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His arrival alarmed the vice president, who happened to be on duty, into leading a team of staff to wait for him at the entrance!

With a hand draped on her shoulder, Mu Yazhe swept them a glance and said, “Do a checkup on her.

Remember not to make a mistake!”

The staff naturally followed his order without a word!

After a series of examinations, the doctor carefully watched his mood when he received the report.

“Chairman Mu, the results are out.

Shes not pregnant.”

“Not pregnant”

He raised a brow, clearly surprised by this result.

Yun Shishi was equally astonished, of course.

She was surprised at first but soon settled down.

The man took a glance at her, extremely displeased by the result.

“Ive been retching lately.

Whats going on, then Besides, my period has been delayed for quite some time!”

The doctor answered, “Generally, it is caused by acute gastritis and is associated with weak stomach, heat, and humidity.

You should pay more attention to the regularity of your diet and avoid raw, cold, and spicy food.

We shall see how it goes! As for your delayed period, its probably due to hormonal imbalance.”

His tone was careful yet respectful.

“Do you stay up late to work”

“Yes…” She nodded.

Recently, she had been up late.

This was to catch up with the filming schedule.

She was not tired from filming, but sometimes, even if the scenes did not require her, she still had to wait on the set.

“Its best if you can have a regular sleeping pattern, or else hormonal imbalance will persist and result in the delay of your period.”

The doctor advised her again.

At the side, the mans face had completely cooled off.

Even on their way home, he maintained a cold expression and did not speak a word.

She broke into laughter.

“Why Are you very disappointed that Im not pregnant”

He kept his gaze straight ahead.

He was beyond disappointed.

In short, this woman was glad that she was not pregnant.

Once the filming of the movie was concluded, there would be a long period of publicity, and it required her to travel across the country for promotional shows.

She sneaked a peek at him and felt a little helpless at his cold face.

That night, as she lay in bed, his big, imposing body covered her.

She was startled to see his handsome face drawing closer to her; his eyes were dark with raging desires.

She retreated slightly, sticking her back to the headboard, but he got closer and closer, like a determined hunter.

She smiled warily at him.

“You… What are you doing”

Puffing out his breath, the man brushed her cheek in an evilly charming manner.

“Doing something that is required in lovemaking.”

Her face turned hot in an instant; it flushed as red as blood!

This man…

How could he so calmly say such… embarrassing words!

He pressed his forehead against hers and held her waist in his palms.

His thin lips arched into an irresistibly charming smile.

“Say; should I work harder for a bit”

“Work harder for what”

The man evilly answered, “Flowers bloom and blossom.”

Flowers bloom… and blossom…


What a connotation.

Her face heated up and she covered it, feeling that he was bad at times.

“I dont wish to give birth to another child.” Her face crumbled.

“I already have the twins.”

“Not enough.”

Already pressed up against her, he pulled her into his embrace, and in an instant, she was in his arms in an ambiguous position.

He pressed tightly against her as he reiterated, “Not enough!”


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