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He kicked it aside impatiently.

He clearly did not use much strength, but the puppy still lost its balance and fell into a messy heap!

Little Zhezhe seemed indignant as it ran to his side again and resumed scraping at the edge of his pants with its paws.

Mu Yazhe kicked it aside again.

“Return to your dog house!”

Receiving such cold treatment, the puppy began whimpering woefully; its whimpers got louder each time.

Eventually, it was whining itself hoarse.

“Awoo… woo…”

Each whining sounded so miserable it seemed to be heartbroken from his cold treatment!

The man eventually gave up.

Picking it up, he placed the puppy on his lap.

Due to that, the puppy stopped its forlorn whining and began looking for a spot on his lap to curl up.

Unknowingly, it had wormed its way into his suit jacket.

The office was air-conditioned.

Thus, it was clearly feeling cold.

His face had darkened tremendously.

What possessed him to agree to that dumb womans request of bringing this stupid doggie to work!

All because of this pup, he could not do any productive work in the office the entire day.

It somehow always managed to find a way to anger him.

Thus, when Min Yu entered the office and saw his boss sitting at the office desk with a grim face, he was shocked.


Clearly, the man was at his lowest at that moment.

He walked over at once and unexpectedly saw the ignorant puppy sleeping contentedly on the mans lap with its four limbs sprawled toward the sky.

Oh, god…

Was this dog aiming for the heavens

One should know the gravity of his superiors obsessive-compulsive disorder, yet he was letting a dog behave so atrociously on his lap!

It was lying down and sleeping.

Not only that, it seemed to be having a dream as well.

Its four paws twitched and kicked suddenly, causing small stains on the mans clean, white shirt.

The assistant was momentarily speechless.

“… Boss, I thought you hate this puppy”

“If you know, then why arent you taking this stupid doggie away from me!” The man glared at him.

He picked up the puppy instantly.

“Get this suit changed for me!”

He instructed.

The assistant immediately sent someone to purchase a brand-new suit as a replacement.

“Your job for this afternoon is to watch over this doggie!”

The man left after giving his commands.

There was still an important meeting this afternoon.

The corners of this subordinates lips arched into a smile as he hugged the puppy.

On this day, Yun Shishi received a call from her former classmate.

Jiang Li stammered over her words and hesitated to speak, as if she wanted to say something but did not dare to voice it out.

She chuckled.

“Is there something you want to tell me”

“Yes,” answered the woman softly.

She did not say what it was immediately, though, and just kept mull over it inside.

It was rather ironic.

Before the class gathering, when everyone still had no clue about Yun Shishis situation, they belittled and looked down on her!

During their university years, Huang Lili hinted and created many baseless rumors about her being provided for by a rich man and being a mistress!

Besides these, other things more unpleasant were mentioned.

She even made up the rumor that Yun Shishi was a prostitute – someone who would have sex as long as there was money.

She said that the latter could be supported for a month with 30,000 yuan.

The former even warned their schools male population not to be deceived by the latters innocent appearance, as in reality, she was wretched to the bones!


He he! It was truly a derogatory term.


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