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The twins hiding in a corner covered each others eyes simultaneously, but they were unable to resist their curiosity.

They peeked through the gaps between their fingers, flushing bright red as they watched what was unfolding before them.

It was a beautiful scene.

It was even more beautiful than the kissing scenes in a lot of teen drama series.

Mu Yazhe was holding her cheek, outlining the corner of her lips.

Following right after, like a dragonfly touching the water, he gently suckled her lips clean.

Yun Shishi hooked her arm around his shoulders and returned his kiss.

Both were deeply immersed in the sweetness of this beautiful kiss and were unable to pull themselves apart.

The older boy could not bring himself to watch further.

Covering his eyes, he pulled his brother back into their room.

The younger boy raised his arm in protest.

“What I havent seen enough!”

“Dont you feel bashful at all for peeking at our parents kissing Youre such a pervert!” He held his burning hot cheeks and accused his brother.

The other lad felt wronged and retorted unhappily, “How could you call me a pervert Werent you looking as well”


Unable to think of a proper comeback, he decided not to defend himself and just pulled him to the bed.

“Lets sleep!”

“…” The younger kid remained silent.

Still, after witnessing that scene from earlier, he could no longer fall asleep.

The happiness on his mommys face was brimming beyond words.

This was the first time in his life to see pure happiness from her eyes clearly.

It seems that mommy really loves daddy!

If that was so, he decided to protect her happiness.

He would not tolerate anyone who attempted to wreck it!

In the living room, the temperature continued to rise.

The man lifted her skirt, revealing one of her legs.

He wanted to use this kiss to deepen their relationship, but right at this moment, a rumbling noise was heard.

Her complexion froze.

He was also stunned.

“Whos calling”

The rumbling noise was heard again, and it was coming from his stomach.

This was an absolute killjoy.

The intimate and ambiguous atmosphere was instantly ruined.

She held her breath and pressed her ear onto his stomach.

Raising her head and blinking her eyes at him, she involuntarily chuckled.


His gaze was still fixated on her smiling lips.

He was indeed hungry!

In more ways than one…

“Then, Ill cook noodles 1 for you to eat; is that okay”

Following her words, he shifted his gaze down her slowly.

She saw his burning hot gaze shifting downward without stopping.

Her face turned red, quickly grasping what he was thinking!

With a displeased gaze, she swiftly reached out, held his face, and lifted it up.

“Hey, can you not distort my words, please”

“Distort” His puzzled gaze suggested that he did not really get what she meant.

It was as if she were the one with the dirty thoughts and not him!

She blushed slightly and pursed her lips.

She then said, “I mean that if youre hungry, Ill cook noodles for you to eat! Please dont think wildly, okay”

He smiled and decided to stop teasing her.


He was indeed hungry.

Thus, she headed to the kitchen to prepare.

Rummaging through the cabinets and the fridge, there were not many ingredients left in the house.

Usually, Youyou was very particular about the quantity of food used when he prepared for dinner.

It was basically enough, and there would rarely be any leftovers.

Even if there were leftovers, they would not be left uneaten for over two days as it was unhealthy.

Therefore, the house was only left with instant noodles.

She raised a brow.

Well, it was better than nothing!

She, thus, turned on the gas stove to boil some water before throwing the noodles into the pot to cook.

She also fried a sunny-side up egg.

Seeing that the fridge still had some ingredients left, she sautéed a small plate of vegetables.


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