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Alas, when she ran to that side of the street, that puppy was still there.

Perhaps due to it being hard to tell if the puppy had any infectious disease from the dirt, no one was willing to spend the effort to adopt it!

With such a high standard of living nowadays, even if someone wanted a dog, they would likely be more willing to spend a few hundred dollars buying rather than picking one off the streets!

This puppy had probably gone without food for a couple of days or so as it kept howling out of hunger.

With its black teary eyes and its whimpers, it looked quite pitiful!

This puppy was so tiny.

The paper box it was in was rather high, so it was basically trapped inside.

When it saw her, it began scratching the box with its paws.

It attempted to jump out but to no avail.

If no one were to pick it up, it would likely starve to death in there!

Yun Shishi did not care whether this puppy had any infectious disease or not.

She hugged the box and sought for food while she grumbled about the heartlessness of the dogs previous owner.

She was thinking of feeding it some food before letting it go free.

After all, that persons obsessive-compulsive disorder was frighteningly severe, but in such a downpour, it would definitely be drenched all night.

That would be so pitiful!

In addition, this puppy was still so tiny.

What if a car accidentally knocked it down when it was crossing the road

While she was feeding the puppy, its small, soft tongue licked her fingertips.

It was as though the puppy were trying to please her, yet it also seemed to be expressing its gratitude.

This little guy had not even grown any teeth yet!

Suddenly, she remembered how she was abandoned at the welfare center at a young age.

Just like this puppy, she had no one to care for her or to rely on.

Thus, her heart began to ache.

Following that, with the badly bruised belief that she would stick by this puppy for better or for worse, she bravely brought it back home!

At that moment, her expression was similar to a martyr of the revolution.

“Anyway, I have already decided to raise this dog! What can you do about that Whatever it is, I wont abandon it! Its so pitiful.

If we throw it away, it will definitely die.”

Her words were laced with a tinge of threat!

The man coolly inspected the woman and the puppy in front of him.

Since when was she this gutsy

Even when she saw him examining her, she was still undaunted.

She puffed up her chest and snorted, showing her determination.

The man resigned to his fate and replied plainly, “Its not a no if you want to take care of it!”

Before he could finish, she bounced and cheered.

“He he! Mu Yazhe, you are so great!”

His complexion turned ashen instantly.

He heard that pets had a lot of harmful bacteria in their bodies.

Was it alright to be so intimate with them

What if this puppy had some sickness Had it received its vaccines She did not even know if it was healthy before bringing it back!

Seeing her come closer with the puppy in her hands, he hurriedly took a few unobtrusive steps back.

The expression he had was not the usual disdain as he said, “But I have three rules!”

She nodded without much thought.

Her shimmering eyes were just like this lovely puppys!

One must know that for a man with obsessive-compulsive disorder to keep an unkempt puppy willingly, it was truly a blessing!

The puppy stuck its head out from the paper box.

Its black blinking eyes were staring fixedly on him, looking all wronged and aggrieved.

It looked at him up and down while tilting its head to the side.

His requests were simple, but they still made her hair stand on end.


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