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‘Lethal Beauty was different.

The script for was almost ready; the drama had ninety episodes and a primetime time slot during the summer.

Its influence surpassed theHaunted Tomb by a large margin.

The reputation it had was not something the other could beat.

In addition, with due to its five-year-long exposure and the diversity of its audience, it had a greater chance of garnering large reception from the masses.

After his analysis, she was speechless.

She suddenly got why this man was a top-star manager.

It was fully deserved.

Just from his insight when it came to choosing scripts, he was vicious and had a way of looking into things.

“Even if it turns out to be a wasted effort, we cant let any opportunity slip by.

If the quality of your audition stuns Gu Xiaoyang, who knows and he may end up choosing you.

You ought to know that he has directed two of the highest-rated dramas, so his voice has a lot of weight in the production.”

“Okay, Ill give it a try!”

She got the script from him.

“Actually…” The man raised a brow as if he had something to say but hesitated.


“Nothing!” He shook his head and gave a smile but he did not say anything else.

What he wanted to say was that it would be easy to clinch the female lead role if they employed Mu Yazhes help.

However, knowing her personality, he knew that she would be unwilling.

Strong-willed, she would certainly want to clinch this role with her capability!

She smiled.

“Dont worry; Ill give it my all and not let your efforts go to waste.”

He smiled sweetly.

When she got home, she began reading the script carefully.

After staying up the whole night, she finally finished going through it.

It was a hard-to-come-by script.

Actually, imperial-harem dramas had always been a hot topic in TV shows.

In these ten years, the top ten highest-rated dramas hadimperial harem as their subject.

Imperial harem dramas catered to many viewers interest.

With its public reputation and high viewership, the female lead was sure to gain nationwide popularity.

The main storyline in the script talked about how Qin Changle, the daughter of a concubine from the chancellors residence, assisted the prince in ascending the throne.

Things had just turned for the better when she got betrayed shortly after being bestowed the queen title.

In the end, she was thrown into the cold palace and died of humiliation and hatred.

She reincarnated to twenty years earlier and proceeded took revenge, ultimately gaining a happy ending.

The characterization was clear and the plot was interrelated.

With trickery and the imperial harem as the main subject matters, it was indeed fascinating.

If its production was of excellent quality, she was certain that it would be an avant-garde in the category of imperial-harem dramas.

What a great script!

She was deeply moved and could not help feeling emotional.

Originally, she held no high hopes for the audition, but after reading the script, her spirit was renewed.

She made use of this rare short vacation after the completion ofThe Green Apple to read through the script thrice, attentively taking note of the important points.

Very quickly, she received the audition script.

The audition script was Qin Changles hate- and anguish-filled monologue fifteen years after being thrown into the cold palace when faced with the emperors edict to commit suicide.

Apparently, the judges wanted to see the actresses script-reading skills and take of such raw emotions by singling out this part for the audition.

A day before the audition, she felt extremely tense.

She tossed and turned restlessly in bed, unable to fall asleep.

Each time she thought of how they might have already internally decided on a female lead, she felt utter regret.

She really hoped that she could snag the female lead role!


Thinking of Lin Zhi and Han Yuyans the massive fanbases, the competition was really stiff!

She could only sigh helplessly!


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