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"Good, don't move outside that circle, dodge my attacks with limited movements, as a body cultivator, you need to fight your enemies head-on. For that, you and your mind need to be fast.

So fast that just as your eyes see the incoming attack, your muscles move themselves to dodge. "

Right now, Azriel was standing inside a circle that had a radius of 1 meter and was trying to dodge Luminia's attacks.

However, he wasn't fairing that well.

Luminia's attacks were ruthless; she targeted his head, neck, eyes, and even his crotch.

However, no matter how ruthless her attacks were, or how absurd this concept of dodging while staying inside this small circle was, Azriel could feel how beneficial her training was.

Even though he spend all his day cultivating the Crimson Domination and Blood Mana Unification, this 2-hour training with Luminia was much more beneficial for him.

A week after his training started, he even requested Luminia to increase the training hours, however,

"Your body is too weak right now. You won't be able to take it. We will talk about it when body cultivation rises to Beginner Stage."

Every time he asks it, she denies it saying that he couldn't take it and the problem was, that he couldn't refute it.

Actually, he was lucky that his regeneration was so quick and miraculous, if he was a human, he would need a week's rest before he could train again.

Well, not that a normal human would ever have Luminia training him, even the Vampires fought for that chance but were unable to get it.

In conclusion, Luminia's training was effective but lethal, and this was just her using a wooden sword.



While Azriel was thinking about all of this, Luminia hit his head with a wooden sword and instructed in a strict tone.

Azriel didn't even have the time to nod as he dodged another attack, however, in hurry, he stepped out of the circle Luminia created and,

*Bam* *Bam*

Two strikes, one on his head and another one on the foot that stepped out of the circle. This time, the speed of the attack was so high that Azriel only saw a blur as her sword disappeared before it hit him.

"Ughhh!" Azriel groaned as he rubbed his head.

"Don't think about random stuff when you are fighting… be glad we haven't started training with a real sword. Now rest the next 5 minutes." Luminia instructed before she walked back.

"Yes, teacher…" Azriel nodded before he lay on the ground and closed his eyes.

He noticed that his regeneration is the fastest when he does not move at all.

So lying on the ground was the best way to rest efficiently and train with full energy again, not only that, lying down and closing his eyes like that helps him picturise the whole training and observe where he faltered.

He needed to use this time effectively, he had to improve.

He needs to minimize the mistakes he makes.

That is the only way to learn more and get better.

That is the only way to get strong.


'Bloody monster...'

Luminia, who was observing Azriel from afar, thought inwardly.

She has been observing him for this whole month and she only had one word to describe him.


A sheer Monster.

Luminia is a True Vampire.

A Vampire who was alive when Vampires were in their prime, and she had a high social standing at that time.

She has seen countless 'geniuses' in her life.

However, none of them can be compared to this monster.

In front of him, they aren't even worthy of being called geniuses.

Although they might have higher cultivation than him when they were his age, that is only because they started cultivating when they were 5 while he just started it a month ago.

However, even though he has just started, Luminia was sure that his potential is enormous.

She can easily say that his potential far surpassed her own and even… even King Dardon!

Luminia has trained him from the start, she had seen how he got from someone who had zero fighting skills, someone who did not even know how to hold a sword correctly, to what he has become now.

Azriel's senses and instincts were out of this world, combined with that monstrous learning speed he has, his improvements were outright scary.

If he fought with those 6 cultivators again, then Luminia would be impressed if their sword even grazed him one time.

That was how scary his improvements were.

However, the best part about Azriel is not his talent or learning speed, it's his willingness to learn. Even though he learned so much, even though he got stronger so quickly, the determination in his eyes never died, he absorbed everything she taught like a sponge.

His craving for strength seemed never-ending.

And Luminia was very satisfied by that attitude.

Luminia then noticed that Azriel had now stood up, she looked at the time and realized that the 5 minutes are over, however, just as she was about to go and start another round of training, Lilia walked into the garden and bowed.

"Lady Luminia, this is important."

"Hmm What happened" Luminia questioned and although he did not say anything, Azriel also looked at her curiously.

"It's about the vampire group"

"Hmm Those vampires who were attacking the villages" Luminia questioned.

She remembered that just like Azriel, some vampires have started attacking human villages, and unlike Azriel, who just attacked blindly, they did it in a very systematic manner.

Luminia was very impressed when she heard about them and told Lilia to keep an eye on them.

"Yes, Lady Luminia, those vampires… they might face something they can't handle today…" Lilia answered.

"What happened" Luminia narrowed her eyes.

"The humans have understood their attack patterns and are planning to ambush them" Lilia replied in a solemn tone.

However, unlike her serious look, a mischievous smile appeared on Luminia's face as she turned toward Azriel.

"Say, my dear student, would you like to face human cultivators again"

An identical, mischievous smile appeared on Azriel's face as well and he replied.

"Why not"


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