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Gu Xiaoyang, the director forLethal Beauty, was an old hand in the acting industry.

During the shooting preparations, besides pulling in a few special cases to the team to pander to the investors whims, he also sent out a notice to those ideal female leads he had in mind.

However, of the five names listed, Yun Shishi was not one of them.

Due to her being a newbie and the movie that she was in not being released yet, the man did not have a strong impression of her.

He only knew that she had a good aptitude, but she was not so special that he would invite her to take part in his drama.

Of these five people, Lin Zhi, together with Han Yuyan, was of course included.

Five female celebrities, and four of them under Huanyu.

As an entertainment empire, Huanyu had many established artistes under it.

Three of the four most popular actresses in showbiz came from it.

This clearly illustrated the influence Huanyu had.

Inviting celebrities from Huanyu to take part in the audition was tacitly accepted by Chengguang from an investors perspective.

It seemed altruistic on the surface, yet Huanyus head producer, Ji Lin, was furious when he heard of this.

Was this not just downright cheating the fans to increase ones fame!

First, they boosted the shows supporters by inviting celebrities from Huanyu.

Second, after garnering enough hype, they would still choose their people at the final selection.

Stirring enough gossip by using Huanyu to promote their artistes, was this not killing two birds with one stone for them

This was such an excellent gimmick of Chengguang.

What of them knowing about the gimmick, though

The show was good.

Even if it was only by a slim chance, they must still seize every chance that came their way.

Once Qin Zhou caught wind of this drama being prepared for shooting, he quickly arranged a meeting with Gu Xiaoyang and expressed his desire to work with him.

Going straight to the point, he recommended his artiste.

He had a broad network in the circle and had a good relationship with the director.

Because he had sought him in person, the director agreed to giving his charge a spot in the audition.

Even though it was just a spot in the audition and the chances were low, this opportunity was still hard to come by.

Whether she would be chosen or not, her agent did have much faith.

Deep down, he sensed that this drama was likely tailor-made to promote Lin Zhi.

After listening to his detailed analysis, Yun Shishi was a little disappointed.

“The chance isnt high; its impossible.

Lin Zhi is their artiste; how can Chengguang select a celebrity from Huanyu to be the female lead”

“Just like that, is your morale dampened” He laughed playfully as he regarded her.

“Shishi, boost your fighting spirit! The chance of being chosen may be low, but it isnt entirely hopeless!”

“I am a little curious.”

“What are you curious about”

“Since this novel is a popular intellectual property, why didnt Huanyu buy the adaptation rights for it” she wondered.

“Shishi, things arent as simple as you imagined.

The benefits of being involved are great, but Huanyu didnt buy the intellectual property of this because our companys present focus is filming, so most of Huanyus capital goes to acquiring movie scripts.

In fact, our company has just acquired the intellectual property ontomb raiding.

The preparations for its shoot will begin soon.

Originally, I wanted you to join that movies production team, but after weighing the pros and cons, I decided to have you audition for the female lead role inLethal Beauty, instead.”

Actually, he had taken a close look at the script of that movie about tomb raiding.

This script was based on the famous novel,Haunted Tomb.

‘Tomb raiding was a very popular concept at the moment.

However, due to the sensitivity of the concept, many aspects of this film-adaption were fettered.

It was obvious that the novels original flavor could not be brought into the movie.

Thus, even though this movie received heavy funding, it could not escape the fate of being reduced to just a superficial blockbuster.


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