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Chapter 984: Losing her following… Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


Lu Jingtian added, “I remember this one scene that was retaken a few times because the director was dissatisfied.”

The main host replied seriously, “The director is someone who takes his profession seriously and is especially strict when filming.

I heard that he can even be a little short-tempered at work.”

Xiao Can followed through with her line.

“He has high filming standards and, as always, strives to outdo his best.

This is a rare attitude!”

The topic was, thus, put back on the right track.

Intentionally or unintentionally, the main skipped the actress thereafter and even obfuscated her presence.

There were a few interesting topics surrounding her in the script that he skipped purposely as well.

Naturally, this upset the woman.

She tried cutting in to bring back the attention to her but ultimately failed.

Her attempts just made her look like a desperate jester.

Her agent was furious with her for this, and only her lofty status stopped him from lashing out at her.

She was truly frustrated.

Her words had come tumbling out sans a thought.

While she was upset with herself for not keeping her cool, she was also flustered by the newbies ability to deflect her sharp taunting.

Qin Zhou walked up to his charge and praised, “Shishi, you did well today!”

“Well, I must thank boss Qin for his wonderful guidance, no” She smiled humbly in return.

“Little lass, your words sure sound as sweet as honey!” said her agent, apparently taken in by her flattery.

The show expectedly caused an uproar immediately after it was aired.

The topic was not so much about Lu Jingtiansaccidental taunting.

Instead, the viewers were debating over the relationship between the two actresses.

‘Lu Jingtian snubs Yun Shishi quickly became the hottest trending topic on Weibo.

Even the production team was unhappy with the actress for not following the script; hence, they purposely highlighted the vile look on her face during the shows rerun.

A majority of the public pointed out that the actress had repeatedly snubbed the newbie during the show.

Her plotting actions differed from her innocent image on screen.

This spiteful manner of hers was vividly revealed in the show.

For the actresss repeated snubbing of the newcomer, many fans of the latter went to the formers Weibo in condemnation.

Overnight, she had lost tens of thousands of her Weibo followers.

Her fans, of which the majority were ghost followers, were not that many in the first place, yet the ones she lost were her real followers.

She almost went mad with anger from this.

Her plan was to embarrass the newbie in the show.

Who knew that it would backfire and she would suffer a loss, instead

She was, in fact, just jealous of the newbie as her team wanted to create a CP between her and the superstar, but the man decisively refused.

He readily agreed when it was Yun Shishi, though.

It was no wonder she got mad.

Why must his abundant resources go to that b*tch

If those were given to me, Id be a hotter topic than her!

How would she not be mad at this

Of course, this came much later.

Qin Zhou summoned his charge to his office that day.

When she rushed into his office, he had just finished a call.

He looked serious, yet at the same time, his eyes flashed with excitement and ambition.

When he saw her, he brought her to a seat.

He was about to speak when a recollection made him pause, voicing out thereafter, “Shishi, I have a question.”


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