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He got that Mu family was finding trouble with his!

Surviving in the capital for decades, he accumulated some connections, but they were all useless at this critical moment; he was denied entrance when he sought audience from them!

What a joke! Who would dare to have any ties with him at this period

Were they lacking a punishment

Mentally and physically exhausted, he suffered a heart attack and was now lying in the hospital.

Yun Shishi took a glance at the man and woman in front of her; both had wan and sallow faces.

They spoke emotionally with sadness and agitation.

Du Jiayan, in particular, upon seeing his familys business and his fathers career, which he had spent half his life on, being destroyed with a few words from Mu Yazhe because of him, felt immensely remorseful.

Naturally, he treated Yun Shishi with fear and hatred, but he was also clear of her status in that mans heart.

Even though he hated her, he did not dare to offend her, for it would mean offending that man again!

She was listening to him calmly, yet deep down, she was lamenting.

She did not know about this matter at all!

She was a little in a trance, too.

Never did she expect that a few words from her man could deal a fatal blow to the Du family; it sounded like an exaggeration, but that was truly the case here.

She solemnly said, “Actually, arent you two pleading to the wrong person Im unable to decide the life and death of your family as I dont have such capability.”

“You… Youll help us, right” Filled with worries, he seemed to have aged overnight as a few gray strands could be found on his head.

Huang Lili kept silent at the side.

In fact, at the first sign of trouble, she was prepared to abandon the Du family.

Husband and wife were just temporary communions, after all.

They could only go on their separate ways and seek happiness separately when there was trouble.

Besides, she was not married to him yet, and now that his family was in a fix, it was natural for her to leave in search of another wealthy partner!

However, knowing her thoughts, he threatened that if she were to desert him at this critical period, he would kill her!

Only then did she dispel those thoughts as she feared for her life.

He was depressed; at the same time, he resented Huang Lili to the extreme.

He had always been concerned about his reputation and he doted on her a lot.

Originally a playboy, he, too, wanted to settle down and start a family with her!

However, he did not expect that a class reunion would bring him such a calamity!

He was now on the verge of collapsing!

After experiencing these matters, he matured overnight and realized that he was insensible for bringing such a destructive disaster to his family!

Upon Yun Shishis continued silence, he knelt on the ground with great determination.

His action surprised his girlfriend, the latter felt humiliated.

She was already down and out, yet he still went down on his knees; where should she hide her face now

He knelt on the ground and kowtowed to Yun Shishi.

Tears were pouring down his face.

“I was wrong before, but its entirely my responsibility; how could I implicate my family for the mistake Ive committed alone I was at fault; I really know now what Ive done wrong! Still, could you please take pity on us I only beg for you not to drive my family to such an end! My father is old, and his body isnt well; hes now bedridden from suffering such a heavy blow! Ill accept your punishment, but now at this stage…”


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