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At present, he could no longer sleep peacefully.

His head was filled with Mu Yazhes icy voice.

The moment he thought of the chilling warning, he was even more restless than before.

He quickly grabbed his phone and called his troublemaking son.

Once the call connected, he unleashed his fury on him.

“Where are you right now I want you back right this instant!”

On the other end, Du Jiayan was at a noisy entertainment clubhouse.

The class gathering tonight had made him look really bad.

Therefore, under Huang Lilis suggestion, he brought some friends to an entertainment clubhouse.

He was enjoying himself, so he was late to pick up his phone, but the moment it connected, he only heard his fathers anxious and angry bellows.

He was completely baffled.

Dazed, he asked, “Dad, what happened to you!”

Since young, due to his parents loving pampering, he had never once been shouted at by both in his life.

His father had never even laid a finger on him.

Thus, to receive such a call today filled with so much unexpected anger, he was stunned.

Du Boxiong could hear the noisy surroundings in the background.

At such a crucial moment, that fella still had the mind to fool around outside!

He asked unhappily,” Whatgood deeds have you done this time Get back home right now! I have things to ask you!”

Good deeds What good deeds He had not done any good deeds recently – only some harmless misdeeds; that was all.

Alas, he was only halfway through this music.

Having not enough fun, going back now made him feel a little indignant.

He, thus, fished out one of his old tricks and coaxed, “Dad, can I return later, please Im still out with my friends, and were not done having fun…”


He heard what sounded like a heavy object being smashed on the table.

The sound was deafening and exuded a palpable murderous aura!

He stifled his breath in shock, no longer daring to haggle!

He knew that his father was really angry this time! In fact, he was livid!

“I dont care what youre doing! Im giving you twenty minutes to get your *ss home! If I dont see you home by then, youll suffer the consequences!”

With that, his father hung up harshly.

He was holding his phone, completely speechless.

He blinked his eyes in incomprehension, and then he lowered his phone gloomily.

Seeing what had just happened, Huang Lili cautiously probed about.

He sulked.

“How would I know My dad asked me to rush back home!”

“Ah, but the fun has just begun; we havent even gotten high yet,” she said reluctantly.

“Still wanna play You know my dads temper.

The moment he flares up, nothing will be able to stop his anger.

Lets hurry back!”

Therefore, before they could bid their friends goodbye, the couple rushed out of the clubs doors and called for a cab, speeding back home.

Although clueless on what was up, he was still feeling slightly on edge.

He had seen how his father looked when angry.

It was terrifying.

Knowing that he had to face him today, he could not bear it!

He dashed through their house doors, leaving her in the living room, and made a beeline for the study room.

The moment he pushed open its doors, he could see his father pacing back and forth in front of the window; his face was a mask of rage.

As his father heard the doors opening, he turned to sweep him with a pair of fierce eyes.

He instantly backed away a couple of steps under the harsh stare.

Cold sweat began to form on his forehead.


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