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As Jing Shaoyuan said that, he turned around and motioned to Lan Mengqing.

“Mengqing, this Young Master Li is the allied armies hottest person now! Hes the talk of the entire Blessed City.

Everyone says his ability is extraordinary, and he even killed a Sky Devil mid-phase practitioner! Quick, offer a toast to Young Master Li!”

Lan Mengqing had been secretly sizing Li Moying up since she walked over.

From a close distance, this man appeared to be even more handsome and charming.

His masculine features had no flaws at all, and his cold and celibate temperate gave one the feeling of a lukewarm relationship.

One simply couldnt draw their attention away from him.

Hearing Jing Shaoyuans words, Lan Mengqing suddenly shuddered as she stared at him in disbelief.

She thought, “Does Shaoyuan mean… this devilishly handsome man is already married at such a young age He has a wife!”

“W… Whats wrong with him”

“He looks even younger than Shaoyuan!”

Talented practitioners at their grade would usually focus on cultivation and advancing into Dao Profound Realm first.

They would not get married at such a young age.

At most, they would get engaged like herself and Jing Shaoyuan.

Just as she was in a daze, Jing Shaoyuan urged, “Mengqing, whats the matter with you”

Lan Mengqing abruptly came back to her senses.

She took a step forward and raised the wine glass in her hand.

“Young Master Li, allow me to offer you a toast!”

Her voice was a little too tender.

Jing Shaoyuan couldnt help but frown slightly as he stared at her.

But Lan Mengqings attention was fully focused on Li Moying, so she did not detect the dissatisfactory emotions that her fiancé was displaying.

No matter how she looked at Li Moying, she felt that he was simply too young!

She thought, “Who would get married at this age I dont believe this at all!”

Li Moying also felt that something was wrong with Lan Mengqings voice.

But he couldnt be bothered about another woman, other than his wife.

So he didnt even look Lan Mengqing in the eye.

Li Moying raised his wine glass and said indifferently, “Please dont say that.

Young Miss Lan is too kind.”

Seeing Li Moying drinking her toast, Lan Mengqing felt a little excited.

She totally did not consider that Li Moying doing that was out of courtesy.

Even if it was any ordinary allied armies officer other than her, he would also drink to their toasts under this kind of occasion today.

Lan Mengqing hurriedly said, “Young Master Li, this is your first time coming to Blessed…”

She wanted to quickly strike up a conversation with Li Moying.

Although she was shocked to find out that Li Moying had a wife, she quickly set up her mind to close the distance between her and Li Moying, so that she could find out more about his so-called wifes background.

Lan Mengqing felt that there should be something that she wasnt aware of.

She thought, “Hes still so young and so focused on cultivation.

Moreover, he doesnt know much about the affairs of the heart.

Perhaps, some shameless woman tried to think of a way to seduce him.”

She decided that she would not allow such an outstanding man like Li Moying to be deceived by those little sluts!

However, Lan Mengqing had just barely said a few words before she was interrupted by Jing Shaoyuan.

“Young Master Li, you havent answered my question yet.

Where is Young Madam Li Why isnt she here today This is such an official occasion but she actually refused to attend this event with you.

This is simply unreasonable! Moreover, this is like a huge disrespect to Lord Xuan and Divine General Meng…”

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