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“Nonsense! Theres no such thing! Do you have acting skills, then Your face just happened to fit this scripts character!”

Lu Jingtian did not seem to realize how jealous she sounded.

Yun Shishi laughed deeply.

“Theres a saying that goes:Beauty and luck are forms of potential.”

Pausing, she smiled and said, “If youre capable, then be more beautiful than I am!”

The other stiffened and then clenched her teeth tightly.

With an appreciation for her livid expression, she smiled slightly.

“Besides, what position are you in to say that I cant act In terms of potential, Im not concerned in comparing myself to you.”

Enraged, the other unleashed her fury on her.

“Hmph! What potential do you have The potential to use the unspoken rules Indeed, beauty is a form of potential, so did you use this beauty of yours to seduce Brother Mu! Youre a vixen incarnate whos dedicated in seducing men!”

She gave her a sidelong glance.

Indeed, one could not talk to someone with limited experience and knowledge.

Some people could just be green with envy and be completely unreasonable.

She, thus, coldly stated, “Even without him, I can prove myself with my potential.”

Lu Jingtian hissed, “Dont depend on him if youre capable, then!”

She was too lazy and indifferent to continue listening to her.

Her indifference irked the latter into gnashing her teeth.

Thinking of something, she promptly smiled contemptuously.

“Actually, I find you rather pitiful!”

She ignored her.

Why bother wasting her breath on her

She turned to leave but heard the other shouting from behind.

“Dont you know Soon, Brother Mu will be holding a press conference to release his wedding news!”

Her footsteps came to a stop as she stiffened slightly.

She did not turn around, though.

She frowned as Lu Jingtian stepped closer to her from behind, blustering, “I heard this from my dad! It seems that hell be holding a press conference to announce the news of his marriage with Mu Wanrou! He he! This means that they are going to be married soon! If he really loves you, will he still marry another woman Youre merely a canary in his cage.

Hell play with you for a while when hes happy, but when hes sick of you, youll be nothing, so I find you to be rather pitiful! You regard him as your entire world, but he merely sees you as a plaything! Do you think that he really cares about you”

Lu Jingtian loved the man, too, but to her, he was undoubtedly someone lofty.

Viewing him as a godly existence, she knew that they were worlds apart!

What right did this woman have to his heart, then!

To receive all his love!

Why could she own what she could not get!


Yun Shishi kept her silence for a long while.

Mu Yazhe was going to hold a press conference to announce his wedding news

He had never mentioned it to her.

She did not believe that he would really do that, but if he had other intentions, then he should explain it clearly to her.

She tugged at the hem of her clothes abruptly and her eyes flashed with complications.

‘You regard him as your entire world, but he merely sees you as a plaything!

Was that true

Was it really the case

At Huxin Island, he had specially prepared a mysterious yet romantic date for her.

From her impression, he was a man who had never been so attentive to anyone before.

When she was slapped by Yan Bingqing, he used his means to ban the actress in the span of three days.

He even left no room for that womans comeback at all.


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