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Even the faint breaths and whispers outside his door were easily heard by him.

He raised his eyes and commanded coldly, “Come in!”

Whoever was standing outside the door hesitated for a long while before pushing it open.

Yun Shishi walked into his office step by step, feeling the strange and oppressive atmosphere.

This office was shockingly spacious.

It was at least a hundred square meters in size with a minimalist yet opulent furnishing.

However, as she stood inside, she felt an invisible force of oppression.

It was so strong that she could barely breathe.

She looked at the man seated behind the desk.

He was elegantly propping his chin in his palm as he gazed fixedly at her.

His eyes were no longer soft and gentle as they had been this morning.

Right now, they were deep and gloomy that none dared look at him directly.

His expression was as cold as ice.

His chilling stare, coupled with his towering presence, made Mu Xi cower a little and break out in a cold sweat.

The noble aura coming from him terrified her as well.

Thus, she subconsciously hid behind her artiste.

“C-Chairman Mu…” Just as she opened her mouth, his deep, piercing gaze, which was clouded in darkness, rendered her mute!

“Get out! I dislike being disturbed during work.” He drummed his fingers on the table as he gazed icily at her.

His tone was calm but was laced with majesty that none dared to counter.

With just a few words, she broke out anew in a cold sweat.

“You should head out!” Yun Shishi told her assistant.

Thus, the latter left the office.

The mans expression slowly got filled with some warmth.

“Why are here” He regarded her gently, yet from his gloomy look, he was evidently in a bad mood.

He disliked being disturbed at work.

Plus, having just argued with his second uncle, his mood got even worse.

“Am I disturbing you” asked the woman at his depressed look.

“Should I leave”

He unexpectedly raised his jaw arrogantly as his lips arched at the corners slightly.

“What are you doing here”


He was different!

The man before her was like a separate person from the one she knew!

He really had an overbearing presence at times.

Right now, he was like a high-and-mighty emperor.

With just one gaze, he could cause fear in others.

The man looked at her deeply before speaking in a low voice.

“Come here.”

She was a little afraid to move her legs.

She had never seen such a grim side of him before.

His face was emotionless yet still made people feel extremely cold and distant.

“Come here!” said the man after seeing no movements from her.

The woman was apprehensive as she heard the apathy in his voice.

At a loss on what to do, she stood rooted to the spot.

She did not dare walk over for fear of him swallowing her alive!

Hesitantly, she stumbled to his side.

He suddenly turned his chair and pulled her into a hug.

She let out a gasp in shock as her waist was captured by him in his embrace.

One must admit that this mans muscles were very firm.

He was terrifyingly strong as she could hardly move an inch even when she struggled against him!


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