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On the same day, Qin Shi complained to the old Furen about Shen Xiang's disobedience to discipline and Shen Wen's absence of mind. 

After dinner, the old Furen said to her two granddaughters: "Since you have hired an upbringing Mama, Xiang'er should pay attention to it.

And Wen'er, if you don't understand ask nicely, don't be inattentive."

Shen Wen nodded vigorously and obediently. 

Shen Xiang scowled: "Why should women be humble and submissive What if the man is a bad guy If they are humble, won't that make the bad guys more rampant"

Yang Shi nodded: "Our military house does not pay attention to those who are modest and submissive, everything is reasonable, but also cannot blindly give in.

Otherwise people will not step on the head" 

The old Furen accused Yang Shi: "If you teach like this, Xiang’er will not accept anyone else in the future.

Who will dare to marry her" 

Shen Xiang blushed: "I will not marry, just guard grandma and parents, and practice martial arts all my life!" 

Yang Shi rebuked:” What are you talking about You are only a few years old and you are talking such nonsense!"

The old Furen looked at Yang Shi:"This is the daughter you taught!..." 

 A melee started again.

Shen Wen watched with interest as she bit her lip on the side.

Although Shen Xiang now appears to be a troublemaker, she is confident that she will make them feel that she is the most troublesome one in the future.

The next day Shen Xiang and Shen Wen went to see the Qin Shi.

Shen Xiang pulled Shen Wen's hand in a gesture of protecting her which was totally different from the previous day. 

After the salute, Shen Xiang handed over a stack of paper.

Qin Shi frowned and took it over.

After turning over a few pages, she picked up a ruler.

Shen Wen was crying again.

Shen Xiang raised her eyebrows and said: "Why did Mama hit us" 

Qin Shi gritted her teeth and said, "I asked you to copy the women's precepts fifty times, why is the handwriting on these papers different!"

Shen Xiang justifiably said, "You let us copy, we let others help copy, naturally the handwriting is not the same!"

Qin Shi was so angry that she froze and paused for a moment before saying, "How dare you let others copy"

Shen Xiang said without caring: " Sure I dare! What is there to be afraid of I dare to play with a real sword.

What's wrong with letting others help me copy the book

Qin Shi suddenly calmed down and scolded herself for forgetting what place this is.

Zhenbei Hou fought with the old Hou Ye in the north and South as a child, killing countless people.

Once his eldest son married and had a son, he would also go to the north to help his father.

These girls are under such father and brother teaching, especially Shen Xiang is anxious to see the old Furen’s face not hurting her or beating her is more than enough.  Why do you bother to teach them Just earn the money on the way.

Thinking of this, Qin Shi relaxed her face and said coldly: "In that case, let's recite the female precepts.

I will explain one paragraph, and the two young ladies will read it properly and then recite it on their own.

When you have memorized it, we will talk about the following ones." After saying that, she explained the opening paragraph of the Female precepts sentence by sentence.

Because she spoke clearly, Shen Xiang figured it out and recited it by herself for a while and memorized it.

And Shen Wen looked very hard at it, mumbling and muttering.

When Qin Shi checked it, Shen Xiang passed it in one go, while Shen Wen stammered and dropped, unable to memorize it.

Qin Shi told her to continue reciting, and she watched Shen Xiang write silently.

When Shen Xiang wrote it down, Shen Wen recited it poorly, and still could not get every sentence right.

The writing was even worse, with a lot of misspellings.

Qin Shi had no choice but to teach her another paragraph.Qin had no choice but to teach her another paragraph.

Speaking carefully and vividly, Shen Xiang memorized it again, but Shen Wen couldn't recite it, so she started to cryin anxiously.

Seeing that it was already noon, someone from Yang Shi's side said that the young ladies should go to dinner, I think the subordinates told Yang Shi.

Qin Shi also did not force them, let Shen Wen go back to memorize these two paragraphs, tomorrow must recite them.

When Shen Wen came to class the next day, she still couldn't recite it.

Shen Xiang sometimes reminded her of it, but Shen Wen didn't listen to it, and when she did, she froze and couldn't remember it.

Qin Shi had no choice but to teach Shen Xiang and let Shen Wen work hard by herself.

When Shen Xiang recited all the female precepts, Shen Wen still didn't memorize the beginning.

Qin Shi began to think that Shen Wen must have a brain problem.

She should be stupid. 

When the old Furen heard this, not only did she not blame Shen Wen, but she complained to Yang Shi: "The child is too young to let her memorize these, won't her brain be damaged" When people are old, they like children with small arms and legs.

Now that Shen Xiang has grown up and is not so cute anymore.

Only Shen Wen is still a real child, and she is very partial to this little daughter.

Yang Shi also felt that her little daughter was too soft.

She was probably frightened by her upbringing Mama.

She regretted having found this Mama. But the old Furen knew her and could not say anything bad about her.

She said: "Please mother ask mama to tell her that the child is so young, just teach her how to behave and sit.

Those Female precepts and other things should be taught by teachers in the future.” The old Furen saw that Yang Shi agreed with her and was pleased with her daughter-in-law's obedience, so she said word to Qin Shi and said to memorize less and learn more about the moves.

When Qin Shi heard this she was half dead with anger.

The charm in women's behavior comes from the cultivation of their temperament.

If they don't accept the teachings of female precepts from their hearts and cultivate the virtues of gentleness and obedience, then they can't achieve true gentleness in their manners.

In her heart, she despised the vulgarity of this mansion and did not care to teach the two young ladies.

She stopped tangling with dogmas such as the precepts of women and began to teach manners of speech and etiquette.

Shen Xiang has always practiced martial arts, and there is no way to show those elegant and soft tastes in her movements.

She is very impatient if she is instructed a few more words.

However, Shen Wen is very serious, staring at her eyes with a diligent and good learning expression, but her short and fat body, always interpreting the action as stupid and clumsy, a salute is also unstable.

Qin Shi helps to correct her hands, Shen Wen can trip over herself to the ground.

 When teaching manners of speech, it is clear that Shen Wen usually speaks well.

Whenever the words to say those polite words, stammering, upside down, say the front and forget the back, sometimes also drool and so on.

Often says she was hungry, even if only ate breakfast for an hour.

Although Qin Shi repeatedly warned herself not to care, seeing such a foolish unteachable student makes her angry face depressed.

Shen Xiang saw Shen Wen in this way and thought to herself that although Shen Wen did not practice martial arts, she had followed her master to learn light kung fu for more than a year when she was four years old.

These years, she was busy with martial arts training and did not care about her kung fu.

Now she is so clumsy because usually does not practice properly.

So after the class, she pulled Shen Wen to the martial arts training field to let her show her practice of light kung fu.

Shen Wen usually meditates to unblock the meridians which has great benefits in light bodies(air kungfu).

If she can avoid Xia Hong at night, she will come out to practice in the empty martial arts field of Hou Fu, knowing that she will never lose in light weight.

But once in front of people with light skills, she has to hide clumsily and never show her true level.

She was pulled by Shen Xiang to the martial arts training ground.

When she saw there were people around, put on a heavy pace, wobbling up and running like a small duck.

The Shen Zhuo and Shen Jian who were watching were laughing.

 Shen Xiang stuck his waist and pointed at them: "You are still laughing What can we do in the future if meimei is like this If anything happens, she can't even escape!" Shen Jian and Shen Zhuo stopped laughing and looked seriously at Shen Wen, who ran over, gasping for breath, holding hands together, with a scared expression on her face

Shen Jian heartache: "I will go back and go through the martial arts book for my Meimei to compile a few boxing moves.

It works and can save lives."

Shen Zhuo pulled up Shen Wen's arm and stretched her fat hand to Shen Jian: "With such fat hands, no moves are useful! Even after practicing it, it can only go to grab food!"

Shen Wen suddenly pulled back her arm and the action was very fast.

Shen Zhuo grew up practicing martial arts and was five years older than Shen Wen, but his hands were empty, so he was stunned.

Shen Wen realized that she shouldn't take her hand back so easily, quickly burst into tears ‘ woow’ with her mouth wide open.

Shen Xiang knocked Shen Zhuo apart, pulled Shen Wen and said: "meimei, Don't cry.

From today on, I will practice light exercises with you every morning.

At least you should run faster!" 

Shen Wen complains bitterly.

Does she also have to get up early like Shen Xiang "I can't get up.

Let's do it in the afternoon..."

Shen Xiang was so angry that she shook Shen Wen's arm: "You lazy fellow!"

Shen Zhuo answered, "It's a fat lazy fellow.

You forgot to say 'fat'!" 

Shen Wen was relieved to know that Shen Zhuo did not pay attention to what had just happened.

After all, he was only 11 years old.

As soon as she relaxed, she cried louder and louder: with so many people watching, she could not miss the chance to feel that she was always bullied. 

From then on, Shen Wen not only has to deal with Qin Shi, but also with Shen Xiang.

Every day after finishing the upbringing class, Shen Xiang pulled Shen Wen to run laps on the martial arts training ground in the evening.

Shen Wen also has to pay attention to not really use inner energy and always has to walk clumsily, after an hour also tired and all over sweating.

It was midsummer, Shen Wen said the light-colored clothes would be transparent, so she had to wear a dark-colored one.

Yang Shi wanted to make her red colored clothes, but Shen Wen said she didn't want to be like Shen Xiang and wanted a dark blue one.

Yang Shi felt that such a small girl wearing dark blue was too solemn, so she had people embroider red flowers and large butterflies on the lapel, causing Shen Zhuo to say that Shen Wen ran like a flower ladybug.

Shortly afterwards, Shen Jian also joined the fun and made up a set of close combat moves for Shen Wen to practice.

He is different from Qin Shi.

No matter how dumb Shen Wen pretends to be, he never rushes.

He looks at the short Shen Wen, dressed in colorful clothes and gestures with fat hands and feet only feels lovely.

He thought that this younger sister was too young and slow to learn anything, so he could coax Shen Wen with a smile to practice one movement for half an hour and repeat one gesture hundreds of times, which really matches his name: Shen Jian, perseverance. 

But Shen Wen's heart is screaming with bitterness.

She is already familiar with it in her heart, but still she has to pretend that she can't learn.

She is always vigilant not to show the signs of her knowledge.

Who says it's easy to be a liar In the words of later generations, she is under great pressure! 


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