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Chapter 4 part 3 Flower party


Shen Wen hid behind Shen Xiang, a look of timidity.

Shen Xiang now acts as an adult, holding Shen Wen's hand tightly and whispering: "Meimei, don't be afraid, just don't talk for a while.”

In short, the Third Prince and the group of people arrived in front.

As a brother and sister of the same mother, the Fifth Princess has the same eyebrows as the Third Prince, but with more softness and beauty of a woman.

Shen Zhuo Shen Xiang and the Xiaojie of the Zhang family saluted.

The Fifth Princess smiled and said: "The fragrance Sachet made by the younger sister of the Shen family is really interesting."

 Shen Wen lowered her head and said, "Many thanks to the Fifth princess."

    The Third Prince looked at the black head tied with two girls' buns in front of him teasing Shen Wen and said: "The scented sachets you made for your brothers is so interesting, just give me one too."

It sounded like a teenager coaxing a child, but Shen Wen who was full of conspiracy and scheming, naturally suspected the hidden meaning: did he indicate that he was like her own brothers Is this thirteen-year-old child being instructed by others to get close to the Marquis Mansion While pondering, the Fifth princess said: "How can you give it only to the third brother If you want to give it out, you have to give it to me."

Shen Wen looked up and said very sincerely: "Those are too ugly, I have nice ones that I can give to the Third Prince and the Fifth Princess." After saying that she looked at Xia Hong.

Xia Hong hurriedly took out a fragrant Sachet made by several maids with much better needlework.

The Third Prince shook his head and said: "I don't want those, I want this kind of sachet decorated with jewels."

 Shen Zhuo laughed: "Isn't that money-grubbing"

    Shen Yi frowned at Shen Zhuo: "No nonsense."

  The Third Prince waved his hand and smiled as he untied a large bead from his waist and handed it to Shen Wen: "Look, I'll exchange this bead with you, this bead is similar to the one on your fragrance sachet, right"

The Fifth Princess shouted unwillingly: "I have one too!" also taking down the beads hanging around her waist.

Shen Wen's eyes shone brightly as she looked at the Fifth princess' beads and said: "This one is big!" Immediately untied the incense bag around her waist and handed it over, now she could only do so much.

Everyone laughed, Shen Wen raised her eyes and saw the Third Prince looking at her eyes, her heart was alert.

The royal family people are all very cunning.

She could not let him see that she intentionally did not give him the scented sachet, quickly took the beads of the Fifth princess and put it in her mouth.

Several people shouted, Shen Xiang and Zhang Yunjin almost simultaneously grabbed Shen Wen's wrist, Zhang Yunjin smiled: "Sister ah, this is not edible to eat!

 Shen Zhuo said smugly, "Look, what did I say She's hungry."

 Zhang Yunjin took out a small paper bag from her sleeve and opened it.

Inside was a piece of sugar carved in the shape of an exquisite bunny.

Shen Wen look pleased, grabbed a handful and ate, several people laughed again

The Third Prince did not take back the beads in his hand, so he handed them to Shen Yi and said: "Your little sister is really interesting, take this bead for her and make a hairpin, don't let her eat it." Shen Yi bitterly smiled and took it, Shen Wen secretly sighed: still did not escape.

Others see them talking and laughing here, gradually gathered around.

Occasionally some girls came over to salute the five princesses but actually introduced themselves to the Third Prince, making a series of smiles and bowing their heads and other actions.

Shen Xiang pulled Shen Wen and slowly moved out of the crowd.

Shen Zhuo saw it and followed them back.

Zhang Yunjin pulled down the Second Young Miss and the Second Young Miss didn't move, so she walked away with them by herself.

Zhang Yunming wanted to go, but was grabbed by Shen Jian and not allowing him to move.

So he could only stiffen his head and accompany the Third prince and the Fifth princess with Shen Yi.

The Third Prince has suddenly turned his head to look at the salute and queries, and Shen Wen and others have left a few distance.

Shen Wen saw the Third Prince's gaze sweeping, busy leaning close to Shen Xiang and looked scared again.

Shen Xiang made a smile at the third prince, but her feet did not stop, pulling Shen Wen to walk faster!

They walked all the way into the garden.

The Marquis Mansion's garden has a small lake.

Along the lake planted willows, paved stone paths, and occasionally placed a rockery.

A curved white jade bridge connected to a small pavilion in the water.

Shen Xiang led everyone to the small pavilion to sit.

Looking at the beautiful flowers in the garden from the pavilion, it is very interesting.

The maids came over and served tea and hand towels.

After people wiped their hands, they brought a few plates of snacks and put them on the small stone table in the pavilion.

Shen Zhuo said to Shen Wen with a wink, " Are these enough Do we need to move that big rock by the lake too"

 Zhang Yunjin laughed again.

Shen Xiang raised her hand and hit Shen Zhuo.

Shen Zhuo complained: "I was being kind! This time she ate the beads in front of the royal princess and was also greedy for others's sweets.

She must be very hungry and not enough to fill her stomach.

What if she eats this pavilion later The sun is big, it will make the little meimei tan.....

Oh, in fact, no need to tan at all.....”

Zhang Yunjin smiled again.

Her elder brother Zhang Yunming is usually gentle and elegant.

Where had she seen Shen Zhuo so fond of making witty remarks, for for a moment can not help but laugh repeatedly, which made Shen Zhuo greatly encouraged.

Shen Xiang pushed and beat Shen Zhuo repeatedly and said: "Go away! Don't fight here!"

Shen Wen pouted and frowned.

Zhang Yunjin smiled and comforted Shen Wen, "Sister don't be angry, your third brother is just teasing you." The same is meant to comfort Shen Xiang, Shen Wen said in her heart, he was just teasing you.

Shen Zhuo was beaten on the table, wailing: "In front of others to beat me like this, do you still want your reputation" Shen Xiang punched him hard.

"No more no more ......" Shen Zhuo suddenly shouted, rolled over and got up, leaned on his back in the chair, rolled his white eyes, tongue out, and said vaguely, "I'm not going to be ......"

Zhang Yunjin laughed and took out a handkerchief to cover her mouth.

Shen Wen also could not help but frown and smile, she peeked at Zhang Yunjin, although only seven years old and not as beautiful as her mother Li Shi.

It seems same as Zhang Yunming inherited her father's looks.

But the face is neat and the eyebrows are stretched, especially a good upbringing, the manner is extremely standardized which makes people look at it differently.

Shen Zhuo is used to seeing the unrestrained Shen Xiang and the cowardly Shen Wen, but today when he saw the girl with a good demeanor, he went crazy.

Shen Xiang had enough of fighting and pushed Shen Zhuo and said, "Stay aside! Don't get in the way!" Then she smiled and said to Zhang Yunjin: "Let meimei laugh.

Zhang Yunjin slightly lowered her head and said in a small voice: "How come Jiejie don't be so outsider way, it's good that you have such a brother to joke around with."

 Shen Zhuo came to life again, glared and said, "It's good for her, but not for me."

    Zhang Yunjin bowed his head and laughed again, and did not look up and said, "You are obviously.....

very cheerful....."

Shen Zhuo looked at Zhang Yunjin's mouth in disbelief, and Shen Xiang laughed.

The water carries the sound far away, her laughter makes the Third Prince who was led by Shen Yi to visit the flowers in the garden at the far side of the lake look over, but Shen Xiang did not notice.



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