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Chapter 5 part 3  Tutoring


Shen Wen originally wanted to study for only three months, but she always made an effort to study, which made Qin Shi always look forward to: she thought she might be able to enlighten her by teaching several times, so after three months, Qin Shi said she should continue.

Summer passed, Shen Xiang Shen Wen successively had a birthday, Shen Xiang nine years old, Shen Wen seven years old.

Shen Wen estimated the day and started a major operation: to find the woman who was famous in her previous life.

This is someone whom she needs desperately, and finding her will make many crucial steps twice as easy.

Late at night, when the maids were asleep, Shen Wen put on her dark short clothes, opened the window and climbed up the ridge.

Fortunately, it is now summer, some windows are half open all night, she does not have to worry about alarming the people.

She was naturally familiar with the environment and the guards of the Hou Fu as she walked through it several times and got out.

In her previous life, she had wandered around the area many times and knew every square inch of the dozen miles around Hou Fu by heart.

As soon as she left the Mansion, she darted on the ridge of the wall of people without hesitation.

unexpectedly even after a thousand years, her memory would still be so clear, which shows her profound persistence.

Shen Wen is going to a spring house called Wanhua buliding.In her previous life, she knew that the Wanhua House was once the number one brothel in the capital, known for the beauty and charm of its women and their versatility.

But she only knew the general direction and had never been there.

In this life she couldn't ask anyone, and the Xia Hong around her was not attentive, so she had to find it herself.


On the first night, she only walked two or three streets in the busy part of the city.

Although she walked like a flying bird and was light as a swallow, she was still a seven-year-old child with limited physical strength and could not stay outside for long.

After returning and resting for two days, she went out again, so this repeatedly, and finally found the Wanhua Building on the fourth night.

After resting for a few days, Shen Wen ran to Wanhua building again.

She now found the nearest road and flew two quarters of an hour to get there.

It was nearly midnight, sitting in the dark shadow of the roof, Shen Wen leisurely looked down at the busy scene of people coming and going.

The brighter and more lively the place, the deeper the darkness, Shen Wen was very relaxed.

She heard too much and listened carefully to the conversations of the people around her: "Lord recently ......" "Quickly go to the Feiyan Court ......

" "The girl is really ......"" "Gongzi don't want ......"

After listening for nearly an hour, she did not hear what she wanted to hear but watched the night sink, Shen Wen got up and turned around in several of the main pavilions of the Wanhua Building.

The Wanhua Building is said to have twelve beauty pavilions with a variety of small rooms, more than two hundred rooms.

Shen Wen decided to look at a few places at a time and did not believe that the person could not be found.

As she was growing up, she often ran between the Wan Yuan Garden and the Hou Fu at night.

It was that she could relieve her fatigue by meditating.

But still can not fully compensate for the exhaustion after the lack of sleep.

During the daytime classes she was really sleepy and could not open her eyes.

Qin Shi taught for half a year.

From the beginning there was some severity, and finally more and more relaxed.

Shen Xiang often said to practice martial arts and did not come.

Qin Shi was not annoyed.

Only Shen Wen is still dedicated to study, but unfortunately the natural talent is too low, it is really difficult.

But such a person who can't be carved out of rotten wood is yawning more and more, obviously disrespecting her teacher's morality and Qin Shi felt deeply humiliating.

In the end, her hatred for Shen Wen even exceeded her contempt for the unruly Shen Xiang.

Every time she spoke to Shen Wen, she gnashed her teeth.

In late summer and early autumn, Qin Shi finally gave up.

She resigned her post to the old Furen and left Hou Fu.

After this, she then went to other houses to teach.

When the ladies modestly said that their own daughters were not smart enough, she always sighed and said: "Madam, you can't say that.

I once taught a pair of sisters.

The elder sister loves those swords and sticks, and she is so rude.

The younger sister, ah, I've never seen such a stupid person! She couldn't memorize her books, she couldn't write properly, she could sit on the floor when she saluted.

She was fat and slow, and all she did was eat every day! She is no different from a pig! Even her brother and sister look down on her! Madam's daughter is too good ......"

Although Qin Shi will not mention the name of the Hou Fu, everyone who does not know she has taught the daughters of the Zhenbei Hou Fu.

The only person in the capital who can afford to hire Qin Shi and has a martial arts practitioner girl and a fat Younger sister at home is Zhenbei Hou Fu.

Qin Shi's comments were so vicious that Shen Wen's "reputation" for being fat and stupid finally spread widely among the ladies in the capital.

When people think of obesity and stupidity, they always think of ugliness, so the word got around that the youngest daughter of the Marquis of Zhenbei was ugly and faceless, fat and low-minded, and was disliked by the entire Marquis of Zhenbei's family.

 Shen Wen, who has been the subject of gloating and discussion among the women in the inner yard of various houses, did not breathe a sigh of relief after Qin Shi's departure.

Shen Xiang asked that she should also practice in the morning, but after Shen Wen flatly refused, she doubled the practice time.

Shen Wen felt that the only way to rest for a few days was to pretend to be sick.

But before Shen Wen could pretend to be sick, Shen Zhuo came to provoke.

He felt itchy when he saw Shen Jian personally taught Shen Wen the close-quarters combat skills.

That day, he came and pestered Shen Wen to compare hands.

Shen Wen could not reveal her skills and could only allow herself to be knocked to the ground by Shen Zhuo.

Shen Wen was so tired that she cried out.

 When the old Furen heard about this, she immediately called Shen Jian Shen Zhuo and Shen Xiang to the house.

Looking at Shen Wen, who was covered in dirt and had tears in her eyes, the old lady severely reprimanded Shen Zhuo, "I heard people say you knocked your little sister to the ground, how old is she and how old are you What kind of heroics are you showing to her Look at your sister, what have you done to her You are really capable!"

 Shen Zhuo was about to use the same rhetoric he used to say to Shen Xiang to distinguish.

When he turned his eyes to look at Shen Wen, he suddenly found that Shen Wen had obviously lost weight.

At once, he was shocked and looked carefully again, and for a moment was very sad.

He bowed his head and said, "It's my fault.”

Everyone in the room was stunned.

Shen Xiang, who had been eyeing him intently and ready to fight with him, was only staring at him.

Shen Zhuo looked up at everyone and suddenly gave a courtesy bow to Shen Wen: "Please forgive me for not being sensible Meimei." At this moment, he felt he had grown up.

Shen Wen was also frightened and stunned by Shen Zhuo's abnormality.

Shen Zhuo again bowed his head and said: "Meimei, I will never bully you any more...


Hurry up and get fat..." 

The old Furen sighed, "This is a good boy." She also said to Shen Wen, "Poor child, don't blame your third brother..."

Shen Wen was quickly taking the opportunity to yawn and said, "I don't blame Third Brother, I always feel like I don't get enough sleep lately ......"

 The old Furen frowned and said in a raised voice: "Call the madam quickly, Wen'er is so small, we need to find someone to look at."(basically calling a doctor to check)

Yang Shi arrived shortly, and the old Furen immediately nagged her: "Look at you, what have you been doing all this time Wen'er said she has no energy every day, if this hurts her qi and blood it would be a lifelong major event! How can you be a mother, are you a biological mother....."

Yang Shi heard this had a belly of fire(angry) and thought in heart ‘Don't you see her every day like I do’ But as soon as she saw the wretched Shen Wen, she immediately softened her heart and asked anxiously: "No energy This is not good, you must be tired, I will go and ask someone to come immediately."

For a time, Yang Shi was very regretful.

This younger daughter was not as fierce as her eldest daughter and in case she hurts her body what can she do later What if she hurt her body in the future A girl is afraid of hurting her body then having children is difficult.

It seems that she was tired of learning the rules some time ago, she should have found someone to look at early.

An hour later, Langzhong, who was often invited by Hou Fu, entered the mansion.

Shen Wen "humming and hawing" lying in bed, secretly relaxing the meridians.

Lang Zhong listened to the servant girl below and heard that Shen Wen had been educated in etiquette and trained in martial arts for half a year, so he knew about it.

After taking a pulse, he said the young lady is tired and needs to recuperate more, so he prescribed some warm tonic medicine to prevent injury.

Yang Shi told Shen Wen to sleep well in the morning and no need to come to greet her every day, just eat together in the evening, and asked the kitchen to add more meat to Shen Wen.

Shen Jian and others urged her to rest more.

When they came out of Shen Wen's compound, they ran into their elder brother who had returned to the house, and several people talked about Shen Wen's condition.

Shen Jian shook his head and said: "During this period, my little sister worked very hard.

She was really tired." 

Shen Yi said with a straight face, "She is different from Shen Xiang.

You should not force her to practise martial arts in the future." 

Shen Zhuo also sighed: "She is so soft and fluffy, where can  she withstand so much running, look how thin she has become ......”

Shen Xiang was a little embarrassed: "I am also for her own good." 

Shen Yi said as if making a decision: " Let's not have her practice martial arts.

Anyway, she is the youngest.

In the future there is something, certainly not her turn to take the field."

Several other children nodded in agreement, Shen Zhuo said, "She'd better grow fat again, as before." Everyone nodded again.

Shen Yi went to visit Shen Wen, and since then, Shen Wen was no longer dragged to the martial arts training ground.

Shen Zhuo's mouth is called "soft, fat" Shen Wen, after sleeping in a beautiful way for a few days, feels all energetic and uncomfortable without running, which is probably what people call "full of vitality".

Since Shen Xiang did not pull her to the martial arts field, she could only concentrate on running wildly in the night.

She ate well and slept well, and soon found that her air kungfu had improved greatly, and her speed and time had improved a lot.

That night, Shen Wen ran to Wanhua building again, walking on the roof of a partial courtyard, and heard some people in the courtyard say, "...

No meals for her! Let her stay overnight! Who do you think you are Looking at her beautiful appearance and promoting her up, she put on arrogance and didn’t lower, so she has to suffer some hardships..." 

Shen Wen stopped quickly and listened carefully to the following.


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