll go fight for you later! No matter who bullies you, just tell me and I will never spare him!"


Shen Wen with her both hands together, seriously holding Shen Xiang's hand and said, "I will definitely tell my Jiejie!" Shen Xiang laughed loudly.

Chun lu and Xia Hong glance at each other, one is proud and one is helpless.


When they arrived at the Pingyuan Marquis' residence, Zhang Yunming welcomed them and led them into the residence.

When they arrived at the courtyard, Shen Xiang and Shen Wen got off the carriage.

Everyone first went to pay their formal respects to Li Shi, the Furen of the Pingyuan Marquis.


Outside the hall are two pieces of green bamboo.

In the middle is a road paved with Chinese white jade.

The white of the white jade stone is mixed with fluorescence, and the green reflects, giving people an extraordinarily refreshing feeling.

Outside the door of the hall stood two rows of servants, all standing with their heads bowed in silence, the courtyard was filled with only the sound of their footsteps and the rustling of bamboo leaves.


Shen Wen thought that the Marquis of Pingyuan is still of military General origin, although the Mansion is decorated with luxury, it still looked like it was under military control.

These people are much more disciplined than the usual casual demeanour of the Hou fu's servants.


Shen Wen now understands that it is not that the Hou Fu would not be severely managed, but it can not be too strict.

Holding a heavy military, the Mansion is also strict enough that internal words do not come out, external words do not enter like iron barrels, it will make people suspicious because they can not see through.


Like now, Zhenbei Marquis Mansion is not loose and not tight.

Usually when the family fights, they do not avoid the underlings.

Perhaps it is the strategy discussed by the Marquis and Yang Shi.

After all, if the residence of the Marquis is open and honest, anyone's people can look inside, perhaps it can make people believe that the Marquis of Zhenbei does not have any mischievous intentions. 


Unfortunately, perhaps it was because of the knowledge that the Marquis of Zhenbei was selfless that he was put to death - because it was clear that the Marquis of Zhenbei was not prepared to strike back.


When they entered the hall, the floor was covered with a carpet made of silk wool.We can see various antiques on the two sides of Duo Bao Court, the fragrance in the hall is mild.


Li shi smiled and greeted the Shen family's children.

She looked at Shen Wen deliberately.

This child may have been a little slower and gained a little weight.

How can it be as unbearable as people say She does like to go out to socialise, these are from the mouth of the occasional visitor to hear the vicious comments about the girl.

Her husband repeatedly urged not to show that she was too close with Zhenbei Houfu, let alone speak for them, so even when she heard those words, she couldn't clarify for the daughters of the Shen family.


Li Shi is very glad that she has been strict with her children in terms of etiquette since childhood, and that they must never lose face for the Pingyuan Houfu outside. 

If her daughter had been criticised in this way, she would have been too ashamed to bear it.

The Marquess of Zhenbei, Yang Shi, usually does not like to interact with people like herself, and I wonder if she has heard of the criticism of her daughter.


Li Shi said no more than a few words and immediately let them go off to play on their own, lest they make the Shen family's underlings feel they were too enthusiastic.


    Zhang Yunjin happily took Shen Wen's hand and guided her towards the back garden, whispering, "I've asked someone to prepare many dainties for sister, sour and sweet ones, sister will surely like them." Li Shi doesn't say those bad things to Zhang Yunjin.

Zhang Yunjin is just eight years old and hasn't been out of the house very often.

Naturally, she has never heard any gossip.

She is still as kind to Shen Wen as last time.


    When Shen Wen heard about the snacks, she gulped out loud and said sincerely, "Thank you sister, if sister Zhang didn't prepare them, I would have asked my sister for them." Shen Zhuo hemmed and hawed, but held back from saying anything.

Shen Xiang was busy covering up for Shen Wen and asked Zhang Yunjin, "You also have a small lake in your back garden, right"


    Zhang Yunjin nodded and said, "Indeed, there is, and many chrysanthemums are placed by the lake, with the water reflecting the chrysanthemums as the scenery."


    Shen Xiang said, "Then let's go to the lake, just like we did last time."


    Shen Zhuo was happy to hear this and said, "Good, just go, just go!"


    When Shen Yi saw Zhang Yunming's face stiffen slightly, he smiled and pulled Shen Zhuo and said, "They sisters are going there, why are you following We'll follow the eldest gongzi."


    Zhang Yunming smiled and said, "I'll show you around first." Unobtrusively separating the boys from the girls, Shen Wen could see that the rules of the Marquis of Pingyuan's residence were much more elaborate than those of her own family.


    As Zhang Yunjin led Shen Wen and Shen Xiang towards the back, Shen Wen asked in the most childish and adorable tone she could muster, "I heard that sister has an older sister who fell ill at the last flower party at my residence, and I asked big brother Zhang to bring her a scented bag, and she returned the gift, I wonder if she is well now"


    Zhang Yunjin immediately sighed and said, "My elder sister has been ill for years and is not well." There was no sign of faking on her face, and Shen Wen thought that the Marquis of Pingyuan seemed to be hiding it from his youngest daughter.


    Shen Wen shook Zhang Yunjin's hand and said, "I want to go see my big sister! I want to go!"


    Zhang Yunjin smiled and said, "My eldest sister lives in a place of her own so that she can recuperate and does not come out to see people, and my parents do not allow anyone to disturb her."


    Shen Wen sighed loudly, like a small adult.

Zhang Yunjin was amused, shook her hand and said, "I'll be sure to tell mother you asked her well." Shen Wen understood that this meant that Zhang Yunjin did not usually see Zhang Yunzheng.


    As the three of them walked towards the back, Zhang Yunjin pointed distantly to one side and said, "My elder sister lives over there." When Shen Wen looked over there, all she could see was a thick patch of willows that covered up the area.

The fact that the Marquis of Pingyuan had kept this secret for nearly twenty-two years showed how rigorously he kept track of his residence.

Shen Wen gave up the idea of going to have a look now on the pretext of not alerting the snake.


When they arrived at the lake, there were many people waiting to serve them in a small pavilion.

As soon as they approached, people quickly and silently dispersed, carrying plates, holding towels.

When they entered the pavilion and sat down, someone immediately came forward to offer a basin of water for them to wash their hands, and then took the teapot from the small clay stove next to them and poured them tea, and then a bunch of snacks were set out.


 Shen Xiang exclaimed, "Wow, your Mansion is really nice!" Next to her, Shen Xiang's maid, Chun Lu, couldn't help but cough in a low voice, Zhang Yun Jin was busy smiling and said, "You can't say that, your house is also very nice."


    Shen Xiang knew she had said the wrong thing, if she said her own house was not good, wouldn't she be disrespectful to her mother, she was busy saying, "It is still sister Zhang who is thoughtful, we have only just been lecture by our teaching Mama, we still don't know how to speak."


    Zhang Yunjin also slightly sighed, whispered, "Teaching Mama where it is so easy to deal with."


    Shen Xiang asked, "You must have had a Teaching Mama, right"


 Zhang Yunjin said very seriously to the people around him, "All of you go down." The maids next to her answered in a low voice and retreated far away.

When Shen Xiang saw this, she said to the two maids of the Shen House, "We are going to talk quietly, you all should also rest." Chun Lu and Xia Hong nodded and also went away.


Zhang Yunjin only then whispered: "I was two years old when I taught by tutoring Mama, until the age of seven." Shen Wen knows that the rules in this Mansion are strict, Zhang Yunjin would never dare to complain about his mother in front of the subordinates, and even such words could only be said if they were excused.


    Shen Xiang couldn't help but sigh, "No wonder you have such good manners, you're not going to be a queen later, are you"


    Zhang Yunjin covered Shen Xiang's mouth and muttered, "What are you talking about What if someone hears you"


    Shen Xiang hurriedly looked around and whispered, "You've suffered so much!"


Since childhood, Zhang Yunjin was always advised by her mother to learn the rules and read the female precepts, and never dared to disagree.

But today suddenly a girl she privately admired said she was suffering.

Looking at Shen Xiang's radiant face, slightly untidy hair temples, wearing the same narrow-sleeved short clothes as the last time we met, and then looking again at the chubby Shen Wen who was intently eating snacks at the table, and remembering the teenager full of playful words that she had seen last time, Zhang Yunjin suddenly found that there was another way to live life, and said offhandedly, "Your house is so nice." It was exactly what Shen Xiang said just now, and before the words fell, both of them covered their mouths and laughed.


The two began to talk about the trivialities of tutoring Mama.

Zhang Yunjin was often surprised by Shen Xiang's actions and shook her head, and also pitied Shen Wen's slowness.


Shen Wen almost finished eating and drank a full stomach of tea, so she asked for the quiet room.

Shen Xiang and Zhang Yun Jin were talking happily, so they naturally let the maids accompany Shen Wen and Xia Hong to go.

Shen Wen came out of the quiet room and was eager to see all kinds of chrysanthemums, so she dragged the maid of the Shen House to let her go everywhere, and circled most of the way along the lake, when she saw Zhang Yunming and her brothers from afar, Shen Wen ran over to meet them. 


Zhang Yunming couldn't send Shen Wen away, so he had to walk back with her and a few people to see Zhang Yunjin and Shen Xiang.

Shen Wen turned to act as host and led them into the small pavilion.

Everyone sat down and the maids served them tea and refreshments.

Shen Zhuo was in high spirits, and he kept telling jokes, often making Zhang Yunjin and the little maids lower their heads and laugh.


Seeing this, Zhang Yunming had someone set up a chess board and wanted to play a few games with the Shen brothers.

Shen Zhuo was caught by Zhang Yunming and slayed with a great defeat, so he became quieter.


    Everyone talked and laughed for a while longer, and Shen Yi took his younger siblings to say goodbye.


Shen Wen looked fondly at the empty plate on the table and said with emotion: "Zhang's sister's snacks are the best in the world!" She said the words "the world" and "the most" with great effort.


    Zhang Yunjin did not know the depth of the words, and said with a smile, "Thank you for your compliment."


    Zhang Yunming who is older among them heard something wrong, he was cautious and immediately said, "Can't say that it's the best in the world, there are several dim sum restaurants in the capital that are doing a better job."


    Shen Wen's eyes widened: "What's the name of the restaurant"


    Zhang Yunming smiled and replied: "There is Piao Xiang Court in the south of the city, Wan Jia Gao in the middle of the city, and Gui Xiang Yuan in the north ......"


    Shen Wen turned his head to look at Shen Yi: "Big brother, which one will we pass when we return to the house"


    Shen Yi thought for a moment and said, "It should be Gui Xiang Yuan."


    Shen Wen jumped to her feet and said, "I want to go! I want to go!"

    Shen Yi touched her head and said, "Stop it, mother is still waiting at home."


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