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Many people had even seen some of them before.

“The three Saints of Xinghai, Lone Mountain Sword Master… I know two! They came from our county!”

“The Legend class sword pet, sky mountain sword ape! Its said that it evolved from the extinct pet, the cloud monkey!”

“Theres a bunch of Overlord class pets! That sword rabbit king has already completed its tier 4 evolution! The innate sword spirit Jingmi sword is said to have an original body of the Konghuang rock! The river-mountain sword was formed many years ago by a lone peak in Tianquan City.

Theyre all Legend class pets that live in the history books!”

“This is too ridiculous! So many big shot pets actually took a fancy to that sword rabbit”

“No, that sword rabbit cant possibly handle them all, can it”

“F*ck, I cant compare to it at all.

I was lucky enough to go to the Starry-sky Sword Realm once, but there was no reaction at all.

I wanted to exchange moves with these seniors, but I didnt even have the chance to learn anything.

My talent wasnt good enough.

But here, the predecessors are f*cking fighting over the sword rabbit, huh”

“By the way, whats it going to do With so many big shots, one sword rabbit cant finish them all, right”

“The sword rabbit will probably choose a few… Umm… It sounds kind of sad.

We were all chosen!”

“What level of talent does this sword rabbit have Its just a level 2 pet that hasnt evolved yet, but it can already create such a huge commotion.

If it evolved, wouldnt it be beyond great”

“If it evolved, perhaps it wouldnt be so exaggerated… After all, it only has potential since it hasnt evolved.

After it evolved, its path would be fixed…”

In such a situation, other than the word “ridiculous”, there was probably no other way to describe it.

“Young Miss Ming Zhu…” The corner of the green-robed elders mouth twitched, “You still want me to give the sword rabbit advice”

Look at the predecessors fighting for it inside.

But then again, such a situation was probably not easy to deal with either…

Sometimes, it was not good to have too many choices…

In the Starry-sky Sword Realm, the sword rabbits eyes were dazzled.

But most of its focus was on the sword rabbit king.

They were, after all, of the same race, so there was a sense of kinship.

As it looked at the other figures, it was a little confused.

Its eyes reflected different sword lights.

It was too difficult to choose.

At this moment, the sword rabbits glabella lit up.

An ancient sword flew out from its glabella and stood in the void, emitting a burning brilliance.

Then, the sword rabbits body shook, and its body seemed to be out of control as it held the ancient sword!

In an instant, its aura changed, and its eyes burst out a dazzling light as it rushed toward the endless figures in front of it like a sword rainbow!

“The Seven-star sword spirit!” Wang Yes eyes lit up.

To think it appeared at this time!

In the next moment, a huge battle!

The sword rabbit holding the Seven-star sword spirit was like a sword celestial in the world.

It seemed to have entered a mysterious state and fought with the predecessors head-on!

Moreover, it was not at a disadvantage at all!

It only used the Sword-breaking Form.

The difference was that the Sword-breaking Form was not a technique that had an ever-changing style.

The sword intent was unpredictable.

Sometimes it was like the autumn wind blowing at the fallen leaves effortlessly; Sometimes it was like the stars hanging, exquisite and peerless; Sometimes it was like a majestic aura that toppled the mountains and rivers…

“This… this… Why does it feel like a big shot is fighting on behalf of the sword rabbit” Wang Yes eyes were dazzled as he watched.

Although the sword rabbit was very strong, and its sword techniques had reached a very high level, in the end, it had only just comprehended sword intent.

The gap between their true strength was huge.

Yet at this moment, it could fight the many spiritual imprints left behind by so many ancestors, and even sometimes gave Wang Ye a feeling as if it was a celestial.

Clearly, something was not right.

The reason could only be the Seven-star sword spirit.

But if one looked closely, the sword rabbit hadnt lost consciousness.

It must be in an extremely clear state… It seemed a little inappropriate to say that the big shot was fighting on behalf of the sword rabbit then

Wang Yes heart stirred and he immediately looked at the sword rabbits state, only to be immediately shocked.

[Pet: ]

Everything had turned into question marks.

Damn it, even him, the beastmaster, couldnt see the information about his pet

“Could it be that the Seven-star sword spirit is trying to get used to the sword rabbit” Wang Ye held his chin and continued to sense.

After an unknown length of time, the figures of the predecessors were defeated one by one by the sword rabbit holding the Seven-star sword spirit.

Some turned into a thin stream of sword light that surged into the sword rabbits body, while some transformed back into a twinkling star and hung in the distant starry sky.

Suddenly, streams of information appeared in Wang Yes soul.

[The sword rabbit has awakened an upgradeable characteristic: Twin Sword Soul (white)]

[The sword rabbit has absorbed a wisp of sword essence, the characteristic has grown to the blue grade.]

[The sword rabbit has absorbed several wisps of sword essence, the characteristic has grown to the purple grade.]

[ … ]

[The sword rabbit has absorbed more than a hundred wisps of sword essence, the characteristic has grown to the red grade.]

[The sword rabbits Sword-breaking Form has reached the peak mastery realm.

It has comprehended the profoundness, Sword Star Shift.]

[The sword rabbit has comprehended an inheritance skill: Myriad Sword Form.]

“…” Wang Ye.

F*ck, it was already ridiculous enough that Xiao Jiu had gained a small portion of the inheritance from the crimson flame phoenix back then.


What was this now

“The sword rabbit isnt just cheating in the simulation, its also cheating in real life, huh” Wang Ye said in his heart.

At this moment, the countless figures of the predecessors had gradually turned back into stars and hung in the sky again.

In the end, not a single one was left.

All of them were defeated by the sword rabbit.

Although Wang Ye knew that this was because of the Seven-stars sword spirit…

“This is too abnormal… Is this the power of the sword-pet unity Or is it just the power of the Seven-stars sword spirit”


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