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“Foolish woman.”

She really could not take jokes.

He held her hand and entered the cozy little shop.

When they stepped inside, they saw a boy excitedly leaning over the counter; anticipation was evident in his glistening eyes.

A short-haired woman looked at the childs silly appearance, pinching his cheeks helplessly.

The boy reminded Yun Shishi of her son when he was three years old.

Youyou loved desserts, so when she got off early from work, she would bring him to a dessert store.

The little fellow would behave in a similar manner, tiptoeing before the display counter and lusting over the desserts in the refrigerator display.

He no longer did that, however.

She requested a matcha cream puff and then sat by the counter with the man to wait for her order.

When the shop owner served a plate of cream puff on the counter, the boy grabbed it in a hurry and stuffed it greedily into his mouth.

Tickled by his cute reaction, the shop owner exclaimed, “Your child is really cute!”

The woman frowned and blandly replied, “If you find him cute, how about I give him to you This little lad is very mischievous.”

Surprised, she turned to look at that woman with a smile.

The woman patted the boys head in a lazy manner, lamenting, “This fellow is really worrisome.”

With that, she rubbed the boys fringe and grumbled in a half-joking, half-serious, manner, “Dont be deceived by his obedient appearance now; I get headaches when he acts up.”

“Kids are all naughty by nature, especially the boys.” The shop owner laughed.

Lazily hugging her shoulders, Mu Yazhe chimed in on the conversation gently.

“When my son was at that age, hes also very mischievous!”

A hint of surprise flashed in her eyes.

Never did she think that he could engage in such idle talk with others like a normal person.

It felt really bizarre!

Perhaps, her impression of him had always been a lofty imperial elite and the dictator of bloodbaths – a godly being.

He actually had a normal side to him, too.

She blushed slightly. What is this Hes a normal human being, after all.

“Ha ha! Really” The woman was slightly surprised.

“Handsome, how old are you You dont look like someone who has a child already.”


“Wow… How young! Is she your lover”

Bowing his head, he took a glance at the woman in his arms.

A gentle smile quickly appeared on his face as love filled his gaze.

“Yes! Shes my wife.”

She blushed profusely at his declaration, and she buried her face in the nook of his arm.

‘Shes my wife!

Amid her embarrassment, her heart was also flooded with warmth!

For the first time in her life, she felt such an unfamiliar warmth!

The mans gaze remained fixed on the mother-son pair leaving the shop until they disappeared from sight.

Holding a bag of puffs, she waved it in front of him and wondered, “Whats wrong with you”

Coming back to his senses, he smiled slightly and shook his head.


I just felt a little envious.”

“Hm” She could not get what he meant for a moment.

“Sometimes, Im very envious of such an ordinary yet simple family! He revealed his heartfelt thought.

He thought that having an ordinary yet simple family was a luxury!


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