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Chapter 4 part 4 Flower party

Shen Xiang finished laughing and asked Zhang Yunjin, "What do you usually do at home" 

Zhang Yunjin looked down and said, "Nothing, just reading, writing and embroidering or something." 

Shen Zhuo immediately asked with great interest, "What books have you read" 

Zhang Yunjin honestly said, "I just started reading the Analects of Confucius." 

Shen Zhuo waved his hand: "So boring, let me tell you, you have to read Shan Hai Jing(classics of mountain and sea*), or Sun Tzu's Art of War."

*Classic of Mountain and Sea, probably compiled c.

500 BC-200BC, contains a wide range of geography, mythology, witchcraft, popular customs etc.

Zhang Yunjin hesitated, "My mother probably won't let me read it."

Shen Zhuo came up with an idea: "Isn't your father a Military General You are the daughter of a Military General, right What's more, you should read Sun Tzu's Art of War, right Do not talk to your mother; go directly to your father! It's written in the Art of War, it's called "Surrounding Wei to save Zhao*!" He stared at Zhang Yunjin, stroking his chin with his index finger, making a very sophisticated look.

*relieve a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers

Zhang Yunjin covered her mouth and laughed, Shen Xiang frowned: "Why do I think it's not right You're not lying to us, are you"

Shen Zhuo turned his eyes.

"You haven't read it, deceived you, and you don't know.

Don't lie, don't lie!" 

Shen Xiang shouted loudly and rushed up to hit Shen Zhuo again.

Shen Zhuo yapped and said to Zhang Yunjin, "You will know that I am right when you read it.


You read everything...

Just don't practice martial arts...

Ouch! Ouch!" 

The spring breeze is warm, the flowers are fragrant and the willows are green, the boy in the water pavilion is shouting with great enthusiasm, the girl in gorgeous clothes is smiling with reserve and courtesy ......Shen Wen thought in her heart that this is probably what people call a ‘childhood sweetheart’.

She is now certain why Shen Zhuo was engaged so late in her previous life.

Shen Wen decided, starting over this time, if Zhang Yunjin really interested in the third brother, she must fulfill them.

As for what to do, she does not have an idea yet!

After Shen Xiang had enough of playing, they went back to talking.

For while talked about martial arts practice, a while about the story in the book, completely ignoring Shen Wen who was sitting on the side.

When the conversation was in high spirits, someone came over and said that the Third prince and the Fifth princess were leaving the mansion. Furen said that they should go to the mansion gate to give them a send-off.

Shen Zhuo was a little reluctant, but Shen Wen was quickly standing up. 

In her previous life, she hurriedly went to the front of the house to perform the gift of farewell, and then came back.

She didn’t see the later scene where Liu shi, whom Shen Yi married later, met with Shen Yi and Furen.

She heard from the servants that on that day Shen Yi was interested as soon as he saw Liu Shi.

 Liu Shi comes from a scholarly family.

Her great-grandfather is well-known as a great Confucian.

His students were all over the country.

He was also once the teacher of the late emperor.

It is said that because he had praised the current emperor's brother, he was afraid of being disliked by the current emperor, so he retired after the emperor's accession to the throne.

In order to avoid any wrongdoing, he stopped teaching students.

Liu Shi's grandfather died prematurely, but after her father became an official, he never progressed in the official career, and was only a fourth-class official.

The other sons of the Liu family also did not have much success.

The Liu family was obviously declining.

 Back in the day, Liu Shi's great-grandfather had a chance encounter with the old Marquis when he was young.

Although the two people forgot the year and also one was a civil official and the other was a military, but they talked very happily.

Later, when the old Marquis was famous and powerful, the two people had no more interaction.

But the old Furen remembered that the old Marquis had mentioned his relationship with old Mr.


When the old Marquis passed away, the old Furen asked Yang Shi, who was hosting the funeral at the time, to send a letter to Liu Shi's grandfather.

Originally thought that the other party would just send a letter back to express their condolences, but who knew that Liu Shi's father came to the Marquis Mansion to pay a visit in person, which impressed Yang Shi, so this flower meeting also sent a post to Liu Fu.

Yang Shi didn't actually consider Liu Shi.

She was like the old Furen at that time, all she wanted was to find Shen Yi, a woman from a respectable family.

Although Liu Shi's grandfather was noble, after all, that was a thing of the past.

However, Shen Yi fell in love with Liu Shi because of this encounter, and was attracted to her.

Although Yang Shi hesitated for a while, but thought about her past, she finally decided to marry Liu Shi.

Now Shen Wen sees conspiracies everywhere, Liu Shi's great grandfather once appreciated the current emperor's brother.The marriage between the Marquis Mansion and his granddaughter, will the emperor hate it Liu Shi's father is only a lowly civil official, which will not help the Marquis family in the future.

Are the parents deciding this to avoid suspicion or to consider the preferences of the elder brother This time Shen Wen wanted to see their meeting and was curious how his elder brother had made up his mind as soon as he saw Liu Shi.

At the mansion gate, Shen Wen hid behind Shen Xiang and bowed to the Third Prince and the Fifth Princess.

She had a feeling that the Third Prince's eyes were always looking this way.

Finally, when they got on their horse carriage and were surrounded by a group of servants and court officials, Shen Wen dared to raise her eyes to look around.

In the shadows inside the door of the house, there stood several people.

One of them is a young girl, her light blue dress sets off her face fair, thin eyebrows shallowly drawn, clear and beautiful appearance.

Shen Wen knew she was Liu before she paid attention to her, most people did not notice these few people in the noise after sending off the third prince and the fifth princess.

Seeing that people were dispersed, someone indicated Liu Shi to Yang Shi and introduced in a low voice, Liu Shi led the people to come over to Yang Shi and salute her.

Liu Shi's attitude is quiet, elegant and dignified, which is no big difference from those civil officials' female relatives.

Shen Wen looked at Shen Yi who was standing beside Yang Shi and there was no sign of difference in his face.

After smiling and exchanging a few words of courtesy with Liu Shi, Yang Shi turned around to go back.

Suddenly, perhaps because she was tired, her feet got weak and her body swayed.

 Yang Shi is usually physically strong and does not allow her maids to follow her at all.

Next to her, Shen Yi quickly held his mother's hand, only to find that Liu Shi on the other side had also extended her hand and stopped by Yang Shi's arm.

Seeing that Yang Shi had not fallen, Liu Shi withdrew her hand, bowed low and said, "Please forgive my rudeness, Madam." Yang Shi smiled and said, "Thanks a lot."

They walked towards the mansion together.

Shen Wen saw that Shen Yi's gaze towards Liu Shi was already different.

Shen Wen pouted her mouth; her eldest brother was too confused.

Liu Shi just wanted to help mother, and he already had a bias in his heart. 

But on second thought, human nature is mostly indicated from the details.

Liu Shi can so quickly reach out, showing that she is usually affable.

Those who are served by the maids don't have such eyesight prices.

Liu Shi is likely to usually take care of elders and be more considerate to others.

Then worry about Liu Shi: Once you reach out to do a good deed, you end up marrying into this family.

Although the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law get along well, husband and wife were harmonious for a few years and had two sons, but a tragic end.

I do not know whether Liu Shi felt it was worth it

She was still in melancholy, but Zhang Yunming brought Second Miss Zhang to call Zhang Yunjin, saying that it was past noon and it was time to go home with her mother.

Zhang Yunjin said goodbye to Shen Xiang and Shen Wen, saying that she would send a post to invite them to come over to her house to play.

And she gave a salute to Shen Zhuo, with a taut smile on her face.

But Shen Zhuo couldn't smile on his face.

He watched as Zhang Yunming took his sisters and went to see Marquess of Pingyuan. 

In the latter half of the day, Shen Zhuo lost interest and went to the library.

Shen Xiang and Shen Wen wandered back and forth between the xiaojies.

Shen Xiang was dressed in military attire and out of place in the colorful skirts.

Shen Wen remembered that she was embarrassed by Shen Xiang in her previous life, but now she is proud of her self-willed and proud sister.

She followed Shen Xiang with a silly expression, tripped and fell in public, cried in public, and was pulled away by Shen Xiang, very humiliating.

That night, Shen Wen meditated and then lay in bed with a lot of thoughts.

She now realized that what she was facing was not one or two big battles, but a web woven by the other side over time.

Now that the other side had begun to move, it was time for her to take action to build a defense system.

As a six-year-old, she simply could not be expected to convince her parents or eldest brother but to arrange things subtly and without drawing attention to herself.

During this period, she also had to pay attention to Shen Zhuo's and Shen Xiang's marriage.

She was more worried about them than her parents.

Shen Wen suddenly understood what two heads meant.


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