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His mother was his reverse scale; his anger would be invoked once she was touched.

The man knitted his brows.

In this aspect, this child was alike his younger self; it was their nature to be paranoid.

It was just that this childs nature was on the innocent and stubborn side, not having an adults comprehensiveness at all.

One, however, could not be overly extreme when handling such matters.

The older boy walked over to two at this point and looked at them.

Facing each other, the father-son pair seemed to be having a standoff!

Youyou clenched his fists to calm his anger.

Eventually, he caved in and said, “Alright.

Ill respect your decision this time, but only this time!”

There wont be a next time!

Its only on daddys account!

“Good boy!”

With that, the man strode to the door.

Yichens eyes flashed.

“Daddy, arent you staying here tonight”

“No,” replied the man faintly before leaving.

Soon, it was nighttime.

The night sky was especially dark today; this seemingly boundless dark curtain hanging in the sky reflected Song Enyas current mood.

She turned and tossed as she lay in bed, unable to sleep with her thoughts in a mess.

She had previously sent a few messages complaining about Yun Shishiscrimes to her beloved Brother Mu, but even after waiting for a long time, she still did not receive his reply!

She thought that he would rush over and check on her once he learned of her injury!

Not one call came even after waiting until late at night!

She was inevitably feeling downcast!

She felt that the man was no longer as close to her as before.

She did not know why there seemed to be a faint estrangement and alienation between them!

It must be because of that woman!

Her heart was filled with annoyance at the thought of that woman.

She felt that she had been too lenient with her this afternoon, and she should have broken a hand of hers.

Unable to vent her anger, she felt suffocated from it!

She sat up from bed and ravaged a pillow, treating it as a certain hateful person as she strangled it for a good while.

Unfortunately, it was not enough to quell her anger.

Just then, her phone rang.

She looked at the display distraughtly, but once she saw the one calling her, she cheerfully picked up the phone fast.

She then answered the call with a sickly and frail voice.

“Hello, Brother Mu”

“Enya, were you sleeping” His low magnetic voice came through from the other end.

“No… I cant sleep as Im feeling upset…” She pretended to sob, as if she had suffered from great grievances and was about to cry, but was, in fact, secretly delighted with his call.

“Is your hand better now” His voice sounded bland.

Unable to discern any concern in his voice, she grumbled, “My hand got dislocated and its already reattached, but it still hurts a lot…”

Where the hell would it hurt

It was just a normal dislocation and did not hurt at all now.

She deliberately said that to make him feel bad for her.

He suddenly fell into silence, and this made her restless and anxious.

She said, “Brother Mu, do you know That Yun Shishi is simply too much! She practically—”

“I know what happened this afternoon!” He interrupted, his voice bottoming for a bit.

“Youve gone overboard!”


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