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The harshness of his words was crystal clear.

Wang Chuande broke out in a cold sweat at this.

His nephew was talented and opinionated, but young people were young in the end.

Despite his busy schedule, he would still catch wind of some rumors here and there!

His nephew had no flaws, except he was fickle in love.

This was a common bad trait in many men, but this attribute was especially prominent in his nephew!

Gao Nan must have been careless and had unwittingly stepped on Mu Yazhes toes!

“Did that… disappointing nephew of mine offend Master Mus woman” he asked tentatively.

The man declined to comment and just fixed his cold gaze on him.

His guess was, thus, confirmed with this.

He said sternly at once, “Master Mu, Im terribly sorry! That lad has been spoiled by my cousin.

I thought that hell be more thoughtful at this age.

I didnt know that hell be much worse now, but please be assured; Ill surely punish him later!”

When he was done, he did not forget to add in a few compliments.

“Master Mu is young and capable.

If this disappointing nephew of mine could be half of what you are, Id be very contented!”

By the time the two exited the conference room, the people outside had waited for a long time.

However, they unanimously did not utter even one complaint.

The couple quickly stood up, their faces tense.

This was especially for the man; he gazed at Mu Yazhes icy look and nervously rubbed his palms.

He wanted to step to the front and exchange a few words of greetings to ease the earlier awkwardness.

However, upon seeing his cold features, he dared not approach him.

His girlfriend nudged him slightly and asked furtively, “What do we do Did we offend someone”

“You still have the cheek to ask me that Isnt it all your fault!” Mentioning this, he grew furious.

“If not, would you offend so many people”

Mu Yazhe walked to Yun Shishis side.

Hugging her waist, he asked gently, “Did you wait long”


His thin lips arched before pressing a soft kiss on her forehead.

The love in his eyes was practically oozing out like water.

At the side, Huang Lilis eyes were so red that blood seemed to drip out of them.

When she first saw Mu Yazhe, her heart skipped a beat.

The man was astonishingly handsome!

However, as she thought about it later, it did not matter how handsome he was.

Since he was just a small employee, how capable could he be

Now, things were different.

As she saw the respectful demeanor Wang Chuande had adopted toward Mu Yazhe, she knew she could no longer compare herself to Yun Shishi.

What was this

What exactly was so good about her

Why could she receive the favor of so many outstanding men

It was like this in university, and now, it was still like that!

Her heart nearly burst with so much jealousy!

The elderly mogul glanced at his nephew, only to see him staring at Yun Shishi.

The ambition in his eyes was blatant!

This only further confirmed his suspicion.

This lad actually dares to lust after Master Mus woman!

He really has the heart of a bear and the courage of a leopard!

He shifted his eyes on her, and he was amazed!

It was no wonder Mu Yazhe and his nephew would be head over heels for her.

This woman was an alluring seductress with the assets to bewitch others.

“Its late.

Lets go home.” Mu Yazhe told her.

The fight was done.

It was time to leave!

As for the couple, he would deal with them himself.

Yun Shishi nodded.


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