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He said warmly, “God thought that its time to pamper you, so he let you meet me.

God also thought that my life was too comfortable and easy, so he let me meet you for me to be disturbed and annoyed by you every day.”

She suddenly let out a laugh.

“Are you coaxing a child right now”


Arent you a child”

Her face darkened.

“Of course, Im not! In fact, Im already a mother of two!”

“Still, in my eyes, you are just a child.”

“Hey, Mu Yazhe—”

She looked over her shoulder unhappily.

However, before she could even finish her words, a bundle of warmth fell on her lips, kissing her softly.

It was just a gentle kiss, devoid of the past brazenness or wildness.

She stared at him in amazement and blinked her eyes in shock.

Her eyelashes brushed across his face, interweaving with his.

The man raised a brow slightly and looked up while biting her lip.

“Who kisses with their eyes wide open like that”

She gulped softly.

Pretending to be calm, she replied, “My eyes are naturally big even if I dont widen them on purpose.”

He pouted.

“Do you really want to distort my words like this”

She pursed her lips into a smile before smacking them.

She put on an air of generosity and smiled.

“Alright, then! Ill just lose out a little this time.

Lets start over!”

Thus, she closed her eyes and pouted her lips mischievously.

She could not help but open her eyelids a little, keeping her eyes hooded with an implication of teasing him.

The corners of his eyes twitched harshly.

Regardless of how good the mood was, why was it always easily ruined when it reached her end

He really wanted to smack her face with his palm.

Therefore, he harshly flicked her forehead before saying, “Go wash the bowls!”

With that, he frowned and turned away.

Her giggles could be heard from behind.

“Ha ha! You are shy! Ha ha!”

He turned around and coolly glanced at her, only to find the woman showing off her butt by shaking it while sticking out her tongue at him.

He shot her a sharp glare, but as he turned around, his lips inevitably arched into a loving smile.

He walked to the balcony and made a phone call.

This phone call was made to Du Boxiong.

In the free time he had when she was cooking noodles, he sent someone to find that persons contact number and send it to him.

The call rang for some time before it connected.

Immediately, a middle-aged mans confused and tired voice came through.




The person over the phone was stunned for a moment before asking suspiciously, “Who are you”

“Mu Yazhe.” He stated his well-respected name.

The man on the other end was flabbergasted for a while and scrambled to respond.

“Oh, my… Its Chairman Mu!”

Du Boxiong was instantly alert.

He was initially skeptical about why such a powerful and noble figure would be initiating a call to him at midnight.

A little overwhelmed, he asked in a fawning tone, “Chairman Mu, what matter requires you to give me a personal call Im truly nervous now!”

Yun Shishi finished washing the dishes.

As she walked out, she saw the man on the phone at the balcony.

She decided against disturbing him and went to the bathroom to take a shower before lying comfortably in bed, instead.

Meanwhile, Mu Yazhe stood on the balcony, enjoying the night breeze while not saying another word.

On the other end of the line, Du Boxiong held his phone in a tight grip.

When the man did not speak for some time, the initial elation was replaced with a hammering heart; his thoughts constantly changed.

If he were standing in front of the man now, he would be frightened by the look on the latters face.


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